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Vi på Successive leverer målrettede domeneløsninger og omfattende tjenester, fra strategi og forretningsrådgivning til teknologi og drift, ved hjelp av et team av domenekunnskaper, dyktige sertifiserte ressurser og globale prosjektledelsesverktøy, metoder og standarder.


Med hjelpen, gjør Successive teknologien mer intelligent ved å legge den inn i prosesser, datainnsikt og analyser til sine løsninger og tjenester. Vi er en raskt voksende ung leder innen forretningsprosesshåndtering og teknologitjenester, som utnytter kraften i intelligente prosesser, dybdeanalyser og nyskapende teknologi for å hjelpe kundene til å drive effektivitet over hele bedriften.

Våre løsninger hjelper bedrifter å håndtere arbeidskraft, drift, sanntidsdata, informasjon effektivt og effektivt, noe som bidrar til veksten. Vi beholder psykologiske aspekter av ulike geografiske hensyn når vi bygger produkter.



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Meeting Hub Image

Meeting Hub

Meeting Hub provides a meeting room booking software that integrates seamlessly with your website. It is a purpose-built, cloud-based meeting room booking system designed for anyone who needs to take bookings for rooms, offices or desks online.

The initial requirement of the client was to make the system stable and optimized using core PHP. Meeting Hub needed to be designed in a way to make life easier while increasing

the meeting room revenue and automating all processes.

We developed a cloud-based, white labeled SaaS meeting room booking system that integrates with a project helping organizations to set up their properties with Meeting Hub and list their Business Centres and Meeting Rooms and have them booked by customers online. Meeting Hub is a turn-key, SaaS solution which requires no onsite hardware or software to be installed on the operator’s premises allowing them to start taking bookings & payments the same day they sign-up for the service.

With Meeting Hub integrated into the booking flow, the booking process is seamless. It acts as an extension to the operator’s main company website.

Expert Witness Profiler Image

Expert Witness Profiler

The US Judicial Firm initially invested a lot of time in making the profile of an “EXPERT”. It took days to deliver ‘The Profile’ asked by the client. Moreover, the process was exhaustive and required a high amount of precision work for very long hours.

They wanted an indispensable tool to reduce the amount of manual work by decreasing the time taken to create a single profile and eliminate the tiring process of

proofreading an unimaginable pool of documents.

Named Entity Recognition (NER) labels sequences of words in a text that are names of things such as person and company names or gene and protein names. We used Stanford’s NER, a part of CoreNLP, which is a Java implementation of a Named Entity Recognizer.

It comes with well-engineered feature extractors for Named Entity Recognition and many more options for defining feature extractors.

Kredin Image


Kredin was aimed at offering an innovative online collection system. They wanted to challenge the existing collection agencies so as to offer a unique and automated approach by utilizing Norwegian law.

They wanted to be able to allow users to collect money faster, more successfully with fewer efforts and in a more profitable manner than ever before.

Since we understand the Norwegian business market and how

collection agencies operate extremely well, we are familiar with the possibilities that Norwegian law gives to creditors who need fast and profitable collection. So, we helped Kredin create a next-generation collection tool that would benefit both creditors and debtors by reducing collection time while also keeping the collection fees as low as possible for debtors.

As a startup, Kredin wanted to find the best offshore organization for the job and hence, chose Successive to build their product.

Keyword Analyzer Image

Keyword Analyzer

Keyword Analyzer is a powerful US-based keyword research software. It allows users to generate hundreds or thousands of unique keywords in a matter of minutes based on one single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

“The need for Keyword Analyzer was born out of the experience of spending countless hours searching for low competition keywords. This software allows you to generate more than 800 keywords using

data from the Google keyword tool. To read more about the benefits and features of Long Tail Pro, visit our Keyword Analyzer Software Page.”

We used AWS Lambda, a serverless computing platform, for keyword processing. We deployed 3 different Lambda functions for competition analysis, rank tracking, and site age calculation respectively. Data retrieved from the web scraping tools are sent using the Kafka messaging system to guarantee high performance and fault tolerance.

Furthermore, we limited the usage of the main server resources by creating a consumer microservice to process the entire data sent on the Kafka service and deploying it to a different location. The consumer microservice processes the links and then generates the KC score for the specific keyword and then updates them on MongoDB.

Macroplate Image


The client wanted to have a web application that allowed users to order subscription-based meal plans. These plans were to be inclusive of snacks and drinks. The client had already built a web application in Laravel 4.2 which involved just the subscription feature. These plans could not be modified and were not flexible enough for the users.

The client was looking for additional features that would allow smoother

operations for their team and the users of the system. They also wanted to ensure that the system was up-to-date and in touch with the latest technologies.
Logics Image


Logics wanted to develop an amalgamation of software and services to meet the needs of local governments. These integrated solutions intended to address utility billing, financial, revenue, property and GIS management needs.

The idea was to develop, enhance and create an extensive base of software products utilizing Microsoft Windows and Microsoft.Net platform solutions. We developed solutions for them which are

tailored for the municipality to be hosted on-premise or in the Cloud. tailored for the municipality to be hosted on-premise or in the Cloud.
Traffic Analyzer Image

Traffic Analyzer

The company delivers multi-channel enterprise-messaging solutions that enable businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time across the world via messages and electronic mail. It has applications in a wide range of sectors like banking, e-commerce, government, media, retail, travel markets, etc.

The Traffic Analyzer administrator can manage other admins and their project clients. The client is added to the

website through App ID and granted access to different features by the admin.

Administrators have different levels of permissions which they can provide to the users.

Features available to users are Dashboard, Detailed Reports, Summary Reports, Delivery Latency Reports, Short URL Reports, User Management, Download History, and Alert Notifications.

Market Cube Image

Market Cube

The application is meant to integrate with your e-commerce store directly and provide complete functionality to run a multi-vendor marketplace business for products or services. It is functional as a separate Shopify app and also as an isolated application. The app is used by sellers on the Shopify store and vendors from which these sellers obtain products to sell on their store.

Another benefit is that it can help

sellers manage vendors, products, orders and other different activities on Shopify. They can choose among different plans provided by the app and modulate the limit of associated vendors and products on the store. Furthermore, the seller can sync products and orders on the application with the respective Shopify store.