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Superskrypt is an interactive agency focused on both digital and traditional media. Our services include:

  1. design: visual identities, logo, brand books, packaging, prints, ux
  2. development: web development, digital storytelling, mobile apps, digital exhibits
  3. consultancy: startup product strategy, lean startup, website content
  4. social media: campaigns, sm strategy

Our service shines the most if we create presence in multiple media / channels. Examples of that include:

  1. as an event organizer you need: logo, website, mobile app, posters, attendee gifts, scenography, animations, animations, etc
  2. as a museum you need: exhibition design, posters, digital exhibits, animated spots for social media, tv spots, etc

Whether you need a new website, a digital campaign or a re‑branding accross multiple platforms—digital as well as printed—you need us.

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Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw Rising Museum interactive exhibit Image

Warsaw Rising Museum interactive exhibit

The exhibit, based on research, is a 3d model of the city with an animated history of the Warsaw Uprising. The movement of troops and ongoing actions are visualized on an interactive animated map of Warsaw. The exhibit is a part of an exhibition “1944 Topography Interactive Map of the Warsaw Rising”.

The Museum, that was opened on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of fighting in Warsaw, is a tribute of Warsaw’s

residents to those who fought and died for independent Poland and its free capital.

The exhibit lets the user control time and see the phases of the Warsaw Rising.

Our role in this project:

- Requirements and needs analysis

- Concept and storytelling

- Interaction and experience design

- Graphic, digital and construction design

- Software and media production

- Implementation

Paths of the Exiled website Image

Paths of the Exiled website

An animated narrative presenting the history of 300,000 Poles exiled in 1940–1941 by the Soviets and their path to freedom. The narrative presents the data, records & content from the largest social archive in Poland: The KARTA Center (Ośrodek Karta).

Superskrypt was responsible for the graphic design, UX and architecture implementation of the website.
The project was delivered over two months using iterative

agile methodology.