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Allentown, PA
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Key clients: 

Allentown Economic Development Corporation, Glemser Technologies, Peregrine Surgical, Gaucho Grills, Village Publishing

Branding - Glemser Technologies Image

Branding - Glemser Technologies

Glemser was a bit of a special case. They knew they needed help with marketing, and they knew what they do (pharma services, but it’s way more complicated than that), but they weren’t sure how to tell other people what they do. We built them a new brand, which includes a refreshed logo, business cards, Powerpoint templates, and much more. 

Branding - Allentown Economic Development Corporation Image

Branding - Allentown Economic Development Corporation

To freshen up their brand standards, we redesigned the AEDC's logo. To make AEDC’s goals more understandable, we divided their work into three pillars, or sub-brands, which helps define what each represents.

Urban Sites concentrates on brownfield reclamation projects, undertaking rehabilitation of buildings with perceived environmental issues.

Urban Made is ­­a combination of

business interaction and loan programs for emerging small businesses, helping with loans for equipment, expansion, operating costs, while making sure businesses in Allentown are getting what they need from the city.

Bridgeworks Enterprise Center is a business incubator celebrating their 30-year anniversary, and one of the few in the country concentrating on manufacturing businesses.

Combined, these three pillars make up the AEDC. We hope that the public can be more aware of the AEDC’s efforts in launching more jobs and benefitting the Lehigh Valley community.

Branding - Village Publishing Image

Branding - Village Publishing

The leaders in child custody and parenting evaluation tests, Village Publishing was looking a little homespun after 37 years in business. For their brand identity, we cleaned them up, set their name in Futura, and chose clean, professional colors.

Logo Design - Historic Easton Cemetery Image

Logo Design - Historic Easton Cemetery

To help the people of the Lehigh Valley learn more about the cemetery’s history, we built a brand and a website that educates visitors while informing them of the many burial options offered. This cemetery has historical resonance, so we created short biographies of each notable individual and where they are buried. We want people to know that this is no ordinary cemetery, so we designed a new logo showing off its National

Register status while being respectable and trustworthy, and still being accessible to younger generations. While cemeteries are not the ideal hangout spot for younger folk (especially those that don’t want to think about their own mortality), we wanted the cemetery to be presented as the scenic park it was originally created as, while also respecting those buried there. With a refreshed brand (including new business cards and letterhead) and website, we hope that the Historic Easton Cemetery can be a place that both locals and visitors can appreciate and enjoy.
Allentown Economic Development Corporation Image

Allentown Economic Development Corporation

The first step for the website was to create a wireframe (a rough blueprint) for the site. This gives the client a sense of what the layout of the new site is going to look like and how customers flow through the site. Bridgeworks explains what the business incubation program is and how it works. It also includes information about the Makerspace and the MAKE Lehigh Valley initiative, where builders can work on projects with the

necessary tools provided. Urban Made discusses how the AEDC helps local manufacturing companies grow and reviews the many loan programs it manages. Urban Sites reviews the nonprofit organization’s capabilities with brownfield redevelopment of existing manufacturing sites. News section features recent press releases and blog posts describing work done at the AEDC. About section recaps the organization’s 40-year legacy of success dating back to 1979.

After we developed a strong layout, we started to create content for the website. We built custom graphics, wrote the descriptions for the individual sub-brands, outlined each step of the business incubation process, discussed loan & incentive programs, and talked about the past and present projects from the AEDC. Marco Calderon Photography provided us with professional pictures of the Bridgeworks Flex Office & Coworking space, along with an inside look of the many office spaces that the AEDC makes available for use.

Once we had all the content laid out, we built the actual website, slotting in information, graphics, and photos as we went. Once we had a working site, it was time for another round of reviews. We presented the site to key stakeholders, including AEDC staff and board members. Taking their feedback and input into account, we revised the site, and performed another client feedback loop. 

Glemser Technologies Image

Glemser Technologies

Working in the solutions business, Glemser analyses, comprehends, and solves issues related to pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, life sciences, and high tech manufacturing. Their work in pharmaceutical services and information technology has led quality management solutions and services, which continue to meet the needs of their clients as their systems change over time. The website we built for the company includes

their case studies with international clients with detailed summaries, challenges, solutions, and results.. On their homepage, we have an overview of what the company works on, their process, and contact information.
Gaucho Grill Website Image

Gaucho Grill Website

Gaucho Grills are sturdy, premium grills. They make a beautiful, hand built, made-in-America product, but their website was pretty rough. It didn't match up to the quality of their grills, plus it was expensive, difficult to maintain, and they couldn't work on it themselves. Because of that, we built a website that informs, offers help, and makes it as easy as possible to order a grill. We spent weeks working with Gaucho Grills

to determine the best customer flow to optimise sales, and reduce abandoned carts. Since most of their sales come directly from their website (around 70%), we added an e-commerce option to make buying a grill online a frictionless experience for customers. Their website is regularly updated, and its simple scroll-down layout makes it easy through the many grill options and accessories.
Durham Hill Farm Image

Durham Hill Farm

Durham Hill Farm is a great location for any sort of large events, especially weddings. The Durham Hill Farm website has details about the barn’s history, details about venue rental including descriptions of the barn, private tours, rental prices, hours, a 3-D tour (from Visit Bucks County and Paul Loftland Photography), and pictures of the property and wedding photos. There is also a “rental” button on the top right corner of

the website.
Historic Easton Cemetery Logo Image

Historic Easton Cemetery Logo

The Historic Easton Cemetery wanted to show off their National Historic Register status, and help people learn about all their incredible residents. We built a beautiful (on brand) website that educates their clientele while informing them of the cemeteries many burial options. This cemetery has historical resonance dating back to the 19th century, so we created short biographies of each notable individual and where they are

buried. We want people to know that this is no ordinary cemetery, so we designed a new logo showing off its National Register status while being respectable and trustworthy. We wanted the cemetery to be presented as the scenic park it was originally created as, while also respecting those buried there.