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We are a reliable software technology partner for businesses across industries for digital transformation, process efficiency and automation.

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Bangalore, India
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Key clients: 

The Horn Funding Corp, Intellicar Telematics, Proem Sports 

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Brevity Software Platform is a Multi-User, Cross-Functional, Real-Time Software Platform to be utilized by The Horn Funding Corp as a Loan Origination, Processing, and Productions system. The intention of Brevity is to provide ONE system for al l employees to col laborate to provide
mortgage lending (and brokerage) services in the Colorado marketplace. More details at 

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With Real-time GPS Tracking, Geofencing, Real-time Fuel Consumption, High  Beaconing & Accuracy, Driver Scoring and a lot more features, the Fleet Management has never been easier. More details at

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Thrusto( is an online platform for creators and innovators from India who are looking to star t their creative projects. Thrusto helps these
people accumulate funds needed to start their project through contributions from individuals. More details at

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Kalakaar is a cross-platform application platform for Job Creat ion, Matching, Shortlisting and Selection in Modelling/Film industry. The intention of this project is to provide an easy-to-use system connecting Casting Directors/Production Houses/Agencies and Models/Actors. More details at

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Organon is a state-of-the-ar t, technologically robust and futuristic data platform that is the first of its kind in the industry helping organisations
capture and manage all sorts of data, discover insights through sophisticated algorithms built into it, and rewire their decisions to improve business
performance. More details at