Tell your story in graphics!

We connect our clients with the targeted audience by changing how they communicate value proposition and product offerings.

We are a marketing design firm specialized in graphically driven presentation and marketing materials for B2B tech, science, and healthcare.

We have a unique ability to understand your side of the business, define a clear targeted message, develop an engaging story, and translate it into self-explanatory graphics. We make it easy for your prospects to see your unique value.

We develop materials for:
+ growth marketing,
+ sales and board meetings,
+ fundraising process,
+ merger/acquisition process,
+ public investment cases,
+ keynote presentations.

We helped our clients raise millions of dollars in seed, venture, and public funding, communicate value propositions at merger/acquisition pitches, and explain complex technology and science at sales meetings and industry conferences.

Tell your story in graphics and begin a dialog with prospective investors, buyers, or customers!

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Redwood City, CA
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    United States


Key clients: 

ProgenyHealth, Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Catalyst Biosciences, Reva Medical, Sunstone Partners, PeriGen, Aethon.

Sales presentation design Image

Sales presentation design

Acucela (a subsidiary of a Japanese corporation) is a clinical-stage ophthalmology company, focused on developing drugs and devices to address sight-threatening diseases.
The client requested to update their 16 years old brand and develop a series of presentations for industry conferences.
We took the time to learn about client’s industry and pipeline in order to develop engaging presentations. Relying on acquired

knowledge we developed the most of the presentation content from scratch.
We developed a new brand style, created a narrative storyline and written content, translated traditional charts into self-explanatory infographics, and designed a brand guide, presentation slides, and PowerPoint templates.
Presentation design for investor conference Image

Presentation design for investor conference

Apellis is a public biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for autoimmune diseases.
The client was struggling with communication of a scientific hypothesis to a broad audience. They requested our help to simplify the information, preserving scientific accuracy, and to design professional looking slides.
We researched and studied the principals of complement immune system in order to understand our

client’s challenge and how to resolve it.
This knowledge allowed us to re-structure the content in a much simpler way. We developed a brand style, designed the presentation deck, and created an animation for the upcoming investor conference.