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Story Factory Films was set up by Darius Norowzian (, a film director with 15+ years of filmmaking experience, knowledge and expertise.

Our growing list of trusted brands include Hilton, Heathrow, The Royal Atlantis and Joali Resorts.

We are nimble, flexible and affordable. Story Factory are at the forefront of the changing landscape in content creation. We are fully freelance based and able to call upon our network of specialists to suit any brief.

Story Factory can accommodate any project, from corporate films to TV commercials, Virtual Reality content to promotional videos, films for trade shows to hotel aerial footage. We have creatives at hand to help craft your brief and vision, allowing us to offer the full spectrum of content creation and production.

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London, United Kingdom


Key clients: 
Hilton, Heathrow, Connaught Hotel, Atlantis Hotel, Joali Resorts

Documentary exploring how a hotel’s unique art-immersive hotel concept allowed them to stand out from the crowd. We captured the whole process of the art being made during the construction of the hotel, documenting the birth of Joali, one of The Maldives’ most luxurious hotel to date.

Hilton Hotels - Ras Al Khaimeh

Part of the '100 Years of Hilton' campaign, this video produced by Story Factory Films helped Hilton celebrate 100 years in business in an engaging, visually splendid way.

Hilton Hotels - 100 years of Hilton

The Hilton Effect,” a 17-episode mini-documentary series and academic whitepaper profiling iconic hotels around the world in celebration of 100 years of Hilton.

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