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TDI focuses on providing "Low Cost ,best configuration" to indian MSME sector. Our expertise comes due to diverse knowledge in AI/ML domain. All our Engineers are certified from STANFORD .

Core Comptence :  Video Analytics, Vibration Analysis, Generative Adversarial Networks, ios, UX, Edge Computing.

Unlike other firms, we make customized solutions to improve your plant efficiency, Security concerns and any other project that may be solved better by Ai/ML.


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Haridwar, India
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    Haridwar, UL 249403


Powered by Ai 

Solves the problem of Casual workers inefficiency in working manufacturing units in Indian MSME segment.

Calculates the Rate of work done.

Calculates total break time for employee

Uses normal CCTV footage and does analytics at backend to generate easy to use reports.

Improves your plant efficiency from day 1

High ROI for MSME

Low Cost solution , innovation of


Detects number of people in any given area.

Detects prohibited items like Guns etc

Ideal for Shopping malls , companies etc

Theft detector Image

Theft detector

Ideal for homes, establishments 

Uses advanced Ai algorithms that detect intelligently a theft scene before it happens.

Our algorithm can sense suspicious activity and raise alarm, send messages or email.

It is able to work in poor lighting conditions 

can identify known  people 

doesnt get fooled by masks etc

uses video analytics

Employee Real Production time calculator Image

Employee Real Production time calculator

Casual Workers waste lot of time, we solved this by using Video Analytics.

product captures workers efficiency by measuring their break times, their pose detection algorithm , throws actual rate of work being done.

System protects unauthorised access 

prevents accidents, catches misconduct ,fight etc in company premises.

Robust machine powered by Ai and Edge computing, uses most advanced "YOLO"