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We create award-winning websites, SaaS, custom software through product design and UX design since 2009.

Our projects expressed by an experience in branding, sales funnels and lean management will bring your company to market success.

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Warsaw, Poland
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Key clients: 
  • Medical services: KCR CRO Gmbh, Evenio Oy, Abbott Laboratories
  • Legal services: PwC Poland, Opoznionysamolot.pl (Flight Delay Compensation), LSW
  • Design: Marc Lauge A/S, Lemon Fashion, TRE Product, BNA
  • Public services: National Institute for Museums and Public Collections, City of Warsaw, City of Łódź, Nacoidamojepieniadze.pl (Wheredoesmymoneygo)

HumanBehindEveryNumber.com for KCR CRO

Website is an interactive report of qualitative research conducted through service design and UX process. The project has won the iF Design Award 2018.

The video online platform presents the progress and the results of the project with hand-crafted technologies solutions.

Rich web application 

The web application with the "iPhone" flow experience. Can you imagine the video platform contained heavy video files with the great user experience? No waiting. Like on mobile phone app.

Cloud solved

High performance of the platform, smooth transmission of video streams, unlimited scalability has been achieved thanks to cloud micro-services.


The platform developers used such technologies as: Backbone.js, ZF3, Python, AWS EC2, S3, Lambda and CloudFront.