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Teague is a design and innovation company. We combine technology expertise with a deep understanding of human behavior to deliver what’s next for companies in automotive, aviation, retail and e-commerce, smart cities, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, and technology.

A leader in product, service, and experience design at the intersection of the physical and digital, Teague partners with bold brands that are reinventing the world such as Amazon, Boeing, Google, Starbucks, and Toyota to discover new opportunities and solve complex problems to shape the future. Find out more at teague.com.

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Key clients: 
Amazon, Boeing, Intel, Air Canada, Nike, Google, Starbucks, Emirates Airline, Honeywell, Collins Aerospace, Microsoft, Toyota
Google and Disney partnered with Teague to innovate on, and enhance, the traditional reading experience with the magic of AI. Learn more: teague.com/work/disney-google-home
787 Dreamliner Image

787 Dreamliner

Committed to re-connecting passengers to the emotional thrill of flying, The Boeing Company partnered with Teague to create a measurably more comfortable and memorable flight experience for passengers on an all-new, revolutionary aircraft.


The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the most successful commercial airplane launch in the history of commercial aviation with

nearly 1,200 orders valued at close to $200B. Combining groundbreaking technology with award-winning design, the Dreamliner has enabled airlines to open new routes between cities around the world while delivering an unprecedented passenger experience.
Air Tahiti Nui Passenger Experience Image

Air Tahiti Nui Passenger Experience

As part of a fleet renewal strategy linked to its 20th anniversary, Air Tahiti Nui partnered with Teague to create an immersive, end-to-end, award winning experience designed to connect passengers to their island destination.

Denny Bike Image

Denny Bike

As part of The Bike Design Project competition put on by Oregon Manifest that included five creative agencies from different cities, Teague teamed up with Sizemore Bicycle to design and build the ultimate urban transport of the future focused on safety, security and convenience.


The Denny bike brings together numerous, first-of-its-kind features, including a

proprietary handlebar u-lock system, each designed for the ultimate goals of safety, security and convenience. The fully-functioning prototype and its unique components were brought to life, leading Teague to place 1st in the nationwide competition, and inspire an industry.
Honeywell Design Language Image

Honeywell Design Language

Honeywell partnered with Teague to design and build a comprehensive physical and digital design language unify and simplify their hardware and software product ecosystem.

Nike Athlete's Airplane Image

Nike Athlete's Airplane

For years, extensive travel across time zones has plagued sports teams. To mitigate the “away disadvantage” Nike partnered with Teague to design an athlete-centric facility in the sky. 

Air Canada Passenger Experience Image

Air Canada Passenger Experience

As part of a fleet modernization program following the purchase of nearly 40 widebody aircraft, Air Canada partnered with Teague to reassess its brand, and imagine an entirely new onboard passenger experience.

Working directly with Air Canada’s design team, Teague began by defining a vision that was informed by research and shaped by shared aspirations. Together the team prioritized

experience over individual elements to create a well-orchestrated, strong and singular cabin environment. Every product and touchpoint within the cabin—from seats and monuments to lavatories and lighting—is part of a cohesive brand expression designed to connect emotionally with passengers to inspire love and loyalty.
Segway Hybrid Electric Utility Vehicle Fleet Image

Segway Hybrid Electric Utility Vehicle Fleet

To make the transition from a manufacturer of micro-mobility devices to personal transportation vehicle leader, Segway turned to Teague to help transform their brand and facilitate a bold leap into the powersport vehicle market.


From product definition through final release, Teague collaborated hand-in-hand with Segway to deliver three unique off-road

platforms unified by a common design language that is bold, confident, radically different and undeniably distinct. Each vehicle is characterized by flowing surfaces and crisp parting lines, accented by sleek curvature for a modern look and aerodynamic form that sets apart from their competition.
Intel Autonomous Trust Interactions Image

Intel Autonomous Trust Interactions

To take first steps into the autonomous future, Intel approached Teague to explore how people would realistically interact with autonomous vehicles five-to-ten years down the road.


Together with Intel, we created Trust Interactions: foundational experiences that give users a sense of safety, comfort, confidence, and control. Implemented into full-scale

physical and digital prototypes and user tested in actual autonomous vehicles, Trust Interactions have been instrumental in helping Intel define their driverless platform, enter into new partnerships, and make strategic acquisitions to become a major player our autonomous future.
Oman Air Passenger Experience Image

Oman Air Passenger Experience

To keep pace with an ambitious expansion plan, Oman Air partnered with Teague to redefine its passenger experience to strengthen its position in the Middle East and ensure continued growth.


Taking inspiration from Oman’s rich heritage and modern hospitality, Teague elevated the Oman Air passenger experience by paying close attention to the details and

bringing a residential feel to the cabin environment. New features, finishes and luxury products including new suites and seats in First and Business Class, seamlessly blend contemporary style with traditional elements of the Omani landscape and culture.


Seating experience is not only physical, it is also digital. The Teague team worked with Oman Air and the seating systems suppliers to create a bespoke GUI for the suite, in a graphic language that was sophisticated and matches the rest of the suite and cabin environment.