Designing digital experiences & physical products.

Teague is a creative design studio in Seattle, WA. We research, design, prototype, and build physical & digital products, services, and experiences. With almost a century of experience, we masterfully combine design, technology, and a deep understanding of human behavior to define and deliver what's next.

We are...


We have successfully challenged the status quo for 90+ years. Partnering with brands big and small, we set industry standards, disrupt categories, and expand client market share.


With 16 distinct disciplines across our 300+ person studio we can create the right team for any project. We can quickly & easily pivot as new opportunities unfold throughout the design process.



Leveraging integrated teams, Teague brings multi-faceted projects to life by using a wide range of technologies for design evaluation, product visualization, and user testing.



We combine strategy and execution into an integrated and iterative approach we call Thinking Through Making. This way of working challenges teams to test ideas quickly as they move through discovery stages to build toward the best solution.



Our team turns imaginative prototypes into real-world systems through design-minded engineering. This focus on production-ready solutions means iteratively solving for constraints in ways that improve both the design and the process.



We've invested in long-term collaborative partnerships from the beginning. In fact, we have the longest standing designer/client relationships in the world.


Teague is ITAR and NIST-800 56 qualified, and always ready to take on sensitive projects.

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Seattle, WA
  • 110 Union Street, Suite 500
    Seattle, WA 98101
    United States


Key clients: 

Nike, Boeing, Google, Starbucks, Honeywell, Microsoft, Amazon, GE, Toyota

Google and Disney partnered with Teague to innovate on, and enhance, the traditional reading experience with the magic of AI. Learn more:
Air Tahiti Nui Passenger Experience Image

Air Tahiti Nui Passenger Experience

As part of a fleet renewal strategy linked to its 20th anniversary, Air Tahiti Nui partnered with Teague to create an immersive, end-to-end, award winning experience designed to connect passengers to their island destination. Learn more:

Nike Athletes Plane

For years, extensive travel across time zones has plagued sports teams. To mitigate the “away disadvantage” Nike partnered with Teague to design an athlete-centric facility in the sky. Learn more:

Honeywell Design Language

Honeywell partnered with Teague to design and build a comprehensive physical and digital design language unify and simplify their hardware and software product ecosystem. Learn more:
Intel Autonomous Trust Interactions Image

Intel Autonomous Trust Interactions

To take first steps into the autonomous future, Intel approached Teague to explore how people would realistically interact with autonomous vehicles five-to-ten years down the road.

Learn more:

GE Transportation: The Future of Freight Image

GE Transportation: The Future of Freight

To keep up with changing times, delivery will need to transform drastically. GE Transportation partnered with Teague to prepare for a future where rail-based freight becomes increasingly powered by automation.

Learn more: