Branding, Corporate identity, Logo designing

We are on the market since 2005.

We specialize in designing: packagings, labels, and creating coherent advertising materials which strengthen the company's image or support sales.


At the same time we offer comprehensive services concerning the processes of coordinating designing, production, and delivery of printing and advertising materials.


Creativity constitutes our biggest advantage. Graphic design is a tool with we use in an aware and professional manner.


Printing experience forms our advantage. Optimizing production processes makes cooperation easier. High quality guarantees satisfaction and following shared projects.

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10 - 49
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Kraków, Poland
  • Chopina 18/3
    Kraków, ML 30-047


Key clients: 

Bielenda, Hean, IPCC, Historical Cities 3.0, Green Mountain Resort, Gust&Gest, Naturling Flex, Muszyna Zdroj, Fabryka Kart, Sortmund, Latopic, Home&More, Podkarpackie Zaklady Mechaniczne, Bond

Historical City 3.0 Image

Historical City 3.0

Historical City 3.0 is a project by Cracow City Hall that focuses on the dialogue between the residents and the authorities of cities with significant historical achievements.

We prepared the full identification of the project along with its materials for the 1st International Conference devoted to the project.

 Our work resulted in a brand book which included, e.g. the logo, layouts,

invitations, leaflets, identifiers, gadgets, roll-ups, banners, stands and brand paper.
BOND, Cosmetics, Packagings and labels Image

BOND, Cosmetics, Packagings and labels

We prepared the package and label design for the whole series of Bond cosmetics for men. We were responsible for the preparation of graphics for the packaging of various shapes and texture – tubes, bottles, cans, boxes for single and multiple cosmetics.

GOOD GAME BREWERY, Packagings logo and labels Image

GOOD GAME BREWERY, Packagings logo and labels

Good Game Brewery is a newly created beer brand created for gaming enthusiasts.

We made 4 labels for each type of beer and placed a separate story on each one.


This beer refers to the most popular FPS game, CSGO. On the beer label, we can see 4 anti-terrorists storming the enemy’s base. All from the perspective of the first person shooter.

BATTLE ROYALE – American Pale Ale

As the name implies, the beer refers to the popular type of Fortnite or PUBG games. On the beer label you can see people falling on parachutes, where a wild jungle is born.

RUNNIC HAMMER – Dunkelweizen

It’s a beer for fans of the fantasy world. When creating our products, we could not forget about the fundamental genre of the RPG game. On the label we have placed the dwarven stronghold Karaz Grong, referring to the thematic description on the side of the beer. This is King Thorgin’s favorite beer.

MID OR FEED – Pale Ale

It is beer referring to the most popular MOBA type game: League of Legends. The image is dominated by the image of the strongest monster from Summoners Rift, Baron Nashor.

NATURLIG FLEX, Logo, Packagings and labels, Pharmacy Image

NATURLIG FLEX, Logo, Packagings and labels, Pharmacy

Naturlix Flex is a diet supplement for joints of active people and the elderly (includes a patented constituent – TamaFlex). We designed the logo of the product, and we placed the rules of using it in the brand book, e.g. the minimum size of the sign, its presentation on a background and of course – information regarding the coloring, typography and the structure of the sign. Our aim was also the design of carton packaging that

would connect to the problems solved by the Naturling Flex product.