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With presence in London, Delaware, Dubai and Beirut, a consulting management firm focused on measuring and tracking your human resources' experience to ultimately improve business performance. We offer a suite of validated products, rooted in empirical evidence that will help you get there. Products address specific challenges and present scores in a single number based on proprietary algorithms.



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Key clients: 
P&G, PMI, AXA Insurance, BUPA, L'Azurde, Toyota, Danone
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Why ask your employees dozens or hundreds of repetitive, unengaging, experience-ruining questions to assess happiness when you can predict it by measuring only what really matters through our validated HC*XP product?


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Affective Organizational Commitment (AoC) is the form most closely aligned with happiness, as it represents emotional attachment to the organization and is based on emotional ties the employee develops with the organization, over-time. Thus, the need to measure and track through rigorous, on-going human capital research

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Struggling with employee satisfaction? Our validated Human Capital*Satisfaction product can help you measure, track and improve your workforce's satisfaction by identifying and addressing specific gaps

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Struggling with employee engagement? Our Human Capital*Engagement product can help you better and more efficiently engage your workforce in a sustainable and sensible manner

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Recruit Today for Tomorrow’s Organization: Our Human Capital Selection*Optimizer product to empower an optimal recruitment process

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Predict and Improve your Retention Efforts: Our Human Capital Retention*Generator product to empower an optimal retention process