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Key clients: 

Morrisons & Schwartz, Fat Face, Football Coupon with The Telegraph, The British Museum, Marmalade Insurance, Smarter, esure and Sheila's Wheels, CommuniGator, Smarter, DS Smith, Chancellors Estate Agents.

SwonSong - iOS App

In today’s digital world where smartphones and tablets allow us to communicate with friends and family in an instant, SwonSong saw an opportunity. They wanted to create a mobile platform to extend our communications after we’ve passed and create digital memories for loved ones to cherish forever.

We worked closely with the SwonSong team to design, develop and launch a new mobile app that utilised some of the latest

technology to enable their clients and users to send personalised communications at a time of their choice.

A key feature of the app is the creation of a video eulogy. Our developers built a program which merges multiple assets together to create a downloadable MP4 file. Allowing the user to select audio, video, images and a background song, the app will automatically create a video file. The bespoke feature uses AVAsset (Apple’s API) and other CoreAudio, AVFoundation to not only merge the files together, but also adjust audio and music volumes accordingly. The file can be exported and downloaded to a memory stick, enabling the user or recipient to play wherever and whenever they like.

The SwonSong app presents users with a simple yet friendly platform to document important memories and create everlasting memories at the touch of a button, wherever and whenever the user wants.

Alpine Talent Management - Employee Enterprise Software

The Alpine Talent Management System in a piece of enterprise software designed to provide managers with valuable data on their employees. It tracks worker satisfaction and development. Designed to gather positive feedback and/or any cases of unrest the system provides managers with the necessary metrics to let them act accordingly.

We developed an enterprise web application that integrates into an entire

organisation. It allows individual employees to track their own development, provides senior employees the relevant data to support strategic decisions, and pin points areas within the business where minor changes could result in huge benefits. We integrated multiple features to record specific user behaviours and to make the app an essential employee tool for all levels of seniority. 

Using intuitive UX design and simple forms across the app make the process of entering information  as simple as possible for both employees and management. Then a smart algorithm transforms the collected data into a clear visual format using Google Charts, ready for management to review.

The enterprise software also takes care of the more administrative duties that are required of management, such as the ability to accept and track holiday and training course requests from reportees.

Tatlin - Private Art Collectors App

Art collecting is a billion-pound industry and a passion that sweeps across the globe. Despite there being art-focused apps available, the visibility of art pieces, their movements and individual collections are often hard to follow in the real world.

Our client behind Tatlin wanted to launch an app that allowed exhibitors and collectors to view, make purchases and follow various art pieces. Together, we created two

versions of the app, one for exhibitors and one for collectors, giving the user a fully personalised experience.

Both galleries and collectors can create social profiles, search artworks, upload their own collections and follow other users.

Galleries have the additional option to sell artwork, giving Collectors the opportunity to put pieces on hold to initiate a sale. The app provides the initial communication between the collector and the gallery to begin the purchase process, which is then continued offline.

The app also supports natural mobile gestures, inducing a long press functionality, creating more interactions and simplifying the user experience. Users can tap and hold images to display more options, such as follow, contact gallery or add to favourites.

Tatlin is the ultimate art collectors app, bringing exclusive exhibitors and collectors together. Giving users a platform to showcase, search for, buy and sell their favourite art pieces.

Access to the app is by invite only.

Football Coupon with the Telegraph - Hybrid Cross Platform App

Football Coupon is a leading accumulator app, providing users with score forecasts, football betting tips and bet tracking. The app covers all the main football competitions in England, Scotland and Europe, using real time data to deliver a unique experience to all of its users.

The team behind Football Coupon approached Sonin to design and develop a new hybrid app to enhance the traditional betting experience. Our

mobile-first design team created a new-look app which put the user in control and our expert developers built the innovative app to work across all platforms.

The development team have built the app Hybrid, which works seamlessly across iOS, Android and Web. We’ve cleverly integrated live feeds with match data and real-time odds from more than 7 leading UK bookmakers enabling users to place bets throughout the entire game. And to keep the game social, Football Coupon facilitates chats between users. Utilising Facebook, users can connect with their contacts and comment or react to different engagements.

Since re-launch Football Coupon has secured official backing from The Telegraph.

Student Swipe App

Ashcourt provide purpose built, exclusive and secure student accommodation. They are passionate about giving students the best possible experience during their university years, providing them with numerous accommodation options and support.

By remaining close to all of their students, they’ve been able to tailor their offering throughout the years to ensure they always provide the very best university experience. And

as more students started relying on their smartphones to manage their lives, Ashcourt recognised an opportunity. They saw a new way to engage the digital savvy generations approaching university age.

We've developed an app on both Android and iOS that puts the students in control. The app provides a platform for students to manage every aspect of their student accommodation. From booking property viewings to reporting maintenance issues and making rent payments. The app allows students to keep on top of things wherever they are whenever they need to.

Student Swipe is unique in the marketplace as it is the only app that combines all the necessary student services into a single streamlined app, bringing huge benefits to both tenants and landlords. It supports a student’s flexible lifestyle and gives them one less thing to worry about so they can focus on their studies.

The Student Swipe App has since won Software Innovation of the Year award at the DEAs.

Swipe Living - Property Management Platform

Ashcourt provide purpose built, exclusive and secure student accommodation. They are passionate about giving students the best possible experience during their university years, providing them with numerous accommodation options and support.

Following huge expansion, and acquisition of additional properties, Ashcourt needed a platform to manage their collection of properties and support ongoing business growth. After

20 years in the industry, they saw the need for a digital system to replace paper processes and repetitive tasks.

Ashcourt approached Sonin to develop a bespoke platform that enabled them to not only manage their property portfolio, but also to improve their tenants experience. We worked with Accommodation Manager Emily Summerson, using her first hand experience of property management and tenant relationships to define each of the system and app features.

The final platform, Swipe Living, offers an efficient and refreshing solution to property management. Enabling Ashcourt to advertise properties, manage payments and maintenance requests and most importantly communicate directly with their tenants.

Swipe Living provides Ashcourt and landlords across the country with a central platform to manage their student properties. Future proofing themselves for the digital savvy generation approaching university age.

Explore Thames - Cross Platform Native App

We worked closely with British Marine Thames Valley, an association of British Marine, to make their River Thames guide ‘Explore Thames’ interactive. For those living, visiting or exploring locations near England’s longest river, this is the mobile app for them.

The app was originally established in 2014 to assist users who were either visiting locations along the Thames or searching for things to do. Users can

specifically state which attractions/places of interest appear as their results by choosing from a range of options including boat hire, hotels, historical land marks, fishing sites and more.

An embedded Google Map on the homepage ensures that users are always aware of their current location in real time; and through push notifications are kept up to date with the latest news and environmental developments. In addition to this if users find a place of interest of their own which isn’t listed on the app, they can recommend this directly to the British Marine Thames Valley team by dropping a pin directly on the map and adding a comment.

The app continues to be a success on the App Store and has witnessed an incredible increase in App Store views, which in turn has led to a 90% increase in downloads (QOQ).

Schwartz Consumer App Concept

Schwartz approached Sonin to complete a discovery phase looking to create a personalised app experience for their customers and help make cooking new dishes easier.

We explored how Schwartz could both engage with their customers and strengthen their brand image through the most accessible technology. We reviewed progressive technology, including Facebook Messenger, voice systems such as Alexa and

Google Home and of course mobile.

The Schwartz brand app concept included a digital spice rack feature, allowing users to input the seasonings they already own by scanning the bar-code, and also supported shopping basket integration with Morrison’s, streamlining the online ordering process and automatically updating the users Spice Rack with future purchases.

Using data on previous purchases and the digital spice rack allows Schwartz to personalise the entire app experience, by suggesting new recipes dependant on the spices and herbs a user already owns.

To encourage continual engagement throughout the year, seasonal personalised content can be pushed to the user, using smart algorithms to understand not only the spices a user owns but also the recipes they’ve made before, the types of food they like and the people they are cooking for.

The Schwartz app concept utilises the latest technology to engage with the user in the moment and provide a personalised app experience.

Chancellors Estate Agents - Enterprise iPad App

Chancellors Group are one the UK’s leading independent Estate Agencies who have an extensive branch network across the south of England and Wales. Across the UK people use Chancellors to buy, rent and sell properties every day. The Chancellors estate agent app was designed to assist people with the latter.

The app serves both

target="_blank">enterprise and marketing purposes. It was designed as a tool to both keep estate agents working efficiently whilst assuring clients that their properties were being properly managed at all times.

A number of useful features were implemented in this project, including an in-app seven-day itinerary of past and upcoming appointments, the ability to take and upload photographs of properties straight from the app, and an auto-sync feature where all files were backed up to a web-based server every day. The app also allows staff to present other marketing-focused documents to clients.

One of the main aims of the project was to transform Chancellors’ client agreement document into a digital alternative, which in turn would save time and resources for staff both on-site and in the branch. Upon estate agents and clients agreeing terms with one another clients could then sign this agreement simply by using their finger. This was then saved as a PDF document and sent to the relevant branch for filing and also sent as an email to the client for their reference.

Checkmate Insurance


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iOS and Web Development for Custom Afterlife Messages App

"We knew a few features were complex to build, but we received exactly what we wanted from the app."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Feb. 2015 - Jan. 2018
Project summary: 

Sonin developed an iOS app and website which enables users to combine audio, video, text, and photos into one message for delivery at a scheduled time.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
London, United Kingdom
Ian Lamonby
Operations Director, SwonSong
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Sonin was professional throughout the project and regularly provided updates on its progress. They took initiative in understanding the project goals and delivered a final product that met every requirement. 

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I’m the operations director for an app that sends custom farewell messages to family and loved ones after a user’s death.


For what projects/services did your company hire Sonin?

We contracted with them for iOS app and website development, as well as marketing and analytical services.

What were your goals for this project?

SwonSong’s mission is to change people's perceptions of how things are handled when our lives end. We wanted to enable our user base to record and create memories that could be sent to their friends and families at a date of their choice.


How did you select this vendor?

We conducted an online search and interviewed several firms. Sonin was extremely professional from start to finish.

Describe the project in detail.

We needed the app to have audio and video capabilities, as well as an option to upload photos and letters. Sonin integrated our app with Siri to allow users to dictate their messages, which are then instantly transcribed within the app. The video needed to work in both portrait and landscape mode and merge with audio files, images, and text. Sonin was able to program the app so all facets of the message combined into one entity. Since a user’s content is not shared immediately, Sonin also integrated a scheduling function to allow for custom delivery times.

What was the team composition?

At Sonin, we primarily interacted with our account manager and project manager. We were also assigned dedicated iOS developers, a designer, and a backend developer. When we were formulating a launch strategy, we also worked with their marketing manager, who gave guidance on how to most effectively promote the app in the App Store.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

The completed app has a simple and intuitive platform that meets all requirements. We knew a few features were complex to build, but we received exactly what we wanted from the app. This was a huge success. 

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

We held initial workshops to finalize the design and flow of the app, and we communicated regularly throughout the project. Sonin was transparent and honest about its progress, timetables, and needs for any further information.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

Their technical competency was the most impressive thing. Some of the features we wanted in the app were quite complex. Sonin used AVAsset, CoreAudio and AVFoundation to merge multiple aspects together. Sonin was professional throughout the project, and they understood what we wanted to achieve.

Are there any areas for improvement?

There were some missed deadlines that did not impact our business, but that’s something that can always be improved upon. 

Overall Score
  • 3.5 Scheduling
  • 4.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 4.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 4.5 NPS
    Willing to refer