Making Law easy for Startups

StartupLawnch was created to develop a network of Lawyers that offered startup specific legal assistance. We trained our team of legal experts to become well-versed in business related issues, providing the best startup care available.


StartupLawnch offers a personalized service that caters to your startup specific needs. We don’t make templates or use templates; we cater to your needs and provide legal documents from licensed lawyers. Most Start-Ups fear engaging lawyers because of the heavy fees. Quick google search on legal matters, find a template, how hard could it be? Turns out that 1 in every 10 startups fail due to legal matters. So, lawyers are too expensive, online sample documents are inaccurate, our solution: We came up with an idea to transform legal matters in today's tech driven world, so instead of an expensive law firm we give you StartupLawnch.

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