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Star Knowledge is a results-driven global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in software, electrical and mechanical engineering and business consulting to help customers solve challenging and complex strategic business problems and create value.

Our services encompass commercial practices from industries including high-tech, banking, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, media and entertainment and the public sector, with proven execution and project management skills enabling successful deployment of quality customer deliverables.

Star Knowledge supports customers with highly experienced and skilled technical and business consultants and is widely recognized for its holistic approach in services delivery and support.


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SharePoint based Web Application for Healthcare Image

SharePoint based Web Application for Healthcare


A Sharepoint based web application developed for a client in the Healthcare Industry.

Buying & Selling of cars, and Obtaining Roadside Assistance Mobile App Image

Buying & Selling of cars, and Obtaining Roadside Assistance Mobile App

A Mobile Application Developed as a platform to book vehicles in for a service, discounts on rental vehicles and a comprehensive accident claim guide.

Automobile Application Image

Automobile Application

The 1-Check application provides all the information needed by the dealers for making smooth and hassle-free transactions. The app is a dealership platform in a pocket.

Buying & Selling of Old and New Motors Application Image

Buying & Selling of Old and New Motors Application

A Unique mobile application developed for providing a platform to users where they can easily book motors, buy or sell vehicles and obtain information about vehicles from the dealers.

Social Networking Application - WeeBeeKon Image

Social Networking Application - WeeBeeKon

Mobile application for Social navigation networking where people can keep in touch with their circle of friends, family, social events, restaurants, "hot-spots", dating, fundraising, etc

Timer Pro iOS & Android Application Image

Timer Pro iOS & Android Application

iOS and Android Mobile Application - Timer Pro Professional Mobile Application was developed to offer an industrial time study on Android Smartphones, iOS Smartphones and Tablets.

SharePoint based Web Application - Khubera Image

SharePoint based Web Application - Khubera

SharePoint based web application - Khubera is a SharePoint based web application developed exclusively for users to help them manage their assets smoothly and seamlessly.

Property Finder Web Application - Deed LookUp Image

Property Finder Web Application - Deed LookUp

Deed LookUp Web Application - A responsive web app that allows users to find the available properties around their area. The application helps users in finding the desired properties. 

Online Typing Test Web Application Image

Online Typing Test Web Application

ASD Web Application - ASD is a responsive web application intended to measure the various skills like typing skills, grammar skills, etc of the employee in an organization.

Celebrity Application Image

Celebrity Application

Amitabh Bachchan Mobile App - A Mobile application developed for film star Amitabh Bachchan. The application provides various information about celebrity, their films, chat, favorite movies, etc.

Virgin Mobile Self-care Application Image

Virgin Mobile Self-care Application

Virgin Mobile Self-care Mobile App - A Mobile application developed across all the platforms to manage the talk time, top-up, bill payments, obtain statements and more.

Mobile Application - UAE Embassy in USA Image

Mobile Application - UAE Embassy in USA

UAE Embassy in USA Application - A Mobile application developed to obtain information about the UAE embassy, business, Tourism, Trade relation and more in the USA.

Field Force Automation iPad Application Image

Field Force Automation iPad Application

Field Force Automation is an iPad application developed for the Key Account Managers to manage the stock of their stores that were assigned to them.

Roadside Assistance Application Image

Roadside Assistance Application

The AA Rescue Service app suite gives you all the help you’ll need on the road. You’ll have access to the AA in a breakdown, the critical guidance you’ll need at the scene of an accident, and help to find what you need in an unfamiliar area.

Builders Application Image

Builders Application

The PPC Builders App is a comprehensive virtual toolbox for all your building and construction requirements. Eliminate costly mistakes by using tools such as the weather watch and product calculators when planning building and construction projects.

E-Service Employee Management SharePoint Portal Image

E-Service Employee Management SharePoint Portal

Employee Management SharePoint Portal - A web application developed using Sharepoint to manage the employee leaves, performances, attendance, and other HR related operations for a call center operating Ghana.

Asset & Inventory Management Application Image

Asset & Inventory Management Application

Asset Trac - A Web and Mobile application developed exclusively for keeping a track of assets and inventory. The application supports seamless asset and inventory management.

Banking Application Image

Banking Application

iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, Blackberry & Windows Mobile application developed for the users to access their accounts, add beneficiaries, information forex and securely conduct financial operations anywhere.

Airport Mobile Application Image

Airport Mobile Application

This application was built to get information about various airports in the region. It also provided information about the airports, flight arrivals, flight departures, shopping, shuttles, trains, weather, etc for the selected airport.

Lottery Application Image

Lottery Application

Mobile application developed for a telecom service provider - Lottery mobile front-end to the web Lotto product. The app allowed users to play the South African National Lottery game via their cell phones. 

Mobile BI Application Image

Mobile BI Application

Business intelligence mobile application developed for a large telecommunication company in Africa to manage their expense, leave approvals and Key performance indicators of their employee.

Property Cloud - Web & Mobile Application Image

Property Cloud - Web & Mobile Application

The Property Cloud application was built for a leading ISV providing software for Real Estate and E-Learning agencies. The application solved problems of lenders and investors in managing various multiple properties. 

Shopping Mobile Application Image

Shopping Mobile Application

A Mobile application built for an electronic merchandise E-commerce company that needed to provide its customers with an amazing online shopping experience of its electronic products. 

Football Scorecard Image

Football Scorecard

Football application that provides information on the latest breaking news, live commentary, team and player profiles, match previews, statistics, reports and live Play-by-Play coverage of all the games and much more.

Policia Mobile Application Image

Policia Mobile Application

This application will help local people to collaborate with each other by sending and receiving the notifications and information regarding the location and details of such events.

SharePoint based Responsive Web Application Image

SharePoint based Responsive Web Application

Trak Time Web Application - A Sharepoint Based Responsive web application developed for an enterprise helping it maintain the time sheets of the employee in any organization.