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UPlanet Inc. is a mobile app development company. Our clients are startups and companies who needs MVP and tailor-made mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

We develop Native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, whether social networks, booking apps, travel, educational, real-time chat apps, video apps, business applications, mobile commerce apps, restaurant apps, entertainment, kids apps.


Services: WebRTC streaming solutions; Progressive Web AMPs; Bots and Smart Assistants; Shopify Headless Commerce and more.

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Key clients: 
Shop Hahn Glue Warehouse EU US Surface Warehouse 
Tinting Machine Remote Control App Image

Tinting Machine Remote Control App

The goal of the project was the creation of a web app for remote management of a tinting machine (dispense machine) for obtaining a necessary tone by mixing the right proportions of colorants that can be selected through a user-friendly and easy-to-use web interface.

To provide a two-directional connection between a browser and the dispense machine in a real-time mode the desktop driver was developed. It

was  implemented with the help of and based data communications protocol. Commands are sent to the machine through RS232 port (COM port).

For calculating necessary colorants and their proportions customer provided an excel file with a huge base of formulas, colorants, proportions, prices, units of measurement, etc. This file was implemented in a database on the web portal. Because of its huge size queues were used for import optimization.
ERP/CRM system, business processes automation for an enterprise Image

ERP/CRM system, business processes automation for an enterprise

The project is a custom and complex ERP system was for managing data and business processes in the company that produces and sells building materials. The system was integrated with the following tools: document management system Lotus Notes, accounting software Quickbooks and inventory management system ACCtivate!. There are also several delivery services and partner retail chains integrated. 

ERP includes
other complex systems - Automation, Warehouse Portal and Accounts. Automation was developed to automate the company’s business processes. It is constantly improved due to an increasing number of automated processes. Warehouse Portal was built to optimize the process of forming, sending orders and to operate the warehouse. It also helps to track the queue of orders for shipment and change the status of the queue. Accounts serves for the creation of a user account and installation of digital signature on documents required for processing orders.
The Marketing Analyzer Image

The Marketing Analyzer

The service allows to aggregate accounts of 6 email/marketing providers as MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, import lists of email addresses and get social and financial information from TowerData API and Full Contact.

Chatbots Image


For the purpose of simplification of getting insurance offers for users in the US market, a chatbot platform has been created. With the platform user can send requests in a chat mode, then chatbot asks user necessary information and returns the cost of the insurance policy for house or car. This could be done via many channels of communication  — Facebook Messenger, SMS, Alexa, Voice, Telegram, etc.

TheSpeech Image


TheSpeech is a complex platform which enables interpretation of live events and broadcasting it to a targeted audience. It is cloud based which allows to connect interpreters, audience with the event even if they are in different locations. Seamless live streaming on multiple devices with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms is implemented on a cloud server and is reached by using a powerful WebRTC

Wowza  stack. 


The application serves in more than 150 languages and there is no machine translation - more than 4000 interpreters work in TheSpeech. If needed customer is able to connect his own interpreter to event through the app. You can create your own event through the app, assign interpretation of the necessary part of the event into required language or languages. And in case when it is necessary to broadcast interpretation of the event to some certain audience, TheSpeech also makes it possible.

Insurance chatbots Image

Insurance chatbots

For the purpose of simplification of getting insurance offers for users in the US market, a chatbot platform has been created. With the platform user can send requests in a chat mode, then chatbot asks user necessary information and returns the cost of the insurance policy for house or car. This could be done via many channels of communication  — Facebook Messenger, SMS, Alexa, Voice, Telegram, etc.

Alexa Skills Image

Alexa Skills

At the request of the client, Alexa Skills multidirectional was created. Flexible flows allow you to receive information about the status of the insurance policy, traffic jams, current and future payments in various services and a lot of other information.

Smart Kids Image

Smart Kids

It’s an educational kids’ app running on Android and iOS. In a fun and entertainment manner, through games, quizzes, playing video and audio, the app passes on valuable information to kids and develop such useful skills as attentiveness, assiduity, motivation, teamwork, etc. Content management is designed as a curriculum structured thematically. Themes are accessible gradually – when one theme is completed the next one becomes

available, and so on. There are Parents and Kids sections. Parents’ section is accessed through PIN code or fingerprint identification. The application is based on the freemium model.

We’ve built the REST API upon previously developed by us specifications. Amazon S3 was chosen as a media hosting service and Brightcove player was implemented for operations with video files. For deep linking and invitation system, Branch was selected. Subscription functionality was implemented by the use of standard billing frameworks provided by iTunes and Google Play.  Code coverage is another priority we adhered in the development, besides every development stage was accompanied by the active involvement of our QA team thereby ensuring stability and quality of the end-product. The application is published on Google Play and iTunes at the moment and is well-regarded in the USA.

Travel plan Image

Travel plan

All-in-one booking platform aimed to help users create trips and journeys with a possibility of simultaneous order of all auxiliary items, as flights, hotels, places of interest, restaurants, rented vehicles and so on. The web application contains a tool to create their own tours and add required hotel bookings and other items. The user is able to create, edit and manage trips, send them for review to other users as


The application for displaying content obtained through REST API built using NodeJs was developed using ReactJS. PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis DBMSs are used as data warehouses. External APIs as Yelp and TravelNXT are exploited for obtaining relevant data and booking hotels, flights, etc. Amazon Web Services – cloud computing platforms infrastructure – was chosen for deploying the application. The service is developed with PWA technology.

TravelPlan app Image

TravelPlan app

All-in-One travel platform that allows booking everything from air-tickets to tours. When the user types in the final destination, the system picks up the best options for a trip automatically, offers them to the user and allows to pay immediately. The app notifies the user about available flight discounts, and also to tip the user off about other pastime options in different points on the route. There are 2 options for login:

email and Facebook account.

We've developed the whole project - website, mobile applications, and backend. To create a design, that meets Material Design requirements, we’ve used standard solutions, as well as new custom widgets created by our developers from the scratch. We’ve integrated such services as Google Maps, push-notifications and Facebook login. Quality control of the application was conducted by writing unit and integration tests, and also with assistance of our QA department. We used the Crashlytics Beta framework to quickly deploy the application to devices of our testers and the client.

DreamsCloud  Image


DreamsCloud Android and iOS is a social network for discussing dreams. Two native mobile applications support login through Facebook and Google+. The authorized user can view dreams newsfeed, join the conversation, subscribe to authors, invite friends and share the app on Facebook, post the dream. Also, users can look up the meaning of the dream in a catalogue. The apps have a screen out functionality and access content

monitoring tool.

server REST API specification was created and then implemented by our team.

The Go Game  Image

The Go Game

It is a platform for creating and running games. The project consists of the following structural parts:

- Create: section for creating games;

- Direct: section for gaming and monitoring games;

- Play: section for playing a game by players;

- Presentation: section for presentations and rating;

- Game Runner Shortcuts: section for voting.


This solution is a Control Panel

which includes authorization systems, users’ rights, and menu. The main part of the system interface is implemented on the base of JavaScript framework EmberJS which is connected with backend API part built with Python2.
The goGame portal  Image

The goGame portal

This project is intended to create, run quest games and game events without monitoring every single game by the Game Producer. Players can use existing game templates for customizing and editing the conditions of missions and tasks.
Client Portal is a control panel with authorization systems, users’ rights, and menu. The main part of the system’s interface is realized on the basis of Python2, Django framework,

using HTML and JavaScript.
The Go Game app Image

The Go Game app

This app is a part of a digital hunt game project. It ensures interaction between players and game producers with media storage service. Players and Game producers can view, upload/download and edit media files.


This application includes authorization systems, users’ rights, and menu. The main part of the system interface is implemented with EmberJS on the base of Electron framework, which is connected with

backend API part built with Python2.


The U-office project is a complex solution that combines a functionality of work time tracking system and project management system. Close integration with Redmine and Asana creates powerful functionality for project management. Interaction with a mobile application gives a possibility to implement a quite flexible and convenient employees’ time tracking system.

Video-Emoji Image


This is a social network where the primary way of communication is fixed-length videos. Users make a short video expressing their opinion about a theme and upload the video to the conversation. There is a bonus system encouraging users to create more content. Bonus points can be easily redeemed in the app to make limited content accessible, to lock advertising. Videos can be post-edited by means of applying of effects. Users

have their newsfeed and are welcome to share the content on social media.
AD Assist  Image

AD Assist

AD Assist are applications for Android and iOS platforms for a company that provides services of virtual personal assistants for clients from Germany. The application ensures communication between a client and a personal assistant and provides convenient control of scheduled events. There is one app for the client and for the personal assistant. The interface in the application changes automatically depending on the role of the

user. The client has an opportunity to post a task, which one of free personal assistants is ready to fulfill. A discussion on the details of the assignment and then the fulfillment of it occur after the assistant contacts the client via internal chat or by calling. The event scheduled in the client’s calendar is always the result of the fulfilled assignment. Ensuring the confidentiality of all user data is an important condition.


We chose Quickblox framework among numerous solutions for organization of a chat in real time. Event planning function was implemented by integration with Google Calendar. For implementing other functionality we developed the server REST API, it processes requests over a secure connection. Applications were developed with native Android and iOS tools.

Celebrity Gallery Image

Celebrity Gallery

An official Android application for an American model and actress fans. The application allows viewing photos, videos and GIFs gallery about the celebrity’s life. It has a  LIVE broadcast mode – an ability to display streaming video over the main content. A part of the content is available to all users, and closed content - accessible only to subscribers. The application has social sharing option and “Add to Favorites”

The application for displaying content received through the REST API with Retrofit HTTP client was developed on the basis of Android SDK. Picasso, Ooyala, and ExoPlayer used for working with images and videos. Subscription purchase functionality is implemented through a standard In-App Billing service. So far the application has been downloaded about 500 000 times from Google Play. 
Communicator app Image

Communicator app

Communicator web application is a SaaS platform that allows users to communicate. Especially, when disruptive and unexpected events in business occur. The responsive web application consists of a tool for creating messages and a library for storage and extraction of messages. When interacting with the responsive web application users can create messages, send them to other users for review, store new and retrieve earlier

created messages in the message library.
The project is based on Laravel which in a bundle with Docker provides a powerful stack for creating flexible, reliable and scalable applications. MySQL DBMS is used as a data storage. The application is deployed on AWS.
Digital Kozak Image

Digital Kozak

The goal of the project was the development of a corporate site for Digital Kozak LLC. There should be information about the company, a list and description of projects, the company's partners and feedback on the site. The site should have an adaptive design and cross-browser layout.

In addition there are a number of longterm under NDA projects in cooperation

Subaru Ukraine Image

Subaru Ukraine

The official Subaru dealers in Ukraine set us a task to develop a corporate website, which should match the corporate style and functional requirements of Subaru. We also needed to develop admin panel which should be easy to use. One of the main tasks was to ensure a high degree of protection, which should be resistant to break-ins and hacker attacks. The

system should be flexible, which would allow further technical support. It was also necessary to ensure the correct operation of the same site on all mobile devices.
Snappy app Image

Snappy app

With the Snappy application user can find a list of establishments, located close to the user.

To do this, the user has to install the application, scan the QR-code and then get the list of establishments. 

Also the user can get detailed information about the selected establishment, its location and the shares that take place in each of


Taking part in shares and events, collecting bonuses user can get guaranteed gifts for purchases made in different places.

WaitHappy Image


WaitHappy application was developed for customers and also for the owners of the restaurants. In the app owners of the restaurants can view and manage dinner reservations, lists of orders and  customer service.


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Outsourced Dev Support for Web Consultancy

"They go out of their way to make the right adjustments and make the project successful."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Apr. 2007 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

UPlanet is a subcontracted company for a web consultancy company that needed additional resources to scale their various projects. 

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Austin, Texas
Michael Shapiro
Founder, Digital Kozak
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Their flexibility and ability to adjust to changes are their strongest attributes. They were given a complex project and completed the requirements successfully. Overall, the collaboration has been a positive one. 

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I'm a web consulting company, and we do all types of development. We use UPlanet as our subcontracted company.


What challenge were you trying to address with UPlanet?

I was looking for additional sub-contractors that can help me specialize in certain development skill-sets, PHP, Java Script. etc. I just needed additional resources to scale and handle more projects.


What was the scope of their involvement?

There are multiple projects that they've been involved with. With some projects, we had nine different developers from UPlanet who were helping with the development.

For one specific project, they helped me develop a large CRM sales portal. I was the main architect, and UPlanet executed the requirements. They brought in the right developers with a specialty in PHP frameworks. The customer’s needs were complex. They needed to manage a number of different aspects of the business, including between the sales representatives and the customers, as well as the orders. They were able to handle a project from beginning to end.  

The collaboration has lasted eight years, and it has been a very positive relationship. They've been excellent to work with.

How did you come to work with UPlanet?

In 2007, I interviewed with many different companies and at the time, they seemed to be most qualified. They were still at a very small stage, and I needed a company that could grow with me. It turned out to be a good match for my needs.

What is the status of the engagement?

We started working with them in April of 2007 and the collaboration is ongoing.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Nothing is perfect. There's always struggles, but they have adjusted really well. They've plugged the right holes, and that's why I continue working with them. I've tried other outsourcing shops, and I found UPlanet to be the most capable and able to adjust to my needs as fast as possible, which were the most important factors for me.  

How did UPlanet perform from a project management standpoint?

I would rank them very highly because they have been very responsive. I'm on call with them almost every single day. We also use various project management systems.

What did you find most impressive about them?

I think they adjust to the needs incredibly fast. They go out of their way to make the right adjustments and make the project successful.

Are there any areas they could improve?

There are always things to improve upon. Specifically, they've improved their QA significantly in the last year, which has been very helpful, but there is always a next level. The resource management has been an issue sometimes, but this is very natural, and most companies experience this.

Overall Score They're incredibly professional. They go out of their way to make the project happen no matter what the circumstances are. They find the right resources
  • 4.5 Scheduling
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 4.5 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer