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Key clients: 

AgreeMeedia Aya Aquai B&K Precisions Barefoot BridgeWest Chula Vista Police Department Closing Corp Digital Meaning Learning Evolution Liftech Marine Sync OMNI Therapeutics SageTree SCRx VisionTree WNC 1218 Team ACTY AX-Tech CalBioTech Crafting Bytes Disability Insurance Fresh & Healthy Vending GovX Gurtin Financial HomingIn Initek Laddez Literra Mideo Systems Americal Funding


ProHomes is a startup that provides tools for DIY landlords. TATEEDA partnered with their in house development team to create a web portal as well as mobile applications that worked for all the people involved with landlording. 

In just a few days, TATEEDA was up and running and contributing to the development as any member of a team would. 

Mobile application was created as well


TATEEDA was selected to join an already maxed out team to quickly utilize their back end APIs to present ECG data to health care providers utilizing iOS and Android tablets. 

Within hours, we were developing the baseline application. We ultimately produced this very sophisticated healthcare application in about 2.5 months which was well within the requested timeline. 


Create from scratch an innovative platform for advertising rentals all over the United States. 

We developed a responsive web application utilizing GIS data to allow potential renters to quickly find available units in their area. 

Aya Healthcare

Aya's business was booming. This led to a great strain on a relatively small product and development team. Aya selected TATEEDA as their partner to help them manage their technology infrastructure and scale their development efforts to keep up with their growing business. 


In a matter of weeks, we moved the team to Agile scrum. They also expanded their product team by five folds to work with

internal customers to understand their needs and design solutions. 

MarineSync Mobile Application

Since many of MarineSync's clients are on the move while managing their assets, TATEEDA developed an innovative mobile application that lets the customer access their information exactly where and when they need it. 


MarineSync decided to move away from an in house development staff.

They selected TATEEDA to work with not only MarineSync but MarineSync's other technology providers to put together an all encompassing IoT solution to aggregate information from their remote sensors and present it in an intuitive, friendly and useful manner.