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Key clients: 
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Backlink Campaign Targeting Travel Landing Pages for Casamundo Image

Backlink Campaign Targeting Travel Landing Pages for Casamundo

OBJECTIVE: To gain rankings for multiple niche specific and generic holiday rental keywords, boosting traffic to various landing pages.

WEBSITE HISTORY: The site was well-optimised but it's backlink profile was significantly weaker than those of the competitor brands found on page 1. The site required niche specific backlinks to raise the authority of the domain, so that it could

challenge those competitors.

STRATEGY: A large scale link building campaign was initiated. Over 500 niche relevant backlink partners were enlisted, targeting multiple internal destination pages, as well as high traffic generic terms “holiday homes”, “holiday villas” and “holiday rentals”.

RESULTS: The link building campaign achieved a increase in organic traffic of 98.88%. Engagement metrics also improved, proving that we had targeted the right keywords that converted into revenue. Google organic search delivered 61.95% more transactions and 64.35% revenue than it did the previous year.

Full Recovery From Severe Google Penalty for Kybotech Image

Full Recovery From Severe Google Penalty for Kybotech

OBJECTIVE: To assist in the removal of a manual Google penalty and to improve upon the organic traffic levels achieved pre-penalty.

WEBSITE HISTORY: Kybotech came to us after being hit with a very severe site-wide manual penalty, which had resulted in their organic traffic disappearing overnight.

The company was well established in the niche but had accumulated high volumes of low

quality backlinks, which led to Google de-indexing their pages.

STRATEGY: We oversaw the disavowing of all toxic links, while making sure to leave the high quality links untouched. We then managed the process of applying for re-consideration by Google.

The penalty was removed within 2 months of us beginning work.

We then devised a content led SEO campaign to earn back Google’s trust and regain lost traffic and revenue. We began by overhauling the neglected company blog and creating 1-2 strong content pieces each month, to be used to encourage backlinking.

The content campaign included competitions, infographics and how-to guides - and involved contributors from the Guardian.

RESULTS: Within 2 months of starting work, the penalty had been removed.

Within 3 months, the site's organic traffic was back at its pre-penalty levels.

Within 6 months our activity had brought organic traffic to an all-time high and the site was appearing on to the first page of the SERPS for a wide range of valuable search terms.

Removal of Site-Wide Penalty for Eros Now Image

Removal of Site-Wide Penalty for Eros Now

OBJECTIVE: To remove a site-wide penalty and rank Eros Now's site for generic terms such as “Bollywood Movies”, as well as specific movie title keywords.

WEBSITE HISTORY: The client's website was heavily under-optimised. It was built in AJAX, which Google's crawler struggles to read, leaving it unable to categorise the site effectively.

The site had also been hit with a penalty

due to poor quality backlinks. SUSO were brought in to assist in the removal of the penalty and advise on how to take the site forward.

STRATEGY: A forensic link audit was carried out, with all sub-optimal backlinks detected and removed. On the first attempt, the penalty was lifted and the site began to rank again. This initial goal took us less than one month to achieve.  

After the penalty was dealt with, we launched a link building campaign that earned links from high quality, relevant domains. This was a drip-feed campaign, bringing in links from only the highest quality sites - future-proofing the client's link profile against further penalties.

RESULTS: Due to the penalty removal, our client's site jumped 5,711 positions across various streaming related search terms.

This included keywords such as “Online Movies” (165,00 monthly searches), “Hindi Movie” (110,00 monthly searches) & “Latest Bollywood Movies (74,000 monthly searches) - as well as multiple specific Bollywood movie titles.

200% Increase in Organic Sessions for Image

200% Increase in Organic Sessions for

OBJECTIVE: The goal of this campaign was to boost organic traffic levels by ranking the client's city/region specific pages for thousands of property related keywords.

WEBSITE HISTORY: The site had thousands of pages, but their visibility in Google SERPS remained poor.

The authority of these city specific landing pages was low, in comparison to the top ranking competition. The

website was not Google crawler friendly, meaning it was ineffective at ranking in organic search.

STRATEGY: The initial focus was on restructuring the webpages so that they were crawlable by Google’s bots.

Then we improved the efficiency of the site by reworking it's architecture and surfacing important content, leaving it closer to the homepage in terms of click-depth.

A technically focused inbound link-building campaign was then conducted, whereby we aquired new backlinks to both the home page and internal pages. This had the effect of increasing the overall Domain Authority of the site as well as boosting specific traffic generating pages.

RESULTS: Over a period of 7 months, 140 backlinks to the site were build, boosting the domain's ranking in the SERPs for a multitude keywords.

We also took the total volume of ranking keywords from 5,553 to 8,901. This fulfilled one of the key aims of the campaign - not just to rank for the most popular terms, but also the various long tail variations.

As a result of our link building campaign; in a year-on-year comparison, the website's organic sessions increased by 201.02%.

Ranked for Competitive Keyword "E-Books" for Sainsbury's Image

Ranked for Competitive Keyword "E-Books" for Sainsbury's

OBJECTIVE: To rank Sainsbury's site for the main keyword “e-books”. At the time, the site was not indexed within the top 10 pages for this keyword.

WEBSITE HISTORY: The site was heavily under-optimised in terms of on-site SEO, and had been hit hard by a previous Google algorithm update due to duplicate product descriptions.

The site's backlink profile was unnatural, with poor

anchor text distribution and lots of low-quality, spammy links built by a previously hired SEO agency.

The site had historically achieved good visibility for a range of industry specific terms, but rankings plummeted after Google's "Panda" update in March 2013. The site had since languished, receiving very little organic search traffic for 6 months prior to commissioning SUSO to take over their SEO.

OUR STRATEGY: We began the campaign by conducting a full SEO audit, including a thorough analysis of all on-site factors.

We also ran a full backlink audit, looking for opportunities and threats to the upcoming campaign.

Finally, we ran a link building campaign using our unique outreach strategies to increase the number of high authority, niche relevant links to the site.

RESULTS: We successfully took the site from very low-ranking positions to being served on the first page of the Google SERPS for the key search term ‘ebooks’.