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About me

My name is Yael.

Professionally, I am a UX designer, product manager and a front-end developer.


Personally, I am super excited about everything related to startups, digital products, and online stores!

I have many hats I can wear at the same time and at the same place. (I love micro-copy, UX trending, and UI design; At the same time I love writing code).

this makes me feel like I can fulfill all my dreams.

My experience in working with startup companies is - as a product manager, content write, and UX designer.


In addition, I have experience in building and designing online stores (using Shopify and Wix) and I am leading an unprofitable Shopify community on Facebook, and the Shopify Hub TLV (on meetup) to introduce people to Shopify: how to use it, how to do it like a pro and always with an added value. 

I always love to meet new people and create some exciting partnerships.

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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, Israel
  • Israel


Key clients: 

Jodi Lee


Shape Active Wear


Maro Cevalo watches

Spinnaker Watches

AVI-8 watches


Vickie Howell


Bridge Crew