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SUAN is a team of Visionaries and Doers. We seek to understand and express complicated concepts in simple and captivating artwork. We developed deep expertise in core areas of branding, visual identity and digital marketing. Names, logos, and websites are all major pieces to the branding puzzle. But what truly provides relevance to your brand is infusing your company’s culture, vision, and values in everything you do.

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Basel, Switzerland


Key clients: 
Augusta Raurica, Rotstift AG, SENS eRecycling, Creadi AG, Novartis AG, Deck AG, Wieland AG, Juice Plus+, Kanton Basel-Stadt, Kanton Basel-Landschaft, Universität Basel, Universität Zürich, Hochschule Luzern, WGN, GGG Basel, certus diagnostics, Applied Chemicals International AG, Klinik Sonnenhalde, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, Kanton Solothurn, Safer Networking Ltd, Privera AG, Impact Hub Basel, Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt, Bricks AG, Freie Gemeinschaftsbank
Rotstift AG Image

Rotstift AG

Text correction with style. Corporate Design for Rotstift AG. Anyone who writes and publishes in Switzerland knows Rotstift AG - and has probably learned a lot about orthography, grammar and punctuation. Since 1991, many companies and institutions value the high quality and good service provided by the largest independent correction office in Switzerland. SUAN supported Rotstift AG with a brand strategy workshop and the

subsequent rebranding in web and print as it entered the digital age.
Creating living space together. Image

Creating living space together.

Wohnbau-Genossenschaft Nordwest (wgn) is a non-profit housing cooperative that promotes co-operative housing construction sustainably and in various ways: It develops areas and creates affordable housing. She also manages real estate and takes over property management for other cooperatives. Wgn pursues holistic basic values: living space for all is a prerequisite for social interaction, and its commitment to it is a sign of
solidarity. In doing so, she strives to achieve a high standard of living and quality of life for the people who are at home with her and her partner organizations. After a fruitful strategy workshop with the wgn executives, we worked out the cornerstones of the new branding. With the value of "common" as the core of the brand and the definition of the target groups, it became clear that the change to a friendly, lively corporate design was in order, which could appeal to clients as well as a down-to-earth, mixed target group. SUAN condensed these strategic considerations and developed a holistic corporate design that responds to the core values ​​of the cooperative and puts people at the center.
Let's go beyond. Online campaign for Juice Plus+ Image

Let's go beyond. Online campaign for Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is an international manufacturer and distributor of fruit and vegetable based nutritional supplements for a balanced diet. The multi-year online campaign and its associated Beyond brand is working towards the long-term goal of delivering a progressive image of Juice Plus+. Beyond gives franchisees and customers the opportunity to increasingly identify with the company Juice Plus+ and be inspired by other community
members to realize their dreams and goals. SUAN has developed a dynamic and relevant brand to present Juice Plus+ in a whole new way and strengthen relationships with its franchise partners and customers. This gives them the opportunity to become part of the Beyond team. The combination of Juice Plus+ with exceptional athletes and adventurers through Beyond builds on new progressive connections that support brand loyalty and wider adoption.
Graphic design for the Artachment. Image

Graphic design for the Artachment.

We include this fact in the graphics for the Peter Pan Project. We print one position on the front of the flyer, the other on the back. A limited edition with silkscreen on glass is made for the artists. Adhesive film on the windows of the house announces the respective exhibition: pasted inside and outside. In the usual print media, the reverse side is also printed on the front in different colors. An area of ​​lacquer is
reminiscent of the window glass and frames the typographic composition.
Artwork for the musician Guy Mandon. Image

Artwork for the musician Guy Mandon.

With much pleasure and in close cooperation with the musician, we designed Guy Mandons record cover "Stream" and visuals for the singles "Kokosfett", "Lueg Doch Gnau" and "Memoryboy". «It is the debut of the electoral baseman Lucien Montandon, who already released music with the band Alt F4 and the solo project and moved across the country. He has written, recorded and produced almost everything on his own, but some tracks have
also been formed and co-formed by studio musicians », writes mx3. Life is a stream!
Corporate design for the carpentry Ellinghaus & Söhne. Image

Corporate design for the carpentry Ellinghaus & Söhne.

Ellinghaus & Söhne is dedicated in the second generation to the preservation of antique pieces of furniture and the processing of historic wood. With the handover of the company from father to son, an extensive reorientation of the company was combined with a revision of the image. The focus is now clearly on the core competencies and underlines them visually. Ellinghaus & Söhne - living wood. In close cooperation with
the carpenter, we have created a look that emphasizes craftsmanship and the material of wood. Old, almost forgotten skills, such as the restoration and re-establishment of ancient surfaces and the processing of old building materials, form the core of the new look.
Editorial design for the canton of Basel-Stadt. Image

Editorial design for the canton of Basel-Stadt.

In June 2018, we won the competition of the canton of Basel-Stadt for the redesign of the cantonal voting brochure with a convincing concept. In November of the same year, the Basel voters for the first time held the newly designed brochure in their hands. The new editorial design places special emphasis on clarity, reader guidance and accessibility.
Best selection since 1837. Corporate design for Wieland. Image

Best selection since 1837. Corporate design for Wieland.

Wieland AG is the oldest independent wine, beverage and spirits dealer in the canton of Graubünden. Culinary delights, tradition and the connection to the homeland make the family business in its sixth generation. The company, which used to call itself Kellerei Wieland, sooner or later prepares for a generation change. Therefore, the time was well chosen to review its brand values ​​and redefine its corporate design by focusing on
its almost 200-year-old tradition and commitment to the region.
Improving Life. Branding of certus diagnostics. Image

Improving Life. Branding of certus diagnostics.

Certus diagnostics is an innovative Swiss biotech company committed to revolutionizing the diagnostics market with the development of a novel microorganism detection technology. The successful young company not only wins competitions and start-up prizes, it was also able to record its first product launches within a very short time. SUAN was commissioned to make a statement with the new branding and web design and catapult certus
on a par with the big names in the industry. This is achieved through a direct, provocative corporate language and a loud, high-contrast corporate design.
Graphic design for the University of Basel. Image

Graphic design for the University of Basel.

The University of Basel sees itself as an organization that values ​​and promotes the diverse potential of its members, regardless of age, religion, gender, cultural background, sexual orientation and disability. The aim of diversity is to make the university universally non-discriminatory, gender-sensitive and family-friendly, as well as to noticeably increase the proportion of women at the higher qualification levels. In the
course of renaming the Department of Equal Opportunities to Diversity, SUAN designed a variable, fresh key visual that blends in perfectly with the corporate design of the university.
Branding of SENS eRecycling. Image

Branding of SENS eRecycling.

SENS eRecycling is an independent, neutral and charitable, non-profit foundation. As an expert in the sustainable recycling of disused electrical and electronic equipment as well as light bulbs and luminaires, the foundation plays a key role in setting future-oriented standards in e-recycling. SUAN was commissioned by SENS to simplify the existing look and enhance the clarity of the logotype. In the course of these adjustments,
the color scheme was also refreshed, image worlds were developed and a graphically reduced style of illustration developed.
Logic of Life. Graphic design for the University of Zurich. Image

Logic of Life. Graphic design for the University of Zurich.

The University of Zurich launches with Logic of Life, an initiative for a Swiss competence center in the field of life sciences. What are the scientific rules that govern the creation and self-organization of life across all levels? Logic of Life explores this question with an interdisciplinary team. One goal of the organization is to advance the translation of biological test results into treatments, products and specific
services. The animated and reduced graphic design was done after a detailed inspection of the visualized research material. The typographic fragments incorporate the concept of patterning and completion through various perspectives. The logo is reminiscent of the process of mitosis, which is crucial in cell division and thus in the development of life.