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Stout Heart is a relationship-driven creative agency that develops goal-oriented marketing solutions for brands who do good in the world by executing strategic, boundary-pushing work.


Stout Heart was founded by account service professionals with the understanding that great work does not start with the creative process. Great work starts when an agency and its client working as a team to ensure that shared knowledge and a thoughtful strategy guides the creative process to produce excellent outcomes. Applying this ideology, Stout Heart aims to act as true expert partner with our clients, operating with authenticity, integrity, and courage to reach targeted business outcomes. 

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Portsmouth, NH


Prime Buckholz Rebrand & Website Redesign Image

Prime Buckholz Rebrand & Website Redesign

Prime Buchholz was established in 1988 and has grown to become a leading, completely independent investment consulting firm advising more than 250 institutional clients. They were one of the first investment consulting firms to develop in-depth expertise in alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, and real assets. Prime Buchholz’s clients include educational endowments, private and public foundations,

cultural and faith-based organizations, healthcare and insurance organizations, pension plans, and high-net-worth families. Prime Buchholz was aware that their brand and, as a result, their website looked dated and nondescript at the time that they approached Stout Heart for a website redesign and development project.

The goal for this project was to differentiate Prime Buchholz from other investment consulting firms by better telling its brand story of mission-aligned investing both on the web and in its supplemental marketing materials and to do so with a more modern, updated aesthetic.

TNT Bitters Packaging Design Image

TNT Bitters Packaging Design

Founded in 2017, New York-based TNT Bitters Co. creates cocktail bitters with explosive flavor. The name and vision for the brand was largely a reaction against the over saturation of apothecary-style branding in an already pretentious space, and the desire to market bitters that were fun and approachable. TNT challenged Stout Heart with creating a light-hearted but professional and adaptable identity that would bring to light

the unique personality of the brand and help it stand apart from the competition.

The application of the brand is bold, bright, playful, energetic and draws heavily from comic-style graphics. Having a certain amount of freedom within the look-and-feel allows the brand to adapt and grow as new products are developed and as new applications are needed. Strategically executing this style means that every product has its own unique graphics and color palette, but the brand as a whole remains cohesive.

Lexington Academy Branding Image

Lexington Academy Branding

Lexington Academy is the only dyslexia-specific education programs in the state, and was in the process of becoming a fully-accredited private school when they approached Stout Heart. The difference between Lexington Academy and other similar schools is that when others turn away students who have additional mental disorders as a result of their dyslexia, Lexington Academy takes them in with open arms. The challenge for Stout

Heart was to create a brand identity that would establish its legitimacy with future parents and students, but also communicate that Lexington Academy is a place where students can feel independent and supported no matter what the barriers are.

The logo itself is a simple monogram formed by two intersecting diamonds, but the spirit of the brand comes through in its application. Stout Heart created an adaptive brand identity that does not rely on a fixes mark, but rather on the ability to reconfigure the “L” and the “A” in a variety of different ways while keeping the connection between them. By doing so, the brand is communicating an understanding that every child is different, processes information differently, learns differently, reads differently, and has his or her own unique challenges, but Lexington Academy is committed to getting every child on the path to success.

Coyote River Hemp Co Branding & Social Media Management Image

Coyote River Hemp Co Branding & Social Media Management

Coyote River Hemp Co., a fast-growing CBD firm, approached Stout Heart in need of social media management. They had set up their Instagram account but couldn’t achieve the aesthetic that they were looking for on their own. Stout Heart has helped them shape their voice, establish an aesthetic, and increased impressions by 70.8% within the first month that we were working with them.

Patten Properties Website Redesign Image

Patten Properties Website Redesign

Patten Properties, a real estate developer with properties across the country, asked the Stout Heart team to streamline the design and development process for the individual communities they build. In the process, Patten discovered that their own corporate website, often used by investors, did not advertise their projects in any way. Stout Heart built several property websites and designed and developed the Patten Properties

corporate website in order to better showcase their work.
Waterstone Properties Website Redesign Image

Waterstone Properties Website Redesign

Waterstone Properties approach Stout Heart in need of websites for several of its properties, beginning with Portsmouth Green in Portsmouth, NH. In preparation for design, the Stout Heart team spent time getting to know the centers and the unique demographic targeted by each. The Portsmouth Green website design was a direct result of the client’s desire to capture the attention of local females with active lifestyles and

families. Several other property websites will soon follow!
Skyline College Brand Strategy, Marketing, & Social Management Image

Skyline College Brand Strategy, Marketing, & Social Management

Skyline College has asked for a strategy, marketing plan, and marketing toolkit to effectively target high school students, adult learners, parents, and educational administration for automotive careers. Stout Heart and Skyline College partnered together to leverage this strategy and marketing plan target, engage, and enroll students to bridge this gap in the workforce.

The Stout Heart team worked to create a

multi-faceted marketing plan and toolkit targeted toward changing the misconception that automotive jobs are undesirable. Following the campaign launch, the Skyline College automotive program enrollment soared, and the college system was able to expand its training programming.
Aland Realty Brand Refresh & Website Redesign Image

Aland Realty Brand Refresh & Website Redesign

Aland Realty, a long-time partner of Stout Heart’s, knew that a brand refresh was needed in order to keep them relevant in a competitive market. Stout Heart worked with them to preserve the equity of their brand and take it to the next level. Stout Heart also worked closely to build a website for Aland that was fresh and differentiated them from competition. Aland’s growth skyrocketed after the launch of their brand refresh and

website redesign.