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Sync is a future forward London based studio creating cisual stories for the digital world. We specialise in 3D imagery and motion graphics.

At Sync Studios we guide brands to take the best from our digital media and technology infused world using contemporary tools. We strive to be on the same wavelength with today's fast moving reality, where the lines are blurred between the internet and real life.

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London, United Kingdom
  • London, LND
    United Kingdom


Virtual Rave

Virtual Rave contributes to the debate on the possibilities of virtual reality in brand communication. Using Fyodor Golan as a case study, the film proposes a virtual reality experience to present SS17 collection as an alternative to the traditional catwalk and aims to showcase the brand as innovative and forward thinking.

Modern Alchemy

Modern Alchemy explores AW18 collection by Manimekala through its inspirations and design elements. Putting emphasis on the hand made textiles and accessories, the film aims to reinterpret traditional messages of craft used by fashion brands through contemporary tools of image making.