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Utegration, Inc. is a full service SAP Consulting and Solutions company focused on strategic industries, such as Utilities, Energy and Public Sector. Our business model was developed with the expressed objective of maximizing the potential of the SAP solutions and technology to meet Municipal to Large Enterprise Utility business needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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Key clients: 

Utegration supports more than 30 Utility clients across North America ranging from small municipal and COOPs to some of the largest utilities in the country. This client base includes single and multi-service, multi-jurisdiction gas, water, and electric utilities. Many of these utilities are embarking on some of the most advanced big data analytics efforts in the Industry. Some key clients include CenterPoint Energy, Texas Utilities and Reliant Energy.


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Staff Augmentation for Utility Corporation Data Analytics

"I am very happy with the work so far….This will be a long-term engagement that should reap major benefits."

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The Project
$1,000,000 - $9,999,999
Jan. 2013 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Utegration augments a utility company’s team, helping with SAP and data analytics in order to track sales and services. The team works in an ongoing capacity in this long-term relationship.

The Reviewer
Large enterprise
Houston Metro Area
Manager, Large Utility Company
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Utegration delivers high-skilled developers who work well as a team. They are a small, responsive group, who make their service personable. The team is willing to change their working style and go beyond core competencies. 

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Please describe your company in brief detail.

We operate in the utilities industry all around the country. We are involved in electric, gas and also gas  and oil pipelines.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am a manager here. I am involved with our data analytics group.


What was the business challenge you were trying to address?

We had a major skill gap on some data analytics tools that we wanted to utilize. We brought Utegration in on a staff augmentation contract. They are needed for their SAP expertise. Our staff augmentation will run long term since it has gone well so far.

What was your company’s business goal for the staff augmentation?

The overall business goal is to track service and sales in real time. We need to be able to help our sales people get projects started quicker with less delay. We also need to help our service trucks get to the right areas on time. Many of our service areas are isolated so it’s not easy to get there quickly.


What was your process for selecting Utegration to work with?

They had worked with our CIO on another project. He knew them from before when he was working for a different firm. They have a very solid reputation in this field. We trusted them and decided to hire them based on previous work and an internal recommendation.

What technologies were used?

We are using SAP and SAS. I think there are smaller platforms as well.

Can you describe the scope of the work in more detail?

They also do some predictive modeling to track weather and storms. Weather is very important in our business for service issues and project delays. They can also do predictive modeling for oil and natural gas extraction.

They also provide Web intelligence as a small part of the engagement. They can work with our web site and system to find trends and help improve efficiency. We look at return on investment since we invested in smart meters and grids. My company has invested in core technologies, and wants to save money on sending out crews and trucks to different service areas

When will the project be completed?

I think it will go on through 2015 at least. We may expand from eight full-time employees this year to 10 next year.


What are the results of the engagement so far?

They have done a good job delivering high-skilled resources at the top of their team. They are small enough that they seem more personal with their service. They aren’t too busy to take our call when we call their leaders. They have put together a nice team for us with a blend of junior, middle, and senior people.

I am very happy with the work so far and would like to expand. This will be a long-term engagement that should reap major benefits.

When working with Utegration, what is unique or special about them compared to other vendors?

They can do dashboards, BOBJ, and crystal reports. They can go beyond their core competencies such as bringing on a change management champion. They can handle so many different projects, even things that aren’t related to data analytics.

They hired a change management champion without complaint. That is far from their usual work but they handled it well. They are flexible with the software that they use. They don’t push us to one platform and can quickly adapt to new offerings.

Looking back on the project, is there any area that you think they could improve upon, or maybe you would do differently?

They could improve their initial coordination on large engagements. Things were a little rough in the beginning because both sides didn’t know what to expect and how to plan. It ended up well and this is a minor issue.

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