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SW HR Consulting is a privately-owned and operated human resources consulting firm in Las Vegas that focuses on providing exceptional services to start-ups and small organizations. We aim to help organizations streamline their HR and improve the ways they engage and manage their employees. At SW HR Consulting, we offer a range of HR consulting services tailored to help small and mid-sized companies in Las Vegas.

From services that include HR Outsourcing, Risk Management, HR Compliance, to Recruitment, allowing you to focused solely on your company needs all while benefiting from high-end and cost-effective solutions that help you reach your maximum potential. We are in business to change the conventional method of managing human resources across various organizations. Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of the industry, innovative technology, and unique service approaches, our clients depend upon the skills and expertise of our experienced HR professionals who conduct necessary research regarding your needs while providing the most effective options to ensure successful outcomes. When you choose to work with us at SW HR Consulting, we are capable of bringing to your company significant improvements and quick return on investment. We inquire to identify your organization’s specific needs then create a plan that focuses on the highest impact items, all while working within your organization’s specific ways of doing things. Our team seeks to demystify HR and its various components, allowing your company to grow while keeping your values firmly in place.

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Las Vegas, NV
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