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At UX-Pillow, we identify, design and develop innovative software solutions, applications, services, and platforms.

With offices in Auckland, Bangkok, San Francisco, Sydney and London, our team  Architects, Researchers, PM’s, Strategists, Developers, and Designers specializes in creating vibrant, game-changing products through Mobile and Web Design and Development.

At UX-Pillow, we are Mission-Driven, People-Focused, applying startup-style customer development and agile engineering for new products and areas of business from concept to launch. We leverage your existing stack or analyze and recommend the best approach and solution for your needs.

► Pixel-Perfect Design: From User-Flows, Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi Wireframes and Prototypes to polished slick end-products, we craft high-touch digital experiences that engage through our human-centered UX/UI approach.

► Mobile Development: We specialize in experience-driven native apps for iOS and Android, coding in Swift, Objective-C, Java or Kotlin, as well as hybrid-platform frameworks such as React Native.

► Full-Stack Development: From infrastructure to HTML, we develop data-driven Full-Stack applications using React JS, Node JS, Go Lang and Ruby on Rails, among others.

► Emerging Technologies: We harness a wide array of emerging tech, such as AR/VR, AI technologies & Machine Learning, Blockchain and Computer Vision, pushing the boundaries of user experience across physical and digital.

Our clients include hundreds of start-ups with well-known brands including Bank Of America, Nissan, BMW, Spotify, HP, Coca-cola, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, American Express, Coinbase, WWF, KIA, Walmart, USA, ESPN, StarBucks, Samsung, CNN, And many more.


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Key clients: 

Our clients include hundreds of start-ups with well-known brands  including Bank Of America, Nissan, BMW, Spotify, HP, Coca-cola, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, American Express, Coinbase, WWF, KIA, Walmart, USA, ESPN, StarBucks, SAMSUNG, CNN And manymore.

KAYAK Booking Holdings

The Challenge

We had to think about the design of KAYAK that makes it more consistent across different platforms. The aim of the redesign was to create a more universal and comprehensive consumer experience across all Kayak platforms for which we broke the applications down to its core features. During working sessions with the client, we identified the key tasks for each persona and created a scenario for them. This exercise helped us identify features and functionality.



We provided a unified platform where a user can search hundreds of travel sites with one click and find the right price for them. We helped their users cut-through all the information easily by comparing prices and deals. We introduced a simple layout with a user-friendly environment. Hence, updating and redesigning the Kayak web and mobile app provided a better user experience and helped it in making long-term competitive.

Capsule CRM

The Challenge

Capsule came to us to redesign their CRM with the vision that they wanted to stand out in the market, We had to split the applications down to its core features and flows. We identified the key tasks for each primary persona and created a scenario for it during the working sessions with our clients. Then we mapped out the scenario using unique colored post-its for each category. This helped us to identify the most valuable features, functionality, and content to the user and highlighted those areas where more research is required in the design process.



Capsule CRM is a full-featured CRM which manages the customer relationship. We provided a unified cross-platform solution managing all your customers’ contacts and history, sharing of the files to relevant staff, categorizing all the contacts with searchable tags, easy filtering, add meetings to calendar and assign them to a staff member, and linking to your clients’ social...

Coinbase Cryptocurrency

The Challenge

Coinbase came to us with a vision of making digital currency more innovative and efficient in the world by creating an open financial system. Coinbase wanted us to create a visually simple interface that can provide a lot of useful information without overwhelming the investor. The challenges were:

  • To design a platform that attracts investors because of the ease of use, build trust through a more secure transaction process, and ability to save a ton of time tracking investments.
  • To enhance the design of the Coinbase dashboard so that crypto investors can consolidate and manage their full portfolio easily.
  • To create an intuitive interface with real-time order books, charting tools, trade history, and a simple order process for trading.
  • To create a platform that facilitates the easy use of digital currency for Consumers and Merchants.


The result was the creation of best crypto experience not...

Nobly Epos

The Challenge

Nobly came to us with a vision of creating a next-generation iPad based, easy-to-use point of sale system. They wanted us to create a blazing fast, intuitive iPad EPOS interface. The main challenge was to redesign their POS system for businesses that require more open and highly customizable experiences.



The result was a next-generation iPad EPOS system that allowed customers to set up their shop in minutes without expensive onboarding and support contracts. We designed an intuitive interface and easy to run reports where customers will spend less time trying to understand their business, and more time growing it. We integrated different payment processes at one place. We created a POS system that provided more open and highly customizable experience.


The Challenge

The USA Exchange looking to design a platform that helps cities connect with their local communities and business owners. They wanted us to help them in their digital efforts of designing, building and launching the first ever platform. The project didn’t come up with fewer challenges. One of the biggest challenges was to display a huge amount of content to users in an elegant way. They wanted us to design a clean and easy to navigate interface. We had to provide the user with the best experience. The mobile experience was just as important as the desktop experience. We had to design an exceptional user interface for the mobile users that can display content elegantly while focusing on the usability on small devices.


The mobile experience was just as important as for a desktop experience. We created an exceptional user interface for the mobile user that displayed content elegantly while focusing on the usability on small devices. With...

Lugg Moving

Lugg is a fast, easy, and affordable way to get help with your apartment move, to pick up that new sofa purchased on Craigslist LetGo Offerup, or new stuff delivered from stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, World Market, Wayfair, HomeGoods, Best Buy, Target and IKEA.


The Challenge

We had the privilege to design an app for Lugg that can connect vetted movers and a truck with people anytime and anywhere they need. The main goal was to replace the traditional movers with the professional vetted movers. We had to create an app that can provide craigslist pickup and delivery, donation pickup and delivery at any desired donation center, and junk removal. Designing an app that lets picking customers’ furniture and deliver it to their desired place at any time was not more than a big challenge.


We created a successful app that replaced the traditional movers with vetted movers by connecting people with vetted movers and...

BetterMe - Weight Loss Plan

The Challenge

BetterMe requested us to design a personalized fitness helper app. They wanted the design for their app to be dynamic as well as intuitive. The app was aimed at helping people to find their workout plans to lose weight. The aspiration of the app was to become very instrumental in counting calorie intake, controlling weight and making sure that the user exercise on a regular basis.

We had to design a mobile app that was easy to use and have delightful interaction. Moreover, they wanted UI design to be appealing so that the app could catch users’ interest, make them engage and discover the functionality. Designing an app that must be compatible with both iOS and Android.


We created a go-to pocket health consultant app with innovative features and an intuitive interface with a user-friendly environment from scratch. The app lets the user count their calories, control their weight and exercising regularly. The app helps a user to...