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The current UX/UI scene in India has forever changed due to TECHVED. Co-founded by digital strategist Mohar V and architect Neha Modgil, TECHVED is a global usability and design hub that has become the most trusted brand to provide UX solutions to digital products. The crux of TECHVED’s brand persona is its UX powerhouse that delivers the best digital needs to clients on time. Once any corporation is on board, TECHVED guarantees customer satisfaction through its services.

And with the help of their keen research facilities, usability labs and large databases, they initiate User research and provide exquisite UX solutions. Even though being a young organization, TECHVED has managed to become a thought-leader in the UX domain across all globe.

Today TECHVED is among the top 5 leading consultancies for UX designs in India. they have handled more than 200 national as well as international clients, such as Disney, Dell, eBay, IndiGo, Flipkart, Kotak Bank, Hindustan Times, Reliance, only to name a few. Along with helping brands with UX design, TECHVED is also one of the leading technology companies that are dealing with Artificial Intelligence. Various news and media companies and technology journalists have covered their work and breakthroughs with artificial intelligence and chatbots.

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Mumbai, India
  • 201, Synergy Business Park, Goregaon - East
    Mumbai, MH 400063
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Key clients: 
Edelweiss Financial Service Limited, Reliance General Insurance, Reliance Money, ICICI Lombard General Insurance, SBI General Life Insurance, HDFC Life Insurance, HDFC Bank, Mobileum, Snapdeal, Aditya Birla, Baja Finserv, Filpkart, Ebay, Disney, Godrej Nature Basket, Genpact , Hike, Hindustan Times, Hindustan Unilever Limited, ITC Hotels, Kotak , Lenskart, JW Marriott, OLX, Paypal,, Samsung, PolicyBazaar, Philips, Zycus,
The customer experience of the new product Image

The customer experience of the new product


A Global Smartphone Manufacturer

We helped understand the customer experience and the ergonomics of the new product that was due for launch.

Understanding user needs and feedback


· 1. To understand user reaction based on learned and first time handling behaviour of the mobile phone.

· 2. To understand the intuitiveness of the

features from the users.

· 3. To determine user preference between the old and new features and design.



Brand Positioning:- We helped them understand the user perception about the brand and their product.

Road Map: Our insights helped them build a road map for the launch phases.

Insight of the Indian Market: With our report they could understand the needs of the target audience and make their product suitable for them.



Our in-depth report helped this leading smartphone manufacturer understand the needs and requirements of their target audience for their new product and achieve a high customer satisfaction ratio and word of mouth referrals.


They got a better insight of the market they were launching their product in with respect to the user experience and the look and feel of the mobile phone.


The ergonomics of the laptops Image

The ergonomics of the laptops

An International Laptop Hardware And Software Company

We provided in-depth insights about the user feedback and suggestions to enhance the ergonomics of their laptops.

Problem Statement

To understand which version and prototype of the product did users prefer, and why, in terms of ergonomics.

Understanding user needs and feedback


· 1. Understanding user preference as there were many prototypes which were very different from each other in terms of look and feel and ergonomics.

· 2. Understanding how easy to carry, use and handle the physical product was directly from the users.

· 3. To gather insights about why users preferred a particular version of the laptop over the other prototypes


Study of Indian Market:- We helped understand the pain-points and expectations of users from different cultural backgrounds.

Better Understanding:- Our in-depth report helped understand the likes and dislikes of the physical product.

Our Recommendations:- We recommend solutions to make the laptops aesthetically appealing and usable for users.



Our insightful report helped understand what the users wanted in terms of the physical usability of the the laptop. This helped them understand how they could modify the ergonomics and make it seamless to meet user expectations.

Our findings helped understand the user perspective of how the product should be and how the laptops could be made better in terms of ergonomics to enhance the overall customer experience.

Bot for buying & claiming Insurance Image

Bot for buying & claiming Insurance

One of India’s Most Trusted Insurance Company We built a personalized mobile Chatbot experience for the unique Home Insurance product with a seamless user journey specially made for the Indian audience.

Problem Statement

To introduce the new concept and create a user friendly buying journey for the target audience. Also, to create a unique and human like bot for the app.



· Solution

· Result


Understanding business eco-system and users need



· 1. As this was a new concept for the Indian audience, we had to get an in-depth insight of their expectations.

· 2. To create an interactive and engaging conversational flow for the Chatbot for an Insurance platform.

· 3. To breakthrough the traditional Chatbot interaction and create a unique human like bot.

· 4. To create an intuitive interface for the buying journey of Home Insurance with its amenities like electronics, jewellery etc.

· 5. To integrate this interface in their existing app.

We pinned down required remedy for business and users


Conersational Flow: We created an intutive Chatbot flow to keep the users engaged and maintain the conversation


Simiplified User Journey: We understand the client requirement and user needs and created a guided easy to use and seamless journey for users


Minimized the steps: With our expertise, we minimized the number of steps for users to reach the end goal on the app


Innovative Form-Filling: We redesigned the form filling process for the app to ensure the entire journey is quick & mobile and bot friendly


Our Redefining impact

This insurance app turned out to be a one-stop app for all insurance needs

We digitally transformed their app to enable users to buy insurance on their own and created an easy to use conversational platform. Their target audience was pleased with the app and the Chatbot facility we created for them.

The personalized Chatbot we created was appreciated by users as it was quick, smart and easy to interact with. This helped them increase the customer satisfaction ratio and created a positive response for their new product.




Techved collaborated with Axis Bank to test their m-site's as well as website's user friendliness and to validate the new design which they already had in place. Along with that, we delved deeper into customer journeys and ascertained better ways to engage with the customers.



SYSTEMATIC SCRUTINISE: Techved's meticulously focussed

behavioural economics approach with extensive research in metro cities, paved way for understanding navigation issues users found in the new design.


METICULOUS STUDY: Techved pinpointed the problem areas and converted them into opportunities, providing a platform for building intuitive and engaging interactions with the customers.


KEY TAKEAWAY: The results proved to be an eye-opener for the team of Axis Bank. With a better user engagement strategy along with focussed navigation, Axis Bank was able to build user journeys and even succeed in up-selling and cross-selling of various products.




Godrej Nature's Basket is a grocery and fresh food gourmet store with offerings from across the world targeting middle and high-end strata of the society. Godrej Nature's Basket approached Techved to conduct a thorough UX audit report on its website, Android and iOS app to find UI/UX issues and answer them for a better and seamless user engagement journey.


MULTICHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Techved understood the need for having a persuasive design which exhibits a premium offering across digital assets, thereby offering a multichannel customer experience.


SERVICE DESIGN APPLICATION: With the application of pluralistic walkthrough setup and service design application, Techved offered a merger of visual appeal and compatibility across digital assets.


KEY TAKEAWAY:The result provided an amazing insight and ways to increase customer engagement and offer a smooth and easy access to products through effective user journey.




Techved collaborated with Vodafone for multi trench User Testing to gather responses and test the prototypes across India and provide a detailed analysis to facilitate the unmet needs of the mobile phone users in Telecom sector



USER PROFILING: With detailed user interviews and testing in metro and non metro cities (SEC A and B

users), along with deft observations,Techved identified the pain points for refinement.


IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS AND TREND DIAGRAMMING: After analysing the data and identifying the trend, Techved converted the pain points into opportunities which can be implemented for an augmented user journey.


KEY TAKEAWAY: Trench wise Usability approach paved way for strong brand positioning a refreshing user experience and an increase in engagement for their mobile app. ‘Testing first and testing often’ helped in preventing recurring development cost.





Techved was tasked to conduct user researches on various digital assets which cater to their ecosystem of Consumers, Architects, Contractors etc. We identified friction points on various UX parameters and provided solutions for improving experiences..



RESEARCH IN URBAN AND RURAL INDIA: Techved completely immersed itself in the

process, conducted far-reaching research with different strata of people and in two metro cities to identify the pain points.


AFFINITY DIAGRAM ANALYSIS: Showing agility, Techved pinpointed the wearisome area which can be executed for an augmented user journey in the current digital assets.


KEY TAKEAWAY: The results were an amazing set of insights and opened a plethora of opportunities for Asian Paints team. It also led to deriving decisions from analytics and consumer behaviour.



Tata Capital is one of the most reputed and top NBFC providing financial solutions. It has numerous interface for different needs of its business customers. Techved's prime responsibility was to bring Tata Capital's ALL eggs under one basket, i.e. within a single website, with the ease of navigation and effortless functionality



INTUITIVE DESIGN ARRANGEMENT: With appealing visual language and maintaining same level of functionality, Techved managed an intuitive design arrangement addressing all functionalities under unified interface.

UTILITY SYSTEM: Techved understood that people's interaction with respect to any financial service is complex and thus, succeeded in creating a seamless and easy to use utility portal.

ADDRESSING STAKEHOLDERS: With an ambitious experience strategy catering to users' needs and aspirations, Techved seamlessly brought all the stakeholders under one roof

END RESULT: The Tata Capital website turned out to be visually pleasing with streamlined technical functionality, thereby giving a smooth and delightful user experience.





One of the leading general insurance company in India, SBI general Insurance's prime objective was to be known as the insurer for the masses by having an easy to use insurance website. Techved collaborated with SBI general Insurance to re-design the existing web and mobile journeys for a seamless insurance buying experience with lesser number of clicks





STREAMLINING USER JOURNEY: Techved understood the insurance buying process, keeping the target audience and IRDA guidelines in mind and reduced the bottlenecks in insurance buying, thus streamlining the user journey.

DELIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE:  With the introduction of human-centered approach, Techved managed to provide a coherent and an intuitive interface, thus, enriching customer experience

LESS TAXING: The application of data-driven design and scalable tools ensured that Techved provides a seemingly less taxing insurance buying experience




The SBI general Insurance website turned out to be sleek, visually appealing and provided a pain point free experience. We also paved a way for cross selling of riders during the journey thus, helping in increase of business through online channel



Customized content for Chatbot Image

Customized content for Chatbot

With our expertise and strategic approach, we created a simplified and unique chatbot content flow to enhance the customer service for this leading Insurance company

Problem Statement


To transform the lengthy and complex customer service content flow and reduce the average query handling time. Also, to personalize the voice and tone for the

bot. Understanding business needs and user requirements


Creating the right content strategy demanded a lot of brainstorming and precision to ensure that the conversational flow was user-centric.

1. We had to reduce the average query handling time keeping in mind that all the relevant information is provided.

2. To strategize personalized content and maintain a genuine conversational flow.

3. Understanding the geographical location, mindset and the background of the target audience to simplify the language for better understanding.


4. Bringing the customer to the centre of our narrative and also maintaining the focus on the services


We pinned down required content strategy for the business and their users


We strategically created layers of a customer service conversational flow to meet Insurance needs and requirements: Building the Conversation Tree


Based on the content capbailities and the organization objectives we defined the depth and structure of the flow of content: Curated Content Distribution


We ensured that valuable and relevant content was created for users to extract maximum benefit: Created a Humanized Bot.


To reach out to maximum number of people we generated content in multiple languages: Created Multi-lingual Content.


Our Redefining impact

We successfully created a personalized, simple and professional content flow


With are expertise we not only helped in increasing the customer satisfaction ratio but also reduced the the average query handling time

We helped them reduce the training time by crafting a content strategy that was not only easy to understand but also easy to execute.



A Leading Insurance Company Image

A Leading Insurance Company

We created an easy to use Insurance buying and servicing journey to boost the conversion rate and customer satisfaction ratio.


Problem Statement


To reduce the drop-out rate and make the Insurance buying journey easy to use for users. Also, to make a user-centric journey for all stage.

Understanding business
Eco-system and users need

From User Analyses to Brainstorming Sessions and Ideation, we narrowed down key areas that needed to be addressed from user perspective.

1. Lengthy buying and claim process

2. Too many clicks to reach the end goal

3. Outdated digital space with a lagging journey


4. Users were not frequent with their interaction with the digital platform

We pinned down required remedy for business and users

We created visually appealing designs which were intutive and gave the digital platform a new fresh look and feel: Intutive Designs


With our expertise, we simplified the navigation and created an easy to use Insurance journey: Seamless Journey


We deisgned the app keeping the needs and requirements of the target audience in mind: User-centric Approach

Our Redefining impact

This insurance platform turned out to be a one-stop app for all insurance needs

We simplified the entire experience which enhanced the customer satisfaction ratio which further resulted in better user engagement and positive word of mouth referrals.

With our expertize there was an incredible increase in the conversion rate. Also, there was a noticeable decrease in the drop-out rate which was a great win for the company

Vserv - Add Campaign Management System Image

Vserv - Add Campaign Management System

We analyzed data gathered from the audit using various sources and heuristic parameters. This helped in understanding the business needs and providing solutions.

Problem Statement


To make their web app seamless and to enable users to interact and use the campaign management system efficiently.


Understanding user
data results and providing conversion and adoption solutions

1. User could not navigate easily

2. The dashboard was not intuitive to keep users engaged

3. The look and feel needed to be more appealing


4. Interactions were not user-friendly



Recommendation to improve the user experience and the overall journey


With our systematic methodology, we helped then understand the target audience and their interaction with the website : Understanding User Behaviour.


Suggestions to enhance the user experience were provided based on the audit insight: Our Recommendation


Our report helped them understand the needs of their target audience to increase the user engagement on the portal: High Engagement and Adoption

Hike Sticker Chats - Fun & Expressive Messaging Image

Hike Sticker Chats - Fun & Expressive Messaging

Analyzing the market trend and user needs helped Hike Messenger enhance their app for better user engagement.

Problem Statement: 


To understand user needs and enhance the app to make it more engaging for users.

Understanding user needs and feedback :

1. To understand the content consumption behaviour and the pattern

of usage.

2. Analyzing the market trend and new advances for social products.


3. To observe the type of content users send and receive on this platform.


Insights in content consumption behaviour of users:

We identified the pain-points and provided effective solutions: Identifying areas of improvement


A thorough report of the engagement of users with the app was provided for better understanding : Insight of Consumer Behaviour



We provided a consolidated report of the steps they should take to further enhance the apps for users.

Our Redefining Impact:

With our extensive user testing we helped them understand the usage consumption, the type of content shared on their platform, the frequency of usage of the app by users and how user-friendly the app was.


Our report had in-depth insights about the market trend and user needs. This helped them understand their target audience better and build their social product to cater to their requirements.





Kotak - Bank Account Opening At Your Fingertips Image

Kotak - Bank Account Opening At Your Fingertips


Kotak 811 is the new age banking app with the main focus on customer acquisition through a digital platform. Techved collaborated with Kotak to create a seamless experience and to provide an intuitive interface. Our focus was to match their brand vision of being the most trusted and preferred financial service provider. Along with that, Kotak came to us with a notion that

the bank account opening should be made easy for customers of all the strata of the society.

Key Essence:

1. With a utilitarian and human-centered design and approach, Techved managed to break new grounds by providing a platform to open bank accounts using their online identity.

2. We embodied a collaborative design approach, keeping RBI guidelines in mind, excorticating all the complexities of account opening process and provide a highly secure experience.

3. Digital first approach along with process complexities posed as a challenge which was solved skillfully for the culturally disparate audience by Techved.

End Result:

1. The Kotak 811 app turned out to be a one-stop app for all the banking needs especially customer acquisition. As a result, the app downloads skyrocketed.


2. Better conversion onlineSignificant uplifts in form submissions increased due to an improved eyepath.


3. Time spent onsiteMore visitors drilling down deeper into the site quicker and acting on the calls to action.

Angel Broking - One Stop Wealth Management App  Image

Angel Broking - One Stop Wealth Management App



The Angel Broking app is a one of its kind app which provides a one-stop solution for all your wealth management needs. 

Techved collaborated with Angel Broking to create an app which is highly intuitive and user-friendly in design to foster a transition from being a stock broker advisory app to a wealth management app.

The measurement of success for the app was the number of downloads and conversions.


Key Essence:

1. With the application of game design elements and intelligent notifications, Techved managed to proactively engage customers with a simple and succinct design flow.


2. Techved achieved an ideal user experience by understanding the consumer psyche, integrating various wealth management solutions and applying a synchronised engagement strategy.


3. Techved's focus was on details and micro-interactions tailored to attract attention to important focus points in the user journey.


End Results:

The Angel Broking app received a tremendous response and acted as one of the consumer acquisition modes for Angel Broking. Angel Broking strengthened its position as a stock broking house in India with this app.

KRISPY - On The Go Entertainment  Image

KRISPY - On The Go Entertainment

Krispy is an on-the-go entertainment app by Hindustan Unilever. The app is targeting young audience who want to download and watch videos with an opportunity to earn cash back.

Techved's task was to make an app with a user-centric design approach intended for a premium digital experience for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Indian cities. Thus, enabling users, even non-tech savvy, to have

exceptional and seamless entertainment.

Key Essence:

1. User engagement is important to promote familiarity and brand loyalty. We at Techved achieved it with the Krispy app through the systematic content blast.

2. Techved's contemporary yet visually appealing content layout acted as a perfect catalyst which kept users hooked for hours.

3. With the use of Techved's patented Design Methodology, we succeeded in achieving an efficient and modern navigation design, further augmenting user engagement. 



By means of a cognitive model approach, the newly launched app proved to be a great success story with a rating of 3.6 on Google Play Store. HUL continues to serve people with its digital entertainment app, thereby strengthening its brand loyalty.


How our Digital Strategy increased Voot Kids app engagement with Kids and their Parents. Image

How our Digital Strategy increased Voot Kids app engagement with Kids and their Parents.

Voot Kids - India's leading fun and learning app for young.


  • To make kids and their parents feel comfortable so they are at ease while they interact with us.
  • Carrying out role plays to understand the behaviour of content consumption by young kids.
  • To determine how comfortable parents are with the time spent by their kids on the digital

Highlight Points :

  • Provided an understanding of the content preferred by Indian parents for their kids on the app.
  • Identified hurdles in navigation and discoverability of content by kids while they explored the app.
  • Design recommendations were provided on the basis of insights discovered during the  research sessions.
DIY Platform for Insurance Image

DIY Platform for Insurance

From User Analysis, Brainstorming Sessions & Ideation, we narrowed down key areas that need to be addressed from users perspective

  • 1. A hub for users to Buy, Renew, Claim and Track their insurance journey was needed
  • 2. Raising and tracking claims was complex and stressful
  • 3. People were unaware of the importance of Home and Appliance
  • 4. In case of emergency, claiming insurance was a challenge for users
  • 5. Users did not engage with the app regularly
  • Highlight Points :

    • This app has got engagement features, 1Lakh + numbers of downloaded this app so far.
    • Our Solution pioneered the Insta claim insurance process making it easy, quick and real time.
    • It is the first of its kind enabling people to buy insurance in flat 3 minutes.
    • This insurance platform became DIY medium for users which minimized operational cost for the business.
    Our UX/UI helps surgeons to learn, practice and grow professionally in the medical fraternity. Image

    Our UX/UI helps surgeons to learn, practice and grow professionally in the medical fraternity.

    Cipla - A leading Pharma Company :

    Users all medical needs now under one roof.

    Detailed Information, that's categorised according to users expertise

    Single window for all medical needs.

    Content that's easily accessible.

    Easy profile management.

    Detailed curated content



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    UX & UI Design for Educational Platform

    "They are a very high-quality service provider — the best in the industry."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    Project summary: 

    Techved Consulting India developed a website with a focus on the UX.

    The Reviewer
    2-9 Employees
    Jay Kumar
    Project Manager & Business Analyst, TAD
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    The website has been a success. Internal stakeholders gained valuable knowledge about UX/UI from Techved Consulting India throughout the partnership. The team's agility, responsiveness, and transparency stood out.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Introduce your business and what you do there.

    I’m the project manager and business analyst at TAD, an educational platform.


    What challenge were you trying to address with Techved Consulting India Pvt.Ltd?

    We wanted to improve the user experience of our website.


    What was the scope of their involvement?

    They developed a website for us and helped improve our user experience. They provided user research, usability testing, user methodologies, and improved our user interface. They used Drupal or Bootstrap to build the website.

    What is the team composition?

    There were two UI designers, one UX designer, one analyst, and a project manager on their team. The coordinator from their team was Bontika (Project Lead, Techved Consulting India Pvt.Ltd).

    How did you come to work with Techved Consulting India Pvt.Ltd?

    I found them online while looking for a good UX/UI company in Mumbai. I saw their work on their portfolios and website, and I liked it. So, I contacted them to help me.

    What is the status of this engagement?

    We started working together in 2017, and the engagement lasted 6-7 months.


    What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

    They performed very well for us. The feedback from the project was really good. Personally, I got to learn a lot about user experience and user interface, which I loved. 

    They are a very high-quality service provider — the best in the industry. The team is really agile and can work at any given time.

    How did Techved Consulting India Pvt.Ltd perform from a project management standpoint?

    It was an amazing experience. I loved working with them, and I look forward to working with them again. 

    I’d give them any changes we required, and they’d make the changes accordingly. We had a regular conference call meeting with them. We also had a physical meeting to resolve any issues before moving forward with another project.

    What did you find most impressive about them?

    They are a high-quality service provider compared to others. They are always on time, and they make sure the client is involved in the process. They maintain transparency, and there are no gaps between the client and the customer. 

    Are there any areas they could improve?

    No, everything was good.

    Do you have any advice for potential customers?

    I’d recommend them for any UX/UI development.

    Overall Score It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot from them.
    • 5.0 Scheduling
      They always delivered on time.
    • 4.5 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 4.5 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer
      I like their service and the way they work. Telling my friends and colleagues about them is one of my high priorities.