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A performance marketing agency.

We do performance marketing for digital projects.

SEM - your ads will be shown above the organic search results in the most popular web search engines according to selected keywords.

Web Analytics - a collection of data on website visits, viewed pages, and products is the key to the success of an online business.

SMM - promoting your business on social networks.

SEO - website optimization to get better positions in search results of search networks. 

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Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Portfolio - Kids clothing store (Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads)

Advertising campaigns for kids clothing store in Google AdWords, Facebook, Criteo, Instagram.

What was done:

- optimized AdWords campaigns;

- fixed and launched dynamic remarketing;

- created dynamic remarketing audiences with GA data layer;

- launched Google Merchant Center;

- optimized Facebook ads; -

launched dynamic remarketing in


- launched catalog sale campaigns on Facebook;

- launched cross sale campaigns on Facebook;

- tested ads;

- created cross-device tracking for GA;

- Installed and launched Criteo ads;

- created OWOX Business Intelligence reports;


Google Ads traffic optimization to increase quality and conversion rate 6 months period - 

AdWords performance comparison 2 months to previous 2 months - 

Facebook cpc performance comparison 2 moths to previous 2 months - - manicure and pedicure accessories shop

We started to work on the project in 2014.

Manicure tools store, selling mostly in the US and Europe.

What was launched: Google Ads, Bingads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, AdRoll, Amazon seller central.

Also, we use Google Optimize to test different theories about website performance.


Monthly optimization. performance comparison -&nbsp


google/cpc changes data -

bing/cpc data change -

ads performance -

Google Shopping campaigns performance (May-Jun 2018) -

You can find full case on our website

Bakery equipment online store - SMM services

We started our work on Insta and FB accounts in November 2018. The account had a lot of bots and very low engagement from users.

Also, there was a very low conversion rate from organic.

What was done:

- changed design;

- cleared accounts from bots;

- added shoppable posts;

- increased conversion rate;

- increased engagement rate on


- increased number of followers;

The project was done on April the 2nd.


Numbers of followers increase -

Sales on website from Instagram after launching shoppable tags - 

Instagram profile design -

Instagram profile design - 

Instagram profile 


Mosautoshina - tyres and alloys online shop

Started work with project on July 2015.

The major focus was put on PLA, search campaigns and remarketing. AdWords account structure was completely modified and considerably expanded. New shopping campaigns were launched.

Dynamic remarketing in Google AdWords and smart banners in Yandex.Direct are used in the project. Such tools as contextual advertising on and dynamic remarketing in MyTarget were

connected much later.

Please feel free to check results described in our case on the website 

Victory Concert Hall

Complex project for Convert Hall launch. 

We actively used social networks Instagram and Facebook, attracted local influencers, launched ads on Instagram/Facebook, Google display network, Youtube.  


Social results for 2 months - 

Read full case study on our website&nbsp