Creating software. Delighting users.

At Truefit, we serve clients, from entrepreneurs to executives, who need to create new software products that delight their users and grow their business. 

We believe that experienced, cross-functional teams are the best way to design and build successful products.

Client Testimony

“In my 35 years, I have never seen a beta that was this mature and ready.” ~ A cybersecurity manager for a large European utility company after participating in the initial pilot testing.

“[Truefit’s] cross-functional expertise in design, engineering, quality assurance and project management is unmatched. The Truefit team truly cares about delighting customers.” ~ Patrick O’Leary, Vice President, Connors Group

"Truefit's research teams observe the complexity of our operations without disrupting business, and synthesize their findings into thought-provoking insights for our innovation leaders." ~Design Manager, McDonald's

Companies work with Truefit when they need a proven team who can…

  • Validate a product concept
  • Collaborate on a practical product strategy
  • Get a product to  market faster
  • Take an existing product to the next level
  • Modernize their technology & architecture
  • Be a trusted, outside advisor
$100 - $149 / hr
50 - 249
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Delivering better data to the broadcast advertising market

Matrix Solutions - a broadcast advertising market leader with significant market share - could capitalize on delivering better data integration with a diverse range of third-party data sources and expand into emerging digital and out-of-home markets. A Truefit team partnered with Matrix to expand their capacity for a complete

redesign and prototype of their flagship software. 

Green Applications

Designing technology to deliver promotional apparel to market faster

Truefit helped Green Applications design and build a powerful, full-service web application for managing promotional apparel and artwork that empowers their clients to deliver their products to market faster and more efficiently. The creation of the technology platform allows a customer to move their product through the

entire lifecycle - from development to sale - enabling Green Applications to become a one-stop shop for their target audience. 


Assessing organizational cybersecurity maturity

In just six months, Truefit successfully developed a distinctive platform for assessing cybersecurity maturity and building risk-mitigation plans for CMMI Institute business, education, and government clients. By leveraging their expertise in organizational maturity and software development, CMMI established a leadership position in their target

market and ensured the cybersecurity of their clients.

Diamond Kinetics

Scoring wins for motion analysis in baseball

Truefit created an intuitive user experience for coaches and players new to motion analysis. Baseball coaches and batting instructors had years of experience but were lacking the measurable insights and usable tools for capturing, storing, and analyzing swing data. The Swingtracker launch was a “home run” – we helped them prove the value of their

data, win awards, and quickly attract major commercial partners.


Creating adventures for cruising millennials

Millennials are entering the cruise market with growing demand for diverse life-enhancing activities they can do while in port. Truefit developed a solution for DestyDo that resonated with this fast-growing market – seamlessly integrating multiple third-party databases to discover, share, and book their adventures via mobile and web.


Optimizing the restaurant information environment

We helped McDonald’s Restaurant Solutions Group understand and improve the information environment for McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. We embedded design research teams into the environment to understand the context and build empathy for what managers and crew encounter daily. We synthesized these insights into practical solutions for

McDonald’s IT team to further develop.


Unlocking the value of networked fitness

We applied our human-centered design process to help Precor address a comprehensive range of global innovation challenges involving their market-leading cardio fitness equipment, mobile applications, and their Preva networked fitness platform. We designed the Preva mobile apps to keep new fitness club members engaged and motivated to reach their weekly

goals — both in and out of the gym.  


Helping to drive effectiveness in the classroom

We worked with TEAMology to power a collaborative school culture movement that integrates social emotional learning, bullying prevention, and career readiness into everyday teaching. We created a new digital platform for them that improves curriculum access and teacher collaboration and inspires the spirit of team and leadership among the

student community.