User-centred UX/UI design agency!

We are a small design agency which allows us to work directly with clients (no project manager etc.). Right now we have focused on Estonian market but we would like to have more international projects.


We design portals, e-shops, self-service, web pages, e-shops, information systems, TV solutions, devices and publications.


We are Nielsen Norman Group-certified user experience designers. NNGroup is the world's leading user experience design, research and consulting company. We have conducted over 700 user experience testing users.


We have good knowledge of business as we previously worked in Estonia biggest telecommunication company side-by-side with business, marketing and developers.


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$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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Tallinn, Estonia


Key clients: 

Software/security: - Symantec - Playtech - G4S (Estonian biggest security company) Goverment: - Bank of Estonia - Parliament of Estonia Real estate: - (Estonian biggest real-estate company) - Services: - (Estonian biggest nutrion planner portal) - - (Estonian biggest news portal) eCommerce: - Horticom - - (Estonian biggest C2C - Finance: - Raha24 - -

Symantec security sofware UX/UI design  Image

Symantec security sofware UX/UI design

We help Symantec to create wireframes and designs for different security softwares.

Horticom eCommerce Image

Horticom eCommerce

We created a new eCommerce site, starting of with wireframes and doing usability testing on them. After testing sessions we made changes and applied design.

Fitlap redesign  Image

Fitlap redesign

Fitlap had problem: users were not happy with old design. We did multible usability testing sessions, discovered the problems and fully redesigned the portal. We did alpha and beta test just to make some fixes based on user feedback and when we launched new design - users were happy with the changes.