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Uptown Media House is a production company that focuses on original quality productions and content representation with innovative design for television, cinema, and new media. Its main activities are television and film productions, corporate applications and integrated services related to the production, processing, and distribution of digital video and audio.

At Uptown Media House, the relationship that we wish to create is one of collaboration with our clients. This is the outcome of two key benefits. The first is that we provide consulting services in order to carefully plan / develop and therefore adhere to the budget and schedule each production. The second is that we carefully select and assemble the right team of most experienced professionals, depending on the requirements of each project, offering all services, from pre-production to filming and post-production. Because it is the right team of professionals that leads to success!

The most important thing for us at Uptown Media House is our commitment from the first day of collaboration until we achieve the perfect end result. It's not just about creating content. The purpose is to have a greater feeling towards the product created, to be passionate, to highlight the basics and create stories that will inspire the audience to connect with them so that each of our partners is proud of their final image.

Uptown Media House's key aim is to contribute to the success of its partners. To achieve this, a relationship of trust is built, and therefore the company becomes the "mirror" of its partner. We act with passion and with endless positive energy from the initial steps of production. We thoroughly analyze the needs of each project and, with our years of experience as a driving force, we assist to combine the necessary aesthetics from different sectors, therefore forming distinct innovative products.

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Chalandri, Greece
  • 3, Mikinon str
    Chalandri, AT 15233


Key clients: 

ZDF, AFP-Services, BBC, Olympic Channel, CNBC, FOX Group Networks, DW, Al Jazeera, YLE, SWR, AP, ARTE, FIBA, SlingShot Intergalactic, H&M, IEFTA, Rd Bull, MIT Enterprise Forum, Onassis Stegi

A Day in the Life of Elena in Greece Image

A Day in the Life of Elena in Greece

Short film for the European Commission, assigned on behalf of AFP-Services.



Elena, 30, has decided to go back to her grandfather’s farm and start a business mixing tourism and olive oil production. Today they have a lot of oil to deliver in the nearby village. They wouldn’t have to hurry if Elena

wouldn’t chat with every single client. Come on, it’s time to go!
BBC HARDtalk Image


In a special edition of HARDtalk, Zeinab Badawi is in Athens speaking to the new Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mistotakis. After the center-right New Democracy party won the elections, he takes over a country traumatised and impoverished by a decade of economic austerity. In his first interview with the international broadcast media since his decisive victory over the populist Syriza party, Zeinab Badawi asks him whether he can

deliver on his campaign promises and transform Greece's fortunes.



Daily video coverage of the Olympic Torch Realy for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games

Telling the Real Story Image

Telling the Real Story


Telling the Real Story(TRS)by UNHCR is platform is to allow Eritreans, Nigerians and Somalis who have made the journey to Europe to share their stories about the journey and the situation in destination countries. Testimony givers  share their stories in their mother tongues (Tigrinya, Somali, Nigerian Pidgin). TRS does not attempt to address the reasons for people’s departure from their country of origin, but instead

focuses on their experiences along the journey and in Europe. UNHCR is supporting brave Eritrean, Nigerian and Somali survivors to tell their stories in their own words and to everyone who is willing to listen



We provide our services through IEFTA (


KAICIID - King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue Image

KAICIID - King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue

KAICIID is an intergovernmental organization whose mandate is to promote the use of dialogue globally to prevent and resolve conflict to enhance understanding and cooperation. Over a seven-year-long negotiation and development process, KAICIID’s mandate and structure were designed to foster dialogue among people of different faiths and cultures

that bridges animosities, reduces fear and instills mutual respect. Intercultural and interreligious dialogue helps build communities’ resistance against prejudice, strengthens social cohesion, supports conflict prevention and transformation and can serve to preserve peace.

As an international organization, KAICIID supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in particular the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. The Centre also combats all forms of discrimination based on culture, religion or belief. We implement programmes to overcome stereotypes in a long-term process that leads to a culture of dialogue that enables greater understanding of people of other cultures and followers of other religions.

Our work is the continuation of a journey to fulfill a vision to bring together religious leaders and governmental representatives in a sustained dialogue for peace. 

European Economic and Social Committee Image

European Economic and Social Committee

The European Economic and Social Committe contributes to strengthening the democratic legitimacy and effectiveness of the European Union by enabling civil society organisations from the Member States to express their views at European level. 

The Committee fulfills three key missions:

1. Helping to ensure that

European policies and legislation tie in better with economic, social and civic circumstances on the ground, by assisting the European Parliament, Council and European Commission, making use of EESC members' experience and representatives, dialogue and efforts to secure consensus serving the general interest;
2. Promoting the development of a more participatory European Union which is more in touch with popular opinion, by acting as an institutional forum representing, informing, expressing the views of and securing dialogue with organised civil society;
promoting the values on which European integration is founded and advancing, in Europe and across the world, the cause of democracy and participatory democracy, as well as the role of civil society organisations.
CapsuleT Travel & Hospitality Accelerator Image

CapsuleT Travel & Hospitality Accelerator

CapsuleT Travel & Hospitality Accelerator


Connecting the travel and hospitality industry leaders with young innovators



The accelerator aims to become the core vehicle for the development and growth of new, innovative entrepreneurial ideas, collaborations and business opportunities, that will help the Greek startup ecosystem evolve, with a positive impact on Greek tourism and the

MITEF Greece Startup Competition Image

MITEF Greece Startup Competition

The MIT Enterprise Forum Greece,  informs, connects, and coaches technology entrepreneurs—enabling them to rapidly transform ideas into world-changing companies. Inspired by the MIT values and in line with the mission of MITEF’s network, MIT Enterprise Forum Greece was launched in September 2013, to connect the global network and its resources to the fledging Greek technology startup community. Since then the Greek chapter has

organized events and workshops for technology entrepreneurs and investors, serving to build entrepreneurship in Greece. 



All videos included document our annual activities such as The StartSmart Conference,  the MITEF Greece Startup Competition, hands-on workshops, and the “Tech That Matters” events, focusing on emerging technologies and leverage MIT Technology Review content.

Beyond the Raging Sea Image

Beyond the Raging Sea

Beyond the Raging Sea, a film by globally-renowned director


Marco Orsini, is the story of O2’s perilous Atlantic crossing attempt and fight for survival. A fight experienced by some of the 66 million displaced individuals around the world who set off on similar crossings in a desperate bid for safe refuge.


Red Bull Art of Motion 2019 - Matera, Italy Image

Red Bull Art of Motion 2019 - Matera, Italy

Red Bull Art of Motion is one of the world’s largest freerunning events. The city of Matera in the south of Italy represents the perfect theatre to show off the unique competition where style takes center stage. Twelve men and six women will compete for the coveted title on the rooftops of the city where they'll be judged on creativity, technical difficulty, execution, flow, and overall appearance.


Celebrity Science Image

Celebrity Science

Celebrity Science is a show which aims to stimulate people’s interest in science through easy to understand, interesting and fun information. It was founded by Theo Anagnostopoulos in 2018. The concept of Celebrity ScienceTM is to create scientific knowledge through games and follow up discussion between a celebrity, a scientist, and in the presence of a host that facilitates the games, introduces interesting facts and

encourages conversations. A Sci.Co. production

Tomorrows - Urban fictions for possible futures Image

Tomorrows - Urban fictions for possible futures

The Tomorrows exhibition unfolds the multiple aspects the future presents today through the works of artists, architects, and designers.

Saving Fool Image

Saving Fool

Food waste represents a global paradox! Whilst approximately a third of the food produced in the world each year is being wasted, at the same time nearly a billion people are unable to cover their daily needs in food.


In this respect, SavingFood offers an innovative and socially responsible solution to the food waste challenge by developing an online networked community of various stakeholders that through

collective awareness, knowledge sharing, motivations and incentives, will facilitate the redistribution of surplus food and leftover crops for the benefit of the vulnerable groups of our society.



Let's save food!

Revenge Body with Ioanna Lily Image

Revenge Body with Ioanna Lily

Full production services for the licensed television show from NBC-Universal, aired by OPEN Beyond TV