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Tribalyte Technologies is a company formed by specialists in information technology and software engineers, with special attention to the development of web and mobile software.

Our team believes in collaboration and alliance formation to maximize the quality of our products and services. With this objective, we are constantly looking for new partners to develop global skills and services that improve the experiences of our users.

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Madrid, Spain


Key clients: 

Madrid Transport Authority (EMT) / Actia Systems / Swisscom Energy Solutions AG / Cepsa / Heineken / Redhat / Locken - Smart Access Solutions / deoleo

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Get the latest and most updated application in medical-surgical techniques.
Learn with videos, images and cases that are occurring in any medical center in the world. Sign up and share your activity so that others can learn from your skills and get to know you, or simply observe them when you need them as we used to do with books.
You can “like” content, mark them as favorites, subscribe to specialties or specific

categories, and discuss the techniques with the author to express the different opinions and create debate.
Keep up with the news of your favorite authors!
Nighttime Metro Madrid app Image

Nighttime Metro Madrid app

Nighttime Metro Madrid is an Android application which gathers the night-time and special time data of the metro network of Madrid.

Select a line, your initial and destination stops and Nighttime Metro Madrid will display the night-time and special times of the next trains which pass through your station.

Additionally, the application takes into account when it’s necessary to change trains within the same metro

line and allows to configure a remainder of a train time, with the necessary time in advance.
 Umangi – Restaurant reservations Image

Umangi – Restaurant reservations

Umangi is an application which allows user to make reservations in restaurants with daily menu.

With Umangi you will:

Save a lot of time by ordering lunch in advance.

Send invitations to your friends and co-workers to have lunch together.

Be warned about allergens in the food you choose.

Be served right away as soon as you arrive to the restaurant.

Pay via app


Find the best restaurants around you.

Tribalyte Technologies has been responsible for carrying out the complete development of the service, which comprises: a multi-platform mobile application for Android and iOS, a service management web panel and a backend server program. For this purpose technologies such as Ionic Framework, AngularJS, Cordova, Node JS, V8JS, DreamFactory, Amazon AWS have been used.

Tiko – Swisscom Energy Solutions AG Image

Tiko – Swisscom Energy Solutions AG

Tiko is a network of virtual energy storage systems made up by heating and power generation devices connected to the Internet.

The mobile application provides a simple interface to directly control your heating system (and other appliances) both from inside and outside of the home. This allows the user to monitor his / her energy consumption and increase efficiency by using the

so-called “eco” modes.

The user can also receive notifications via the mobile application when any connected appliance shows abnormal patterns of consumption, so you can request for support as quickly as possible. It allows the user to access detailed graphics of consumption and production of his / her devices as well as weather data in the area.

Tribalyte Technologies has been responsible for carrying out the development of the multi-platform mobile application for Android and iOS, and the integration with the client’s servers. For this, technologies such as Ionic Framework technologies, AngularJS and Cordova have been used.

Interactive Games for Exhibitions Image

Interactive Games for Exhibitions

Applications for interactive digital media (such as totems, kiosks, booths or interactive displays) are becoming more common in all kinds of public areas, such as exhibitions, museums, shops and shopping centers.

These interactive applications or games can attract visitors and customers, make their stay at the venue more pleasant, or educate them about the topic of the exhibition.

Tribalyte Technologies has

broad experience in these software solutions, as can be seen for example in the Rioja wine permanent exhibition in the Cultural Center of the Rioja (CCR).
Merchangame – Deoleo Image

Merchangame – Deoleo

Merchangame is a gamification system aimed to strengthen the sales team when preparing the PoS. It is comprised of a cross-platform mobile app, an activation management web interface and a backend service.

Deoleo’s own app powered by Tribalyte and designed to audit and rank the activations taking place during a period of time in the PoS. This app is a development of the previous Merchangame, and

simplifies the evaluation process: with just a few screens, you will obtain a score depending on the location, the quality and the materials used in the activation.

– No Excel, no VPN: just your phone.

With this app you can evaluate your activation directly, without using your computer: just point your camera and answer some questions!

There will be different squads, and the scores of each individual will add up to his or her own. When the contest is over, the squad with the most points will be the winner!

Depending on your final score, you can win different rewards. But you will also have specific targets for extra prizes, so stay tuned!

San Sebastian Film Festival app Image

San Sebastian Film Festival app

Together with Yo Miento Producciones, Tribalyte developed the official mobile application for the 62nd edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, sponsored by MovistarTV.
The application is designed for the three major mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), supports three languages (Spanish, Basque and English) and is available in three app stores.

Features and contents

of the app:
  • All of the Festival news and events as they happen
  • Videos of what’s on by the day at the Festival: photocalls, press conferences, presentations, interviews, meetings, opening, closing and galas
  • Daily pictures of the latest events and of each film as it’s screened at the Festival
  • Promotional trailers and clips of the films
  • Complete program with full information about the films, synopsis, biography, technical and artistic fact sheets, trailer, images, cinemas and screening times, filtered by day, title, cinema or section
  • Favorites: plan your Festival by composing your own program with your favorite films
  • Opinions: rate the films and leave your comments
  • Real-time program updates
  • Map: cinemas and points of interest
  • General information and contact
  • Follow and share the Festival on the social networks using the hashtag #62SSIFF
  • Direct links to Facebook and Twitter
  • MovistarTV program
Wearables Image


We are currently witnessing a revolution in the field of wearable technologies. The so-called wearables are devices of different sizes and characteristics that will radically change the way we interact with technology.

Whether presented as gesture control armbands or rings, smart-watches, augmented reality or virtual immersion glasses, smart headphones or shoes, all these devices are equipped with sensors which provide

users with new contextual data previously inaccessible.

These devices are now able to offer full connectivity both for data distribution and processing, thus giving access to a whole new world of applications and opportunities yet to be designed. Geolocation, fitness sensors, interaction between different devices… Anything is possible!

Tribalyte Technologies develops applications that take full advantage of these new devices in order to unlock the value that these technologies provide. The proof of this is the open source plugin for hybrid applications (Cordova / PhoneGap) that we have developed for the Myo gesture control armband by ThalmicLabs, as well as the demo application of its operation.

If you think we can help your business by using “wearable” technologies, please tell us about your project. We are confident that we can provide the best solution for your needs, so don’t hesitate to request an estimate.

MultiFAB Image


MultiFAB is a web platform which aims to facilitate the manufacturing of 3D designs with different technologies, such as: 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC.

Some of the advantages that MultiFAB offers are:

Load projects with multiple parts through the web interface.

Automatic detection of problems in loaded models.

Real-time cost estimation of the project.

Tracking of

orders and issues.

Unified management of manufacturing using different technologies (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC).

Tutorials, ideas and learning resources at the information site.

In collaboration with Mimetrica, Tribalyte Technologies participates in the development of MultiFAB, which makes use of web technologies like AngularJS, and Bootstrap on the client side, and, on the server side, NodeJS, MongoDB and FIWARE (XML3D, Object Storage GE, WStore, Tag&Trace, …).

Fissios Image


Fissios is a health application targeted to those patients preparing or recovering from lung surgery.

By performing respiratory physiotherapy exercises and following a series of basic recommendations before surgery, the aim is to reduce the possibility of post-operative respiratory complications. In the postoperative period, Fissios will encourage you to continue respiratory physiotherapy exercises and to comply with

the recommendations, all with the purpose of reducing the risk of postoperative complications and shortening the hospitalization time.

Scientifically endorsed content: Fissios is an application created by physicians and physiotherapists. All information is based on guaranteed scientific knowledge.

Customize Fissios: Give your application a personal character, enter your name and the date of your surgery. It will show notifications reminding how many days are left for the surgery and the exercises that you should perform.

Use it anywhere and anytime: Once Fissios is installed on your device, you can use it offline.
Preoperative and postoperative advice: Basic information and easy tips that reinforce breathing exercises to prepare you better for your surgery. Respiratory physiotherapy exercises: 10 exercises, explained with text and images that will guide you to safely perform efficient breaths.

Media DB Management Tool – Actia Image

Media DB Management Tool – Actia

The tool “Media database Management Tool” consists of a desktop application for Microsoft Windows platforms that allows operators to generate the configuration files that define the informative messages on transports, such as trains on a train line, metro or tram. Because this tool has a large number of features and a high complexity, its development is divided into modules that group different features. It has an internal

NoSQL database, a file management module for multimedia resources (based on NodeJS), a web template design and creation application, and a simulator of these templates with dynamic data.

The MDBMT application has been designed following the requirements of Actia Systems, and implemented using cross-platform technologies, so that it is possible to support the main operating systems and thus facilitate the testing and operation of the application in different environments, without being linked to a specific version of a specific operating system.

B-us app Madrid – EMT Image

B-us app Madrid – EMT

B-us is a scalable method based on collecting information via mobile phone that allows deploying new or remodeling existing bus lines, adapted to the user demand.

Through a participatory process, it provides the transport authority with statistical information with high added value, which is used to generate routes with greater performance and resilience. In addition, the participatory process strengthens the

relationship between users of the transport system and the competent authority.

B-us, progressively through several stages of application, aims to create optimal routes to cover the population needs. Thus, the population notices their transportation needs covered with the generated routes, which is also informed by the mobile application.

The project makes use of web, mobile, and FIWARE Big Data technologies (such as: Identity Manager GE, Orion Context Broker, Cosmos Big Data Analysis, Application Mashup Wirecloud, Docker, SpagoBI, …).