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Star is a global team of builders. We connect strategy, design, and engineering services into a seamless workflow devised to build solutions with the right focus on impact, scalability, performance and prudence. We anchor everything we do in clear and compelling endgames to create superior solutions and commercial successes for you.

Our delivery centers are located in Ukraine, Poland and Vietnam, but also ensure availability of near-shore team in our studios in US, Germany, UK, Denmark and Japan.

Our 750 innovators and experts exist to make great ideas shine.


  • End-to-end Product Development
  • Industrial and Digital Design
  • Web and Mobile Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering & DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Embedded Software & Hardware Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Service Design & Storytelling
  • Product Management
  • Project Management

We were among nominated for Design UX award 2019 for our Flyone product:

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  • Okhtyrskyi Lane 7
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  • 29 Nguyễn Bá Lan Street, Thao Dien Ward District 2
    Ho Chi Minh City 713385


Key clients: 

Lufthansa, NIO, Netpulse, FLSmidth, STILL, Winora Group, Panasonic, 1-800Accountant, CloudMade, KEF, Velux, Uhuru, Constant Therapy, Johnson Health Tech, Expensify, Hinged

AppyWay - making parking forgettable Image

AppyWay - making parking forgettable

Looking to capitalize on strong in-market momentum, AppyWay identified its existing mobile application(s) as at risk of falling behind the needs of users as well as limiting the potential of its future business model. Company engaged Star for our end-to-end product development experience along with deep expertise in mapping and mobile solutions. Star put together a full stack team covering product, design, engineering and

testing to work side-by-side with the AppyWay product and backend team.
State-of-the-art robotics. Made simple. Image

State-of-the-art robotics. Made simple.

Fetch Robotics develops and manufactures autonomous mobile robot solutions for the warehousing and intralogistic markets. 

Fetch commissioned Star to develop the Taskbuilder module and develop the backend and website integration with FetchCore. Fetch’s customers use Taskbuilder to configure, schedule, and customize their robots tasks. These tasks can be anything from fully automating

induction and delivery with facility ASRSs to running automated cycle counts in a live warehouse. Once the tasks are entered into Taskbuilder, FetchCore transmits the tasks, either to an entire fleet, or to one specific robot.


Implemented the TaskBuilder module and integrated it with FetchCore

Developed a tool for defining robotic data collection routes

Developed a robot queueing feature

Developed a tool that manages destination groups

Implemented a new ‘conditional actions’ capability that gives “if-then-else’ flexibility

Developed a standalone application for field personnel, enabling them to create robot tasks for picking up and dropping off carts

Don't forget the technician! Diagnostics & maintenance software Image

Don't forget the technician! Diagnostics & maintenance software

Here, at Star, we’ve been lucky enough to deep dive into the daily challenges facing those working with vehicle diagnostics and maintenance at OEM production facilities. We work with customers in the automotive industry to develop tools that make life easier for technicians. This work has helped us to reveal the answers to these questions and find salient points for building applications for the automotive industry.


article highlights a few areas we’ve found to be important when building diagnostic and maintenance applications for technicians. You will find here both technical and product-oriented points. While some comments might seem like “common sense” or trivial, in our experience, they are often overlooked or neglected. Let’s get started.

Netpulse + Apple Watch: the perfect fitness match Image

Netpulse + Apple Watch: the perfect fitness match

Extending the Netpulse app to Apple Watch might seem like an easy task. Just take all the most popular features and turn them into a “wearable” UI, right? Yes, and… no.

Here’s why:

  • Users demand the simplicity of the Apple Watch, while still wanting to access the robust Netpulse product. 
  • The fitness market is very competitive, so it is hard to drive continuous app adoption. We can’t afford to deliver
“yet another app” – it has to be unique.
  • Gyms expect full freedom in branding and feature configuration from Netpulse.
  • Users want the app to be super-fast, smooth and reliable. Oh, and they don’t want to carry their iPhone in the gym.
  • Netpulse serves a variety of gyms – from small yoga studios to large 1000-gym chains; the app has to work for all of them
  • More:
  • KEF: a multi-dimensional soundstage experience Image

    KEF: a multi-dimensional soundstage experience

    Design Awards:

    KEF LS50 KEF LS50 "What Hi-Fi? Award 2017 LS50 Wireless: Best systems above 1000 GBP

    KEF LS50 KEF LS50 "What Hi-Fi? Award 2017 LS50 Wireless: System Product of the Year"

    KEF LS50 KEF LS50 What Hi-Fi? Award 2017 LS50 Wireless: Hall of Fame award

    Britain-based KEF manufactures innovative audio products for outstanding sound experiences. One of their most popular

    products is the KEF LS50 Wireless, a state-of-the-art, complete home music system that delivers high-resolution audio.

    KEF reached out to Star to leverage our design and development expertise. We designed and implemented companion mobile apps (Android and iOS) according to KEF’s specifications. The apps give users complete playback control, flexible sound adjustment and music streaming. We used UPnP protocol capabilities to enable wireless content streaming to the speakers, and integrated TIDAL (the high-fidelity music streaming service) so users can access their cloud-based music libraries directly through the app.

    We've designed and developed iOS and Android companion applications for KEF LS50 Wireless speakers

    Created a single center of control for speaker and equalizer settings, volume and media streaming

    Integrated music streaming services and support for remote media servers



    Digital Transformation Unpacked Image

    Digital Transformation Unpacked

    Logistics as well as oil, gas, fuel distribution companies strive for digitization and we partnered with one of such companies to define new sources of revenue as well as improve operational efficiency. 

    WHY: Star together with the customer has defined several pain points, resolving which should have brought immediate results both in terms of operational realities as well as the attraction of new

    customers via smooth, premium user-experience: Inefficient tools for route planning; lack of order traceability and slow, labor-intensive billing processes. 


    Optimized routing (we digitized routing with integrations with Here maps using the driver app. The app shows you the optimized priority of orders delivery based on location and makes the most efficient routing plan for the day.)

    New customer acquisition, with the new and revolutionary order traceability functionality

    Reduction in manual 90% of invoicing is now paperless making for faster invoicing, less man-hours needed to process, and less manual data entry leading to fewer errors


    HOW: we started by understanding the product vision and planning the product roadmap.  We suggested a design-led approach where we would really understand the users and ensure what we were building would meet their needs.  By the end of the discovery phase, we had a product roadmap in place, the architecture planned, the initial backlog ready, and the engineering practices in place needed.  As we continued working with the customer, we helped with the complex engineering running multiple work streams in parallel all while helping shape the product vision and design a simple and easy to use solution


    Your gym experience redefined. Netpulse. Image

    Your gym experience redefined. Netpulse.

    WHY: Netpulse wanted to develop the Netpulse One platform, a digital fitness application that would enable gyms to create a branded, engaging social fitness community. This interactive platform would connect exercise equipment, third-party apps and fitness trackers. It would enable clubs, trainers and customers to efficiently access, collect and analyze fitness data. The app would provide a new revenue stream

    for fitness club owners, and enable customers to enhance their training and workout sessions using personalized goal setting and fitness challenges. Our 5+ year partnership is blooming with recent release of the app for Apple Watch.


    WHAT: Developed an interactive platform that connects equipment, third-party apps and fitness trackers

    Created an interactive, club-branded experience for app users

    Multi-year partnership where Star has provided architecture, engineering and white-label design services and expanded the solution to Apple Watch recently. 


    HOW: Working together with the Netpulse team, we developed the NetPulse One platform. Star executed the engineering phase of the project, developed an analytics dashboard and integrated third-party fitness devices and apps (e.g. Fitbit). The customizable platform also captures data from the gyms’ fitness machines and incorporates it into the club’s ecosystem.


    Cognitive and speech therapy at your fingertips  Image

    Cognitive and speech therapy at your fingertips

    WHY: Constant Therapy is now an award-winning speech, language and cognitive exercise app for people recovering from strokes, traumatic brain injury or who have a learning disorder. the Boston University scientists behind its development needed a partner who could help them fast-track development of the app for Android devices.


    HOW: What started out as

    Android development support soon expanded to include feature development across Android, iOS, and Web platforms, always with an eye for Learning Corp’s stringent QA standards. We then worked on the solution architecture and develop a standardized and unified code that would make it easier to maintain the platform and introduce new features going forward. Learning Corp now has a complete service package that can form the basis for the platform’s future development.


    WHAT: Delivery of Clinician Portal

    Development of real-time voice-recognition system

    Consistent user experience across all digital platforms

    Improved solution architecture

    The solution works as a companion to cognitive and speech therapy, and patients can use it in-clinic or in the comfort of their own home. The app tailors content to the patient’s progress rate and helps patients improve their speech, language, memory, reading, attention and comprehension skills.

    The first wearable health tracker for dogs Image

    The first wearable health tracker for dogs

    WHY: Our client came to Star to help them deliver a turnkey, market-ready product. They needed a product development and engineering partner who could take them through the entire product development lifecycle, from ideation to design process, and from POC prototyping to the finished product.

    WHAT: Working collaboratively with our partner, we designed and developed an engineering prototype of a smart collar that delivers

    multiple monitoring capabilities, including health, activity and safety information. The collar is a combined fitness tracker and GPS, and it also keeps track of its battery life. The Waggit collar learns the dog’s baseline, then tracks actionable insights from trend data, and communicates relevant alerts to the dog owner.

    HOW: By applying our startup mentality, tightly collaborating with the client on mission, vision and purpose, we built the final product with our top-notch Product and Project Management,  Industrial Design, Software Engineering and QA experts