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Data science company : we provide consulting and projects in AI/ML empowered by math education and Data Science.

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Problem Statement

A large agri-business wants to launch an exchange and become a worldwide marketmaker for a specific product. There is no transparent strategy to make the price of this product. Due to the specifics of the crop there are no unified data sources to assess the markets, prices and deals.

How we helped

Initially, we assessed the data sources available to

cover the needs of the client. Next, we aggregated the data and visualized it in a set of interactive analytical panels with multiple filters to ensure quick and easy singlepoint access to the data from web and mobile. Integrated ‘Ask data’ tool helps search engine users find exact information avoiding wider search through the panels. Based on all the data we collect, we developed a model to predict the price 10 days in advance according to confidence intervals. We helped gain valuable insights from the data to make more informed and profitable decisions.