We deliver custom IT systems.

We offer creative solutions to our customers’ problems, implementing the most risky projects. We outstrip the competition through better use of technology.

Our recent projects include stream processing for marketing and fraud detection, content delivery network for vod operators, financial applications for top-ups and payments, GDPR support for large entities.

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Warsaw, Poland
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Key clients: 

Playmobile, Virgin Mobile Poland, Allegro, T-mobile, Plus GSM, Folx

real time guards control system Image

real time guards control system

Thousands of security personnel provide asset protection services using modern technology. They monitor and patrol premises. They have to react fast, so the software they use must work in real-time, with no room for error.

This project was a challenge. Running in the cloud, multi-tenant, thousands of devices, high event throughput and low latency, all required careful architecture and technology choices. We provided it

verification of financial credibility Image

verification of financial credibility

Will this young man buying a new smartphone make his payments regularly? Each time an offer is prepared or a contract signed, a mobile operator has to evaluate the risk of subsidizing a new client.

We have provided two mobile operators with financial credibility verification software. Custom algorithms, integration with economic information bureaus, and inter-company solutions make sure fraudulent clients won't receive

an offer.

Our software, connected to point of sale and e-commerce sales channels, verifies clients round-the-clock.

base station management system Image

base station management system

Mobile operators build their radio infrastructure using components from many vendors. Though not uniform, this infrastructure has to be managed as one and act as one.

During the project, TouK replaced or integrated several vendor specific OSS systems with a new umbrella system which ensures that the configuration is valid and consistent at the device, BTS neighbor, and network levels. The system facilitates hardware

migration, so large investment plans can be performed efficiently without much risk.

The new OSS system written in Scala replaced the older, much more complicated and less efficient solution.

Mobile Banking Image

Mobile Banking

Approached by a Nigerian integration company after successfully delivering a project for the largest mobile operator in Africa, we built a mobile money system for a bank in Nigeria. We used an open source microfinance solution for transaction processing which we integrated with an electronic transfer agent. The provided multi-channel integration façade was connected to a USSD protocol integration platform. Moreover, we

integrated the mobile, WAP, web and ATM channels.

Now we work for 4 of the 5 largest banks in Nigeria. We've built mobile banking applications used by more than 100,000 people and USSD payment solutions. All of them required direct integration with core banking systems or with a service bus.

Real-time marketing and fraud detection Image

Real-time marketing and fraud detection

For one of the Polish mobile network operators, we delivered services and were actively involved in the Real Time and Event Based Marketing project. Project's technical scope included planning and delivery of scalable Apache Kafka and Apache Flink based platform.

Business users can use TouK Nussknacker - dedicated Flink GUI - to develop, adjust, test and deploy custom flows in real-time. It makes designing complex event

processing simple.

TouK experts developed integration components required to deliver real-time marketing and fraud detection processes run on the platform. They were involved in process analysis, development and testing.

TouK Nussknacker
TouK Event Stream Processing Offering

Integration platforms Image

Integration platforms

Imagine a large telecom. Many systems, millions of messages carrying sales, service provisioning or payment information, every second, every day. An integration platform of this scale is a complicated system, assembled from parts made by various vendors. Each moment of limited availability means thousands of disappointed clients and directly measurable financial loss. After seven years of operation, an existing solution needed

a substantial upgrade.

A small agile team had spent almost a year building an integration solution that would suit the needs of its many users for several years to come. The vendors developing the services wanted new technologies, IT operations wanted time-tested ones. Now in a few datacenters over 50 JVM instances run OSGi, Apache Karaf and Fabric8 applications built with CXF, Quartz, Ehcache, Coda Hale Metrics, Oracle UCP, ActiveMQ. They are centrally managed with Zookeeper.

But it's the IT department whose work has changed significantly. Declarative provisioning of JVM containers, configuration managed routing and service versioning simplifies their every day work. Monitoring infrastructre this large requires its own ELK/InfluxDB/Grafana cluster which is a part of solution we've built.