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 Top Media is a result oriented digital and performance marketing agency focused on developing and supporting exporting businesses. We provide full digital service for clients across the globe and manage their digital advertising budgets that exceed 10 million Euros every year.

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Riga, Latvia


Key clients: 
Monday.com, BMW, Economy Bookings, 4Finance, Porsche, Amoralle, GLSS, Files.fm, ViaInvest, Guru Vkusa, Ecommpay
Economy Bookings Image

Economy Bookings

Established in 2008 in Latvia, Economy Bookings has grown to become one of Europe’s leading online car rental brokers. Top Media has been their digital marketing partner from the very beginning.

For 13 years in a row Top Media has been executing a  full spectrum digital marketing strategy and plan, with digital ad-spend on Google, Bing and Yandex platforms reaching up to 1 million Euro per month. These campaigns have

helped Economy Booking grow from a single market company to a global powerhouse in the online car rental industry.


  • Received orders from 153 countries (2019)
  • 10x Increase in turnover (+25m Euro in last 5 years)
4Finance Group Image

4Finance Group

Established in 2008, 4Finance is one of Europe’s largest digital consumer lending groups with operations in 16 countries.  By leveraging automation and data-driven insights across the business, 4finance has grown rapidly, issuing over €7 billion since inception in instalment loans, lines of credit and single payment loans.

For years Top Media has been the driving force behind 4Finance digital campaigns

in many markets. During this time we achieved excellent results and rapid business growth by executing a goal-oriented and carefully crafted marketing strategy that takes advantage of the latest ad placement and targeting opportunities.


  • Reduced CPA by 43%
  • Increased new customers by 250% in several markets


“Top Media agency has brought our PPC campaigns to a new level. They achieved excellent results, with strong ROI, consistent acquisition growth and a dedicated approach to managing our accounts. They were dependable in their execution, responsive to our requests and a strategic collaborator in helping us reach key goals in our paid marketing plans. We always appreciate their ability to turn projects around quickly and on budget. There are few out there with their advanced knowledge of all the nuance, specifics and particulars that go hand and hand with PPC. A great team!”

Damian Zozula, Global Digital Marketing Director, 4Finance

Guru Vkusa Image

Guru Vkusa

Guru Vkusa is a Russian online kitchen appliance store selling dough mixers, pizza ovens, vacuum packing machines and other goods by major European brands. ​

Top Media helped to set-up new advertising accounts and campaign structure for Guru Vkusa and our PPC specialists managed to rapidly improve business results for this client.


  • 232% increase in
  • 100% increase in sales

    “We are now advertising two websites in Google Ads, Google Shopping, Yandex.Market and Yandex.Direct platforms. Increase in orders is stable and sometimes even very surprising.  Top Media often does things that I've never thought about and also gives advice on what tactics to avoid. They completely solved all our issues with advertising."

    Roman Biktashev, Guru Vkusa

    Ecommpay Image


    Ecommpay is a major payment solutions provider for ecommerce projects across the globe. ​ Showcasing our ability to work in B2B segment as well, Top Media identified opportunities and successfully executed a digital marketing strategy that reduced client's cost per acquisition by almost 50%, while doubling the received amount of leads.


    • 43% decrease in
  • 54% increase in leads
  • 2x improvement in ad CTR

    “Top Media has shared some very useful advice on how to improve our advertising campaigns. We were happy to see how implementing new audience segmentation techniques and other methods delivered extremely impressive results for Ecommpay."

    Anastasia Zenicka, Head of Marketing, Ecommpay

    BMW Latvia Image

    BMW Latvia

    BMW Latvia is the only official BMW dealership in Latvia, offering new cars and accessories, as well as certified car service are repairs. For this client Top Media created a new, Google recommended Google Ads account and campaign structure, optimised audience segmentation and successfully introduced new ad formats to drive better quality traffic.

    RESULTS (in 4 month

    • 300% increase in test drive applications
    • 63% increase in dealership visits
    • 60% decrease in CPL


    “We are happy to see that, by using Google advertising campaigns,  in just 4 months we managed to achieve much better business results with significantly lower cost."

    Ivars Norvelis, BMW Latvia

    Amoralle Image


    Amoralle is a luxury women's lingerie and apparel brand. Established in 2008, Amoralle had 10 years of successful sales in global offline stores, but in 2018 decided to go online and engaged our agency as advertising partner. ​

    Top Media used data analytics to identify priority markets for the marketing and advertising campaigns, improved website UX and UI, and run highly successful multi-channel

    branding and sales campaigns to achieve the necessary brand exposure, recognition and sales.


    • 11x increase in website traffic
    • 3x increase in online sales volume
    • 65+ countries with generated orders


    “The goals we set are met and often surpassed. Top Media accepts our craziness and last-minute ideas, and just runs with it. A real pleasure to work together every day. It is rare to find a partner with who you can enjoy celebrating victories together. Top Media is such a partner.”

    Inese Ozola, Founder and CEO, Amoralle