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Speedflow has been a market leader in the Telecom and Software Development fields for more than 13 years. 
Our long experience in IT services helped us create to provide full cycle web services. We offer a full range of web services from concept to launch and maintenance.

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Taxi Mobile App Image

Taxi Mobile App

Another segment of the multilayered taxi project was a mobile application, which drivers will have installed on tablets in their cabs. The app needed to be multifunctional and easy to use but also to be able to establish a Bluetooth connection with a hardware device which keeps all the data for proper accountability.

The mobile app allows drivers to directly register through their tablet device. They create a driver

profile and can add various extras. A direct connection with dispatch is maintained for efficient order allocation and zone distribution. Drivers also had to have an option to accept future reservation while on a current one.

The result of our work was a native Android app that certainly exceeded expectations. Initial tests came out with very positive feedback.

Cactus Online Shop Image

Cactus Online Shop

Our client has been into cactus farming for many years before they decided they can turn a hobby into a profitable business. This is why they needed a place to connect with their audience. Offering them a huge variety of products, neatly organized in an online shop.

Cactus Online Shop is a neat multi vendor marketplace where you can buy, or register to sell everything cactus-related. The registration process is very

smooth and simplified. Vendors have various options to showcase their products. Apart from the direct trade, you can also participate in auction-based deals, where multiple vendors compete for the best price.

Cactus Online Shop used a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce to fulfill the client requirements. The effortless integration between the two, make them a preferred solution for similar projects. The website has been realized in a minimum time frame. And there are open options to add more functionalities.

Cactusellis  Image


An online cactus shop was ordered by one of our clients. They needed an optimized business solution. A simple marketplace which can be easily updated and new products can be added. One of the most important requests was to integrate it with different payment vendors for extended payment variety.

For Cactus Ellis we did a thorough research about payment possibilities and how easy it is to combine them with the existing

platform. The current version has options for Direct Bank and PayPal payments. With BORICA system soon to be integrated.

WordPress and WooCommerce were the platforms on which Cactus Ellis was developed. With the help of a few plugins we took care of the payment options and very soon a new Auction option will be added. This will present more variety for the end client.

Sputnik Gear Image

Sputnik Gear

A foreign partner of ours needed an online marketplace to add to their chain of physical shops. The project was for a military E-shop and it needed to attract a more male-centric audience. Big visuals and video content were used to attract a bigger audience.

One special feature the client insisted on for the Sputnik website, was the role-based price display. This meant that different categories of users needed to see a

different price when logged in their account. So separate order steps and logic needed to be applied for the marketplace.

Sputnik E-shop is based on a WordPress + WooCommerce combination. Images and videos are optimized to ensure an optimal website speed. The color scheme was picked to reflect the more “military” outlook for the business and complement its purpose.

AdCharge Website Image

AdCharge Website

The Client

AdCharge is a mobile advertising app, developed to help both telecoms and advertisers. So they expand their market reach and become a better digital services provider. Its main purpose is to ensure a new communication channel that connects companies with their end clients. Therefore, it had to be easy to integrate with telecom platforms and launch across a huge network of users.

The AdCharge website

had to have a clean design. With a beautiful color scheme that is easy-on-the-eye. Advertisers and Telecoms have separate pages which best explain how they can benefit from the application. Smooth and straightforward – that is what the experience needed to be!

The website was created using the WordPress platform. The client did not have any complicated requests. The most important thing was to put on speed and clean design. This part of the project was completed in a week time.

AdCharge Web Application Image

AdCharge Web Application

The AdCharge app involved the participation of telecoms, advertisers and end users alike. As a result, the needs of those groups are very diverse. So separate researches were conducted to understand how those needs were easiest to address.

Consequently, advertisers had to have an admin area. An administration where they can track the performance of their ads and manage all campaigns. Account top-up had to be effortless.

Therefore we applied proper notification system in order to avoid ad interruptions.

Our Team of developers used a combination of PHP and Django to create an effective environment for advertisers administration. Preliminary tests were passed with flying colors. And the integration with the end user mobile app was completed in due time.

AdCharge Mobile App Image

AdCharge Mobile App

As part of the AdCharge project, team developed a mobile app for the end users. So they can track their progress and take advantage of the various bonuses and rewards. The backend needed to be simple, visually appealing and easy to navigate. In order to please a larger audience and its needs.

The AdCharge mobile app tracks the user behavior and engagement with the ads they are shown. And it uses a point

accumulation system for their progress. Those points are subsequently traded for bonuses that are claimed through the mobile operator.

Our Android Team worked closely with the project manager. In sync with the web developers that were creating the advertiser’s backend. They used Scrum methodology to ensure quality was maintained. As a result, deadlines were complied with.

Taxi Web Application Image

Taxi Web Application

For the needs of our taxi company client, we have developed a taxi web application to optimize their work processes. The application needed to be very simple and intuitive. It consists of 2 modules – one for dispatch operators and one for drivers.

We integrated a lot of features and reports needed in this project. The smooth communication between dispatch and drivers needed to be secured, as well as enough information

to swiftly distribute taxis to their client location. Drivers needed to have a module where they will not only accept orders but also avoid any wrong charging.

The taxi web application was developed by our R&D Team. Using PHP and Laravel we took care of all client settings and requests – maps, pricing, extras, marketing campaigns. This automates the whole taxi order process for the end user and ensures a fast and comfortable ride.

Chatbot for Food Delivery Web Application team undertook the ambitious task of creating a Chatbot that meets the needs of small and medium businesses, operating in different industries – food delivery, restaurants, hotels, banks, online shopping and more.

A Chatbot is a computer program that communicates with end-users through the biggest online messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, and more. This virtual assistant has

mastered a wide range of skills. It accepts orders, responds to customer questions, makes suggestions and recommendations, gathers valuable information and data, and even more. Chatbots save time and resources, while at the same time provide companies with a new communication channel that increases brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Within a few business days, you’ll be able to “hire” a personalized Chatbot that is tailored specifically to the business identity of your restaurant, hotel, online shop, etc. Our developers work closely with the Project managers to ensure that the Chatbot quality is in compliance with the customer’s expectations.

Speedflow Communications

Our Team needed to upgrade the website of our parent company – Speedflow. The old communications website was not up with the company’s vision of looking into the future, so it needed a refresh.

The project included full redesign and restructuring of the existing outlook as well as adding absolutely fresh content. They needed a clear focus to their main products and services as well as a stylish outlook to engage the


The old Joomla platform was dropped out in favor of a customized WordPress theme in a calming white color scheme. Speedflow is always counting on a business outlook with a human touch so this was a leading principle in the whole concept.

Chatbot for Food Delivery Website Image

Chatbot for Food Delivery Website team has built a website to present in an attractive and informative way one of our latest web service developments – an online platform for Chatbots that serve the needs of small and medium companies – restaurants, hotel, banks, online shops, and more.

The website has a clean and modern look. Its design is responsive and fits all types of device screens. Thanks to the intuitive visual elements, one can

easily navigate through it. The quick access to information is accompanied by the harmony of vibrant, yet pleasing-to-the-eye colors. All web pages are created on WordPress, and the project was finished within a few business days.
Healthykid Sofia Mobile App Image

Healthykid Sofia Mobile App

Speedflow Bulgaria team turned yet another great idea into a reality. HealthyKid Sofia is a free Android/iOS mobile app designed specifically to meet the needs of parents and children younger than 18 years of age. The application offers quick access to all health specialists on the territory of Sofia city, who can provide immediate medical assistance to children with certain symptoms.

The easy-to-use interface displays

the closest healthcare facilities where the problem can be treated by automatically detecting the user’s location. The integrated navigation will shows the fastest route to the hospital saving precious time, which is so needed in cases of emergency.

But that’s not all. After setting up the child’s birth date, parents will receive timely notifications about any forthcoming and mandatory vaccinations and doctor’s appointments.

Healthykid Sofia Website Image

Healthykid Sofia Website

Our clients, for whom we developed HealthyKid Sofia mobile application, asked us to create a website that presents their idea and provides an additional communication channel for downloading the app.

HealthyKid Sofia is an Android/iOS app which helps parents find the nearest doctor to their current location and provide immediate medical assistance to children with certain symptoms. The website design is simple and

responsive, entirely created on WordPress.

The main requirements were easy navigation, quick access to information, and the implementation of large background images that elicit emotions.

Alimenti BG Image

Alimenti BG

For more than 10 years Alimenti laboratory has been providing quality and safety food analysis check-ups following EU standards to big companies and manufacturers across Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Romania, and more. The company turned to our team because it needed to revive its online presence. Namely, a website had to be created to present Alimenti business and services. They also needed a blog for their informative articles

about the hottest topics and latest developments in the field of laboratory analysis. team took into consideration all client’s requirements and prepared a list of suggestions and recommendations. The result is a modern and speedy website with a very good user interface. The project is created on WordPress and completed within 10 days.

DaLead Source Website Image

DaLead Source Website

DaLead Source is a young B2B Sales & Marketing agency. Their ambitious professionals offer an integrated approach of lead management processes. Our team helped them develop their brand identity and strategy and establish a stable digital presence online.

The project went through several stages and was completed within 20 working days. We created for DaLead Source a simple and clean website with responsive design,

which main function is to promote the company and to build a recognizable digital brand image. In addition, an attractive brand vision and identity was developed. It included a logo, several landing pages, as well as the selection of color palettes, the shapes of different elements and the topography.

Today the company has completed 52 successful projects and has clients from 38 countries around the world. We are proud of our partner and are glad to have contributed to their success!

Learn Bulgarian  Image

Learn Bulgarian

Speedflow team developed for one of our clients a website to promote their online Bulgarian language courses to expats living in Bulgaria and aboard. The most important requirement for this project was the clean and intuitive web design, easily adaptable to any type of device screen. It was also important that the website content can be quickly edited by the administrator to provide the readers with updated information.

King Size Ice Image

King Size Ice

King Size Ice is a special gourmet ice – the only one of its kind on the Bulgarian market.

Its manufacturers wanted us to develop for them a website focused mainly on promoting this unique product online as well as to help them boost brand recognition. The project was completed within 30 working days. And the result – a fast and intuitive website with an adaptive design to fit perfectly into any type of device screen.

Thus, King Size Ice managed to strengthen its business positions on both the Bulgarian and the international markets.