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About Talented

Talented assembles teams to build and maintain software products for sophisticated enterprise customers and well-funded tech startups quickly and affordably. We aim for scale over margin by utilizing our global resources. Our core expertise for enterprise businesses is building "Digital Twins" (DT), which includes creating data ingestion pipelines, a machine learning engine, and the front-end application. 

For startups, Talented provides affordable data engineers, full-stack developers, and UI and UX designers to quickly create digital products.

What Makes Talented different?

We employ industry-leading professors who have studied A.I. theories and worked with industry to solve complex supply chain and logistics challenges. We will be present and relevant to your business by utilizing our personnel with digital product management and operations experience from industry-leading companies. We have contracts with software engineers and designers all over the world to ensure the best value for the price. We value speed and have created software tools to enable efficient communication and problem resolution.

In addition to our incomparable knowledge, price, and speed, we give you all of the IPs. Our objective is to continue to build great products with you for years to come. We believe that in the age of software, successful corporations will differentiate themselves by owning all of their software.

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