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Platform Development for After School Activity Registry

"Their experience allows them to solve problems before we even know they exist." 

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The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Jan. 2019 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

TechNeed developed an online registration platform based on an in-house team’s design. They constructed both the front- and backends and have become an ongoing development partner.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Fair Haven, New Jersey
Alexandra Miles Skove
CEO, KidGooRoo
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The platform was successfully monetized and has driven significant revenue, pleasing internal stakeholders. TechNeed set solid priorities and delivered on time and budget, fitting the startup environment well. Customers can expect a solution-oriented partner that thrives in long-term situations.  

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I’m the CEO of KidGooRoo. We have a large selection of after-school activity providers that parents can browse, research, and register for via a single web-based interface.


For what projects/services did your company hire TechNeed?

We needed to develop an online registration system for after-school activities.

What were your goals for this project?

We set out to enable online registration for various after-school activity providers across a spectrum of categories, from sports to arts to academics.


How did you select this vendor?

TechNeed came highly recommended by our accounting firm. Their other references provided attractive reviews as well.

Describe the project and the services they provided in detail.

TechNeed took over development as soon as we completed the design work. They’ve handled everything from project management to backend development and frontend development. The firm has since become our outsourced development partner for the entire system.

What was the team composition?

We’re working with a project manager, a business liaison, a tech lead, and various front- and backend developers.


Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

Our primary success metric was the monetization of our platform. In the first month post-launch, we’ve already matched our revenue from 2018. TechNeed continues to add features and functionality, which will only grow that number.

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

Brendan (Founder, TechNeed) is an amazing project manager. He keeps the team focused on features that matter and problem-solves like a master. He also meets budgetary and timing expectations, which is critical given our stage of development. Two extensively experienced members of our advisory team have given him glowing reviews as well. 

What did you find most impressive about this company?

Their experience allows them to solve problems before we even know they exist. The few bugs that are found are resolved quickly, and core functionalities are always well-tested before deployment. Perhaps most importantly, TechNeed always fixes one eye on future growth, meaning we’re well positioned regarding platform stability and flexibility.

Are there any areas for improvement?

I’m a startup founder, so I wish they were more affordable. But I also wish everything was more affordable.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 4.5 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
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