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What makes business success depends on its digital presence & successful implementation of IT. We help our esteemed clients to succeed in their business digitally by providing a website, Mobile apps, Full-fledged ERP software & Digital marketing solutions.

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Doha, Qatar


Key clients: 
Koloxo, Leafbazar, Popular Vehicles & Services, Taskmario, Buildra International, Property Expo Qatar, Alrawabi Group, Sogha Qatar, Masari, Stylus Group, Imar Group, Avenue Group, Challenge Group
Rent A Car & Real Estate Software – Challenge Group Image

Rent A Car & Real Estate Software – Challenge Group

Challenge group contacted Stimes software Qatar team for real estate software and Rent A Car software in Qatar. As an objective of software, Challenge group wanted to automate the manual process through digital IT platforms and found us in the google search. The car rental

software was designed to automate major business transactions of car leasing activities. The requirement includes that the software has to be user-friendly and easy to manage by a novice user. The major features include rental agreements, vehicle management, rental invoices, etc. Our suggested software includes rental rates to calculate as per the convenience of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/Mileage wise. Any custom required for the client was fulfilled by our software development team in Qatar.

On the other hand, we have delivered Real Estate software to the client within the given timeline. Property Management Software or Real Estate Software is composed of Property Sales, Brokerage, Property Lease, Financials, Asset Management, HR and Payroll that gives a solution to the problems of Real Estate owners.

Mobile App Development – Sogha Qatar Image

Mobile App Development – Sogha Qatar

The client contacted us to design and develop a mobile app that dedicated serve the Qatar market providing gifts in a better way. The requirement includes native mobile apps development which includes native iOS & native Android development in a quick way possible. Considering the business requirement, Stimes Qatar managed to get the mobile apps

development done on an ionic framework which worked really well and saved good time and effort for the client.

The requirement of mobile app development for client in Qatar ( includes extensive e-commerce features and enable end-users to book the gifts online anywhere at any time. The integrated payment system (Qpay) helps the end-users to make the payment online and order the gift conveniently.

ERP Software – Avenue Group Image

ERP Software – Avenue Group

Further to the discussion with Avenue group in Qatar, we understood the requirement that their HR & Operations team struggle in managing the activities. An efficient ERP system with Human Resource, Payroll management, Inventory, Manpower invoicing and Fleet management was required to match their requirement.

Our HR & Payroll software is created to assist the HR professionals with the identification, evaluation,

and compensation of employees in Qatar. Our Inventory module enables to update the stock real-time based on day to day Purchase & Sales. The suggested ERP software in Qatar includes fleet management, which is for real-time fleet monitoring, remote troubleshooting, and much more.
Fleet Management Software – Imar Group Qatar Image

Fleet Management Software – Imar Group Qatar

Imar group in Qatar contacted Stimes Technologies to provide Fleet management software with HR, Payroll and fixed asset management modules. Stimes Technologies Qatar was able to fulfill the client’s expectations by giving them the best fit ERP software solutions in Qatar. Being into the contracting business, Imar group wanted to run the business operations

easily with digital implementation in Qatar.

Provided the ERP software in Qatar with multiple modules such as fleet management, HR & Payroll, Fixed asset management, we continued the business relationship with Imar group by adding maintenance contract renewal yearly. Our ERP software is designed for small business to medium and large scale organizations in Qatar.

ERP Software - Stylus Group Image

ERP Software - Stylus Group

Being one of the provider for a complete solution of commercial vehicles (Fleet), Stylus group contacted us to get a fleet management system in Qatar with accounts, HR & payroll software. Our software development team in Qatar who is expert in ERP software development fulfilled the

requirement with accounts software module and HR & Payroll services.
Masari Travel Mobile App Image

Masari Travel Mobile App

Masari is a place finder mobile app to search and find multiple categories like restaurants, ATM, supermarket and much more, that are available in any particular area. Masari gives the user all possible information like information of products or services, contact details, user reviews related to the particular item

selected. Stimes being a Qatari company, the client contacted our mobile app development center and we took up the requirement from Dubai and fulfilled the client’s expectations.
Ecommerce Business Qatar Image

Ecommerce Business Qatar

Sogha Qatar is an online gifting platform in Qatar which provides products and brand items to local market. Being an online e-commerce business, Sogha Qatar wanted to start the digital marketing activities in Qatar with a minimum cost and effort initially. Stimes Qatar provides the following

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) activities
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) includes Facebook & Instagram dedicated marketing along with Snapchat and social media influencer marketing.
  • Content marketing (Blog article writing)
  • PPC advertising (Google & social media paid promotions)

Collectively, Stimes Qatar takes care of complete digital marketing activities of Sogha Qatar team.

Alrawabi Group Image

Alrawabi Group

Being one of the premium website design and development company in Qatar, Stimes managed to revamp the website for Alrawabi group of companies partnering with our development center. AlRawabi Group is a multi-billion riyal organization, deliver business solutions that enhance customer experience. The core business expertise is into innovation, technology, and

user experience.

The website developed was of multiple page layout including about us, services pages, careers, contact etc to drive higher productivity

Property Expo Qatar Image

Property Expo Qatar

Stimes Qatar is one of the affordable website design and development companies in Qatar with expertise in working with clients locally. Property Expo team contacted the team to get the website designed in an elegant manner. Website designing is one of the IT services provided in Qatar by Stimes and hence the client was satisfied with the past projects and

portfolio in Qatar market.

Property Expo is founded in 2017, operations are specialized and tailor-made for real estate business. Aptly backed by a powerful CRM suite, Property Expo’s services are riveted to provide one-stop IT-based management for both vendors and clients directly. The website requirement included a multi-page website template with a content management system to manage the site operations from the admin side. 

Buildra International Qatar Image

Buildra International Qatar

Being the best website development company in Qatar, Buildra team contacted Stimes team to start the engagement with revamping the existing website. Buildra International is one of the best construction & contracting companies in Qatar who deals with Government & Non-government organizations in


Stimes suggested a fully responsive website with a well-structured layout and advanced functionalities. It has all the elements for easy navigation & user-friendly manner. With the custom content management system provided to the client, no dependency to fill the website with various types of content.

Here is a list of the essential things we have included on the website:

  • Modern animated home page design
  • Project Portfolio
  • Images/Video Gallery
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Business brand identity
  • Testimonials.
  • Contact Information
Mobile App Development – Taskmario Image

Mobile App Development – Taskmario

Taskmario is a one-stop destination for all your home, beauty and lifestyle service needs. Stimes provided the mobile app development, so be it getting a plumber, electrician, house painter, handyman, home appliance

repair, house cleaning, mobile car wash, wedding photographer, packers and movers, fitness trainer, yoga instructor, and what not! Book services On Demand or get free quotes from qualified professionals. Compare prices and reviews. Then book professional, that’s right for you.

Get plumber, Electrician, Home appliances repairs, Mobile Car wash, Pest Control Beautician, Yoga, Fitness trainers, and 35+ Other services are available in Taskmario App. Ever came across a home service app that lets you access to on-demand home services, handyman service, Repair service, lifestyle and local services? If not, try Taskmario mobile app, a hyperlocal Home service booking app where you can book a wide range of home services, Appliance Repairs, and lifestyle services

Here is a list of services and categories which Taskmario provides:

  • House cleaning services
  • Fitness and wellness
  • Photography
  • Transportation
  • Wedding Services
  • Home services
  • Electronics Repair
  • Appliances repair
Mobile App Development – Vehicle Service App Image

Mobile App Development – Vehicle Service App

Getting your vehicle needs to be serviced in just a fingertip away now, with the all-in-one “My Popular” mobile app development, powered by Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd, installed on your

mobile phone. The App presents an easy to choose format for all your requirements – Buying a new car, Servicing your vehicle, Buying and selling used cars, Shopping car accessories, Renewing insurance or Learning to drive a car.

You can do transactions online, including payment, for selected services. You can save all your time and energy and avail of our services from the comfort of your home or office, at a time of your choice. And in the process earn handsome rewards too.

Buying a new car:
Just click on the model you desire and the entire information on it unfolds before you in a split second. You can browse for variants, understand the features, book a test drive, chat with our Sales Executive and finally, even book your dream car online.

Car Service :
Next time your vehicle car service is due, just visit our App and book your service on a date convenient for you. You can upload your service needs, get a rate quote and there you go. 

Used Cars :
Buying or Selling Used Cars is so easy on our App. The App will alert you and with a few clicks, your insurance gets renewed instantly.

Offers and Discounts
To stay abreast of the latest news on our Offers and Discounts, keep visiting us on our app. Grab exciting offers and discounts before they expire.

Mobile App Development – Single Vendor E-Commerce App Image

Mobile App Development – Single Vendor E-Commerce App

Leaf Bazar team has contacted Stimes Qatar, a mobile app development company in Qatar to develop its mobile application in which the users can view and order the products offered by Leafbazar. Our developed mobile app delivers the convenience of managing the recurring delivery of water at your fingertips.

The app also allows knowing Offers and Discounts to

stay abreast with the latest news on our Offers and Discounts, keep visiting us on our mobile app. There is much more to explore on Leaf Bazar app. Please have a look at the Leaf Bazar Single Vendor E-Commerce App on Google play store. 
Mobile App Development – Social Networking App Image

Mobile App Development – Social Networking App

Stimes is a social media app development company in Qatar, with a strong reputation in the mobile app development and web apps development industry. Amongst our core ERP software service, we develop social apps that are into apps like 
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, social networking applications. These social networking apps for those people share common interests, in some cases, they differ from popular social media by their specific thematic focus.   Koloxo Home is a global social media network for tenants and owners helps you to find the best property across the world with no commission directly from the owners.   This app helps you search for your new home, on the go. You can find details of property listed across the world as well as you can search, shortlist, chat and finally choose your dream home as per your requirements.
Mobile App Development – Government Sector Image

Mobile App Development – Government Sector

This is one of the mobile app development – Government sector to Event’s Security Committee team. The mobile app developed to the Dubai security team in which it will give information to users attending the big events that are done by the Event Security Committee in Dubai. The mobile app presents
information like (the event Time- information about the event- Duration- location- map to reach the event- Facilities the event provides like the police officers lost and found parking, Taxi, metro stations, and bus station locations inside the event and all this through a clear map), and also ability to call for emergency and notifications. Stimes worked and delivered the mobile app for the Dubai security team under the name of Webcastle, the team which is established in the UAE region.