Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, Mobility

Softweb Solutions Inc. is an Avnet company with offi­ces in Chicago, Dallas and Ahmedabad. We deliver best-of-breed AI software for IoT applications, along with providing data services and digital transformation to enterprises. Over a decade of experience with startups to Fortune 100 companies has given us the proficiency to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services. 

Artificial Intelligence - Leverage the advantages of AI via machine learning, augmented intelligence with NLP, deep learning, and chatbots.

Internet of Things - Covers IoT platform consulting, smart solutions and IoT apps development, and cloud infrastructure management.

Big Data and Analytics - Using Cassandra, Hadoop, Bokeh, Cloudera, and many such big data analytics tools; we do descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

DevOps - We deliver end-to-end DevOps services to help you to achieve greater agility and shorter delivery cycles.

Extended reality - Develop AR and VR apps that change the way people see things. 

Enterprise mobility - Cross-platform mobile apps and enterprise mobility solutions 

Microsoft services - We work on all Microsoft related services and technologies such as SharePoint, Azure, and .NET

Cloud services - Move your IT infrastructure to the cloud and develop apps that run on the cloud.

Contact us for:

AI-based solutions 

Face recognition, Text analytics, Image and video analytics, Enterprise chatbot platform

IoT-based smart solutions

Smart industry, Smart infrastructure, Smart healthcare, Smart agriculture, Smart fleet monitoring

Data science services

Data advisory, Data governance, Data intelligence, Predictive analytics

Data visualization

Tableau, Power BI, Logi Analytics

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Service lines
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AR/VR Development
  • BI & Big Data Consulting & SI
Client focus
  • Enterprise (>$1B)
  • Midmarket ($10M - $1B)
  • Small business (<$10M)
Industry focus
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care & Medical
Mobile platforms
Mobile focus
Frameworks and CMS
Programming & scripting
Ecommerce systems
Application platform
BI & big data focus
BI & big data solutions
CRM functions
CRM solutions
Productivity & collaboration
Artificial Intelligence Focus


Key clients: 

T-Mobile, Bosch GMBH, FujiFilm, GE, Pepsico, Firestone, J & J , Cummins Allison, GEA, ABB, Cobra Electronics, EMKAY, ShopperTrak, Shure, NEC, Qualcomm, Covidien , ADA, Alliant, Fresenius Medical Care, Sutron, Federal Signal, Callaway, Central Michigan University

Activity Tracking App for a Corporate Wellness Company

The key was in ‘understanding logic’ behind all required features and services by our highly-skilled Android app developers. Using Eclipse IDE, the app was coded in Java. Respective activity trackers were integrated with the app using standardized APIs. To engage the users, the app was also programmed with various badges that users earn upon completion of certain goals.

OBD II Diagnostic App – An IoT Solution for an Automobile Parts Manufacturer

 “Provide Wells’ equipment users the accessibility to real-time digital gauges that monitor a vehicle’s engine performance,” was the central idea when Softweb Solutions built a mobile application called ‘GoTech™ Mobile OBD II Diagnostics Tool.’ The app fetches and displays information on the faulty codes and various gauges, and thus allowing user to take preventive care without any delay.

Interactive reports in Tableau for a major food manufacturer

We are proud to have a dedicated team of Tableau experts. They structured and optimized client’s data saved on different third-party solutions to make it apt for the Tableau server. The end result was, ‘improved productivity.’ Not only because employees are now able to update their reports on a daily basis by blending data from disparate sources, but also because it keeps managers in the loop regarding the working of every

department of the company.

mHealth App that Improves Treatment for Post-Surgical and Chronically Ill Patients

To collect relevant healthcare related data points from post-surgical and chronically ill patients, Softweb Solutions supplied a cross platform mobile application that works on the iPad and Android tablets. Not only physicians can put customized recovery plan, but the app’s medication reminder feature also keeps patient on their schedule when they “check-in.”

Creating a Smart Factory for a Leading Packaging Company

Softweb Solutions installed wireless sensors for temperature, humidity, light, noise, and vibration throughout the factory and integrated them with the Microsoft Azure so that the machines can alter course without the need for human intervention. In parallel, the factory is now also optimizing its energy usage based on biometric scans of the employees’ login and logout times.

Developing Building Automation Applications using IoT for a Commercial Building

Combining sensors, customized software, mobile/web apps, and the cloud – we developed a Smart Building Solution which served all the purposes of the client. Now the right personnel can view and adjust energy consumption systems. With the help of parking sensors, employees are now able to look parking space availability. And the three factors of authentication now restrict unauthorized access.

Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

Enhancing user engagement was absolutely critical to ShopperTrak. Key to choosing Softweb Solutions was the fact that our customized SDK could provide greater scalability. Nevertheless, our user-friendly built SDK allowing shop owners to send highly relevant offers to shoppers based on their number of visits, dwell time, and frequency. But it was our ‘interactive display’ that brings smile on shoppers’ faces as they can go to

the ‘off­ers’ section in the app and see all the current off­ers based on time, proximity, location and dwell time. The flexibility of CMS to control the offers and notifications to be sent to visitors was also critical to ShopperTrak’s choice of partner.

Enterprise mobile catalog app with 3D interactive feature for a leading Manufacturer

Nippon Bearing got in touch with Softweb Solutions in order to reach their customers who were always on the go. We provided a comprehensive mobile catalog management system with competitor product comparison and quantity updates on a daily basis. This helped the company not only to reach their customers but to also show their competitive advantage over their competitors.

  • View and download datasheets, catalogs
and engineering resources
  • 2D and 3D CAD Downloads
  • Navigate products and watch videos
  • Compare products from other manufacturers’ part numbers
  • Rated life calculator
  • Purchase NB products from Android and iOS devices
  • IoT-based ventilation system for cleaner air in a plastic factory

    Softweb Solutions came up with a smart ventilation system that allows the company to remotely monitor the air quality and maintain it according to OSHA regulations. Reports generated by the system can be reviewed using any mobile device, thus letting the company to take preventive measures to maintain the air quality in the factory premises.

    • Safer working environment
    • Increased job
  • Easy detection in case of any toxic discharge
  • IoT-based monitoring system
  • IoT-based smart farming system to help farmers save water

    Softweb Solutions developed a smart farming solution that could measure the Volumetric Water Content of soil moisture based on which it releases water in the farm when the sensor detects moisture below the threshold limit. This precision water management system lets farmers utilize every drop of water intelligently. Although the system is automated, farmers have complete control over the entire system.

    • Push
    notifications regarding moisture levels in the soil
  • Real-time monitoring of the water being used for irrigation
  • Comprehensive water consumption reports available on any mobile device or PC.
  • Remote access and control of the irrigation system
  • Asset tracking & management system that delivers major savings

    Innova Zones is an industry leader in data management services that creates platforms to help businesses manage and monitor their assets more eff­ectively. Softweb Solutions created a state-of-the-art solution that would enable Innova Zones to evaluate, manage, and track their assets remotely. The IoT-enabled solution not only helped the client to enable precise remote asset management and tracking, but also facilitated

    predictive maintenance that saved the company tons of money.
    • Track all of the collected equipment-based data
    • Reduces errors and boosts efficiency
    • Usage history and detailed customized reports
    • Export reports and share with others via email
    • Ideal for creating predictive analytics

    Ingersoll Rand pilots IoT solution for Remote Monitoring and Predictive Analysis

    Softweb Solutions worked with Ingersoll Rand to utilize IoT technologies to help predict and detect machine failures. As a result, compressors can be serviced before they fail, thus avoiding downtime. In addition, Softweb’s experts also utilize data analytics to help Ingersoll Rand to operate the compressors more efficiently.

    • Reduced unscheduled downtime
    • Status overview
    • Real-time
  • Data trend identification
  • Smart rule configuration
  • An Analytical iPad Application for a Leading Farm Services Provider

    Softweb Solutions developed a cross platform mobile app – ExpertCare – for GEA Farm Technologies, which allows experts to input information and share it with their manager and other relevant personnel right from the application. The app also integrates the option to view 3D images of the equipment used in the dairies which helps experts study them better and take necessary decisions.

    • Get instant data analytics
    once you feed all the necessary information
  • Remote access to dairy data at any given point
  • Generate and share reports across the organization
  • View 3D images of the equipment
  • Maintain data security with a reliable authentication system in place
  • HoloLens application for an augmented experience of artificial lift for the oil field

    HoloLens application allowed the GE team to showcase a prototype of their new product to customers in the oil-field quicker and cheaper than traditional physical models or 3D-printed designs. Virtual prototyping greatly simplified the process eliminating tedious scaling problems and 3D print quality issues commonly experienced in demonstrating detailed prototypes of new products.

    • Applying texture and lighting
    on the 3D model
  • Placing model on table or floor using TapToPlace feature
  • Revolving feature allows the user to revolve the object to visualize the 360 degree view
  • The navigation option will allow the user to zoom in, zoom out, scale (0 to 6 feet), and exit the model
  • Cursor object placement will help the user to Gaze the holographic model
  • Enterprise sales app with Salesforce integration

    Once we analyzed the requirements of the client, we came up with the solution of a unified Deal Maker. The solution is a web based account planning and management app that makes sales process easy and swift for the sales team. We also integrated Salesforce into the solution. The account manager can launch Deal Maker app by answering questions in SFDC opportunity. All the information about customers is fetched from SFDC

    (Salesforce) database.

    Delivering timely and optimum service leveraging power of mobility

    After collecting all requirements from Cummins Allison, we developed an iPad app which can aid the field staff in having a better communication. The app plays a vital role with a blend of powerful features like automated fi­eld service operations, issue management, simplifi­es job scheduling and dispatch process, reduces billing errors and time loss, increases service revenue, increases customer satisfaction and analytics for

    better insights.

    Remote Patient Monitoring App

    To overcome the challenges faced by the client, we developed a cross-platform mobile app that can communicate with Pebble smartwatch. In total, we developed two applications, one for the caregiver and the other for the patient’s smartwatch. To manage the data, credentials alert messages and the content of the alerts, a web portal was also developed as a part of the solution. This allowed the user to manage its emergency

    contacts, define perimeter for a patient suffering from dementia. The major benefit of the solution was that all the tracking and monitoring can be done remotely and to keep all the credentials safe and secure, we favored AWS cloud service.

    Developing a catalog app for iPad to showcase GoTo products

    The solution came in the form of a feature-rich and sophisticated catalog app that takes advantage of Rexroth's GoTo Focused Delivery Program. This allowed the users to have the details of the products at user's fingertips. With Bosch Rexroth’s GoTo Products application, browsing the industries' latest GoTo products is now substantially easy and fast.

    Real-time data transformed into insightful reports and visualizations through Power BI

    To meet the company’s requirement and to empower the business with relevant reports that can react quickly and appropriately, we helped them implement Microsoft Power BI, which is well-known for its self-service capabilities. Now, with standardized reports they can pull in the data they need and get answers about their organization’s performance.

    Delivering a complete web content management solution for Altra Industrial Motion

    We helped Altra Industrial Motion deploy Sitecore as the company’s web content management software. Now the company’s content creators can just focus on creating great content and let marketers deliver consistent, connected experiences to every customer. Altra's marketing efforts are now seamlessly managed through just one central point. Sitecore has given Altra a robust content management system that eliminates the hassles of

    managing and securing content spread out across various sites.

    A remote access solution for an engineering firm’s popular product line

    As a result of couple of brainstorming sessions with ABB, a Flex-based solution was developed for them. Entire technical concept of ABB was encapsulated into a robust embedded system. This allowed ABB’s customers to get ABB TotalFlow products up and running quickly because our solution gives ABB engineers the ability to remotely access the products installed.

    Smart Watch App for Senior Citizens

    Better Alerts has over 20 years of experience in the Medical Alarm Industry and their mission is the application of 21st century technology towards the medical alert industry. The Pebble Smart Watch app that we created for Better Alerts helps senior citizens live independently

    with help just a click away. In case of a fall, it is detected by the Pebble Watch, and a Google Maps link is sent to the caregiver and the emergency contacts, letting them know the location of the user.

    For Reference Visit


    OBD II Diagnostic App – An IoT Solution for an Automobile Parts Manufacturer

    Wells Vehicle Electronics is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of electrical parts and components for vehicle manufacturers in North America. They wanted to develop a mobile application that would communicate with the dongle connected to a vehicle and facilitate a non-technical user to interpret DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) that correspond to the fault.

    Refer link for more details&nbsp


    Consumer Application | Mobility in Healthcare

    To fulfill a compelling need to enable mobile and wireless communication and enable proper clinician workflow and timely responses to patients, Softweb Solutions offers creative and interactive mobile solution for the healthcare industry.

    Healthcare apps help medical professionals access patient information in real-time, ultimately increasing the speed of patient diagnosis and efficiency of treatment. Mobility in

    healthcare betters patient care and satisfaction with efficient patient care and improved response times.

    Improved medication and quality outcomes for healthcare

    • Access hospital information and locate doctors on the go
    • Medication management and interactive material on mobile
    • Administrative management
    • Care management and quality analysis

    Our Enterprise mobile healthcare solutions involve hospital information system, clinical process and decision support, administrative management system and quality analysis. Patient Medical Record System App for iPad provides real-time patient data/records to medical professionals and enhances the efficiency and decision making process. Medical professionals can communicate remotely, eliminate errors and provide better services to patients.

    Click here for more details...

    Consumer Application | Digital Publishing on Mobile

    Content is King, but it has no value when it is not given proper exposure and Channel. With the increase in readers adapting to access content in there hand held device, Publishers have started the migration to digital.

    Digital publishing has allowed small businesses to large corporations in a cost effective way to be in the digital media world and measure the effectiveness of their product.

    href="">Click here for more details...

    Consumer Application | Mobile Marketing

    Companies are employing mobility solutions extensively to reach out to the target audience and stakeholders. This marketing app enables you to manage all your cross-channel marketing campaigns organized at a single platform.

    It focuses on mobile marketing to create marketing campaigns easy and fruitful. Marketing executives could use various aspects of mobile social networking to their features and immensely gain

    from it.

    Marketing was never as easy as it is with Mobility –

    • The mobility business is burgeoning and we’ve decided to get in on the boom. Softweb creates social media applications for various companies across the world with a unique concept to gain measurable business benefits.
    • Our developed mobility solutions enable the enterprises to meet significant brand awareness and communication goals, and present opportunities to nurture customer loyalty and develop incremental revenues.

    Click here for more details...

    Consumer Application | Product Configurator and Sales Tool

    Eliminate hurdles for complex order entries and help ensure that order-to-production processes run smoothly, without costly mistakes and missed deadlines. Teams can work in synch at all times, and expertise can be captured and easily accessed. The Product Configurator app offers all these benefits along with the integration to your backend systems

    href="">Click here for more details...

    Consumer Application | Radar Detection

    Radar Detection technology detects police radar and then transmits a speed trap’s location to drivers. Smartphone apps share complete traffic data and provides real-time updates to the drivers to keep them updated.

    • With Radar Detector mobile solutions, users receive alerts about fixed red lights and precautionary instructions about caution areas, etc.
    • They also receive updates like
    real-time location of police, known traps, speed cameras, etc through GPS.

    Nowadays GPS technology is increasingly getting very common worldwide and this technology is in-built into radar detectors apps for advanced functionality.

    Click here for more details...

    Consumer Application | Mobile Banking

    We bring innovative mobile banking applications for you that assimilates with your existing platforms, helping you attract, engage, and retain customers with advanced banking capabilities.

    Banking - Right From Your Device

    Please your customers with mobile banking app for easy finance management –

    • Quick access to monetary transactions and real-time
  • Efficient operational activities eliminating paper work
  • 24x7 User’s access to their bank accounts
  • Helps users with quick and easy transactions
  • Supports banks for providing enhanced customer-service
  • Banks can widen their client base with mobile apps
  • Click here for more details...


    Consumer Application | Mobile Commerce

    Mobile commerce plays a vital role in streamlining business processes and providing a competitive advantage in the market.

    Benefits from Mobile commerce apps are –

    • Increases work output and productivity
    • Real-time accessibility to information
    • Helps to save time
    • Helps to take business to newer

    Reporting Application | Dashboard and Reporting Applications

    In today’s business world of cut-throat competition, organizations need access to real-time data to draw insights and take informed decisions. Interactive dashboards provide information on key performance indicators that drive business growth.

    Interactive Dashboard and Reporting Apps Empowers Businesses –

    • Useful to analyze any kind of operational data related to
    sales, marketing, finance, etc. to continuously track business performance.
  • It enables to share useful reports with concerned people involved for a collaborative examination of business situations.
  • This helps in doing enhanced monitoring of performance and hence making informed decisions.
  • Click here for more details...

    Reporting Application | Mobile BI & Data Visualization

    Organizations access large amounts of data from a variety of sources. Mobile BI enables managers to make instant business decisions on the basis of real- time data and data visualization tools is used to depict multi-dimensional data in a visually striking fashion.

    Mobile BI solutions provide Unique Touch for Businesses

    • Mobility for Business Intelligence (BI) is vital
    for any enterprise with a mobile deployment regardless of the size, scale or stage of the deployment.
  • Particularly effective in line-of-business environments BI brings a level of clarity and insight into the performance of your mobile enterprise in 3 key areas i.e. Operational, Tactical and Strategic.
  • Click here for more details...

    Business Application | Document Management on Mobile

    Organizations create and maintain large amounts of data and access to critical data is quintessential for taking informed decisions. With Document management mobile solutions, employees can access files anywhere and anytime.

    Now there is no need of physically maintaining large amount of information in an office cabinet

    Mobile document management tools provide access to corporate data on the

    • Reduce your business risks
    • Give real-time feedback to concerned people
    • Collaborate better with team mates and other employees
    • Eliminate all your document chaos

    Click here for more details...

    Business Application | Mobile Supply Chain Management

    Softweb Supply Chain Management app assists you in planning, distribution, transportation of any goods from one destination to another. Featured with inventory management, logistics management, and fleet management enables you to track and monitor your products. A complete and comprehensive solution covering all areas and participants of your supply chain.

    Real-time Supply Chain Management information and

    immediate communication can make a lot of difference in your enterprise.

    Boost Supply Chain Productivity and Effectiveness Anywhere, Anytime Mobile Inventory and Supply Chain Management

    • Equips managers with detailed information on the move
    • Helps drivers/managers to plan their routes and take other important decisions
    • View transportation Analytic reports, maintenance reports, and other reports available
    • Aids to seamlessly perform operations 24x7

    Click here for more details...

    Business Application | Field Service Applications

    The Field Service mobile app provides your field workers with knowledge and information at the service location, therefore boosting their productivity and increasing performance. Remote employees, at a particular place, have full access to customer, service, and product information on CRM.

    Maximize the Productivity and Effectiveness of Your Field Workers with our Apps

    • Field workers no longer have to come to the office to pick up paper work orders
    • Dispatcher/scheduler can easily capture and enter service requests online
    • Work order management is easy and work orders don’t “go missing”
    • Drastically shorten the time in your job completion-to-payment
    • Ensure jobs in the field are completed correctly and capture customer signatures digitally
    • Click here for more details...

      Business Application | Internet of Things

      The growth of smart objects that connect to the internet opens new wave of possibilities for data collection, analytics and customer service. Organizations can track their business operations with the help of these tools and accelerate performance at all levels.

      Possibilities that the Internet of Things can open –

      • Manage multiple appliances and devices from the same
      application at the same time. 
    • Control, monitor, handle notifications and schedule tasks on your appliance and devices
    • View notifications from all your appliances in one place in a timely and Surveillance, Security & Access Control
    • Click here for more details...

      Business Application | Inventory Management on Mobile

      Inventory Management apps enable users to perform common inventory transactions from the mobile devices, and makes real-time transaction processing and tracking easier. These kind of apps provide convenience and utility which is usually not found in traditional warehouse management apps.

      Extend your present inventory system functionality to mobile devices with Inventory Management

      • Immediate access to accurate, timely inventory information in the palm of your hand
      • Makes it easy to discussing orders with customers on your shop floor, attending meetings or trade shows, visiting suppliers, or just to relieve a nagging question in the back of your mind.
      • Quickly access the required data by providing the current status about the stock availability and ordering new stock when required.

      Click here for more details...

      Business Application | Mobile CRM & Salesforce Management

      Sales Force Management on mobile facilitates real-time inventory tracking and provides tools for order processing and inventory analysis. Our Mobile CRM & Sales Force Management apps such as Zuna help your workforce be more productive, providing easy accessibility to critical information so that you can stay on top of your business from anywhere with your mobile device.

      Sales Force Management on Mobile is the

      Better Way to Increase Sales and Improve Customer Service
      • Prepare for meetings and keep customer information current by accessing and updating contacts, tasks, calendar appointments, sales opportunities and customer service cases on-the-fly.
      • Access real-time information and act likewise anywhere, anytime
      • Improve workforce productivity and drive smarter decision making in the field
      • Boost customer engagement, satisfaction and responsiveness

      Click here for more details...

      Business Application | Mobile Sales Applications

      Mobile applications are getting highly competitive that attracts interest of many stakeholders. Equipping sales team with mobile devices and customized sales apps will help them perform better on the field. Compared to employees from other departments, the salespeople require mobile apps maximum serving them for increased number of sales.

      • Mobilize the sales force and give a boost to your Sales
    • Empower the sales staff to navigate like a pro with our interactive app
    • Deliver more engaging content & improved networking before, during and after your tradeshow or sales meeting.
    • Click here for more details...

      Employee Application | Travel & Expense Reporting

      Today, most companies are driven into mobility for key apps to streamline their operations. Hence, travel & expense management is not an exception and has become a crucial business function in enterprises. Through this comprehensive app, you can perform travel, hotel car booking capture receipts, create reports, and submit them for approval and many more.

      Get Travel & Expense Reports


      Managing Business Travel Expenses Have Never Been Easier

      • Keeps track records of all expenses in a proper manner
      • Automated tracking and reporting processes; reduces manual labor
      • Enables enterprises to decide travel related plans effectively
      • Empowers organizations with innovative expense reporting solutions and enhanced efficiency

      Click here for more details...

      Employee Application | Authorization Applications

      In this rapidly changing environment, security is the major concern for the manufacturers, importers, exporter, or downstream users.

      We provide an app for authorization that enables the customers to authorize their employees as per their security assignments. Authorization will be granted if the user can validate the risk involved when it comes to using any document, assignments, substances or any tools or

      • With app authorization, customers no longer need to fill out lengthy forms. They simply need to click once to authorize the app and the required information is entered. It definitely saves time and plays an important role in information gathering.
      • This is the best process to promote enthusiasm and interest towards your brand and increasing the rate of customer conversion.

      Click here for more details ...

      Employee Application | Human Resource

      HRM Mobile solutions play a vital role in streamlining administrative operations, decreasing manual labor, and enhancing work performance. It enables to –

      • Provide freedom to your employees to concentrate their time on strategic business planning
      • Eliminate the scope of error providing complete accuracy to administrative functions
      • Simplify the task of data management, making

      Employee Application | Workflows

      Softweb leverages the entire process, from recruitment to retirement, so that organizations can strategically align their resources for greater ROI. The most proficient way to achieve your organizational goals are through workflow, which ensure that critical measures are being followed completely, and appropriately.

      Operational Effectiveness

      Workflow Tracking Can Strategically Align

      Resources for Operational Efficiency
      • Collaborative Work Atmosphere
      • Better Management of various Tasks
      • Employees Coordination for continuous Updates
      • Automated and Standardized Work Processes
      • Complete Elimination of Manual Workflow Processes
      • Boosts Business Productivity

      Click here for more details...

      Employee Application | Forms & Reference Applications

      With Forms & Reference Applications, you can easily input collected data, manage all your accounts and generate reports for better insight. These apps on your mobile devices take mobile productivity to the next level.

      An effortless way to capture data on the go and analyze and share easily

      • Easy Data/Records Management
      • Easy availability of
      complete data
    • Users can input and track all information to keep records
    • Quick accessibility of various reports for better insight
    • Click here for more details...

      Employee Application | Customer Contact Database

      Maintaining contact management software started as a trend for creating an electronic database of customers and business contacts. Customer Contact Database allows people and businesses record/track interactions done with customers and suppliers which includes emails, calendars, project related documents, and more.

      Encourage your employees and let your business grow!

      • Set alarms and
      reminders for specific events or meetings
    • Store n number of to-do tasks, notes, events linked to the customers
    • Easily fetch, filter, and create customer reports
    • Easily track clients data and interactions on the go
    • 360 Degree Vision

      View customers information, their related activities, tasks involved along with status of each, conversation threads, and other details required in real-time.

      With Customer Contact Database complete profiles of each client is always available and accessible with up-to-date records.

      Business Collaboration

      Business Collaboration leads to business productivity. Want to collaborate better? With our customer contact database, connect with contact records, groups, activities, tasks, etc.

      Click here for more details....

      Business Application | Logistics & Fleet Management

      The operations department is the core of your Logistics & Fleet Management business. It’s vital to optimize the working efficiency and keep the fleet on the road. With the logistic and fleet management mobile app, you can empower your employees with real-time mobile capabilities for managing and tracking their fleet’s assets. Our mobility solutions enable you to keep track of all driver behavior, trails, and history of

      activity and events.

      Our mobility solutions for Logistics & Fleet Management is ideal for supply chain planning that enables your drivers with advanced routing & scheduling logistics and fleet operations.


      Bosch is a leading company excelling in technology and other services. It aims to improve the quality of life in different areas through innovative solutions. They wanted Softweb to develop an attractive iPad product catalog to effectively showcase the entire range of their products. The app was aimed to function as an effective marketing tool that enabled to cater to a wider customer base. 

      We had to deliver a

      unique product catalog that would include the solutions developed by Bosch, along with their technical specifications.

      App Link at iTunes:

      App Video:

      App Case Study:


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      Custom Web Application Development For Business and IT Consultancy

      "Softweb has been great at maintaining the most up-to-date skills."

      Willing to refer: 
      The Project
      $200,000 to $999,999
      2010 - Ongoing
      Project summary: 

      Softweb Solution augments an IT firm's in-house team during resource shortages. They build custom web applications using Java, Spring, Hibernate, and SQL, and also provide testing and enhancements. 

      The Reviewer
      1-10 Employees
      Elkhorn, Nebraska
      Principal, Technology Solutions Provider
      The Review
      Feedback summary: 

      The web application's full-featured design performs smoothly and attracts many users. It is simple to build enhancements and scale the system to accommodate traffic. Softweb Solutions impressed with their cutting-edge development expertise, which spans a range of technologies and competencies. 

      A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


      Could you briefly describe your company?

      We provide IT [information technology] consulting services, essentially building Web applications for clients.

      What is your position?

      I’m the principal.


      Could you describe the business challenges you were attempting to address when you initiated the relationship with Softweb Solutions?

      We needed additional resources to help us achieve our project deadlines. At the time, we did not have anyone available on such short notice, and we had already contacted a few companies in search of development support. That’s when we came across Softweb Solutions.


      Could you describe the scope of the project? For instance, did it involve custom visual design, backend development, training, or support? 

      They've essentially built Web applications with the technologies and frameworks that our clients requested. There have been considerable amounts of custom application development, testing, and enhancements. It's been primarily Java-based Web application development. We utilize Java silver phases on the frontend with Spring in the middle tier and Hibernate in the backend with the SQL server at the database. 

      How did you select Softweb Solutions as your development partner?

      I conducted some research online for potential vendors. I created a shortlist of about four or five firms and submitted our request for proposals. Once we received a few responses, we invited them in to demonstrate their capabilities and expertise. I was impressed with Softweb Solutions because of their previous experience and the complexity of some of the projects they've worked on. We felt confident in their abilities. That's how we chose them. 

      Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in monetary terms?

      It was approximately $200,000. 

      When was the most recent project completed with Softweb Solutions?

      We built the application in 2010. From then on, we've engaged Softweb for custom application enhancements and modifications. 


      In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would demonstrate the effectiveness of the work they've delivered?

      I don’t have any real means of measurement, but through the years, we have definitely improved. When the application first rolled out, it was a huge success. The end-users gained access to a lot of features that were not previously available to them via the Web. During the course of the last few years, especially the last few months, we have greatly improved the performance of the system.

      The system has grown a lot since day one, not only in terms of features, but also the user base. As the number of users increase, we ran into some performance issues, which we have been addressing. We're now in the process of modifying and enhancing the system in order to increase the speed of the system. It's very challenging work, but we've been quite successful so far. 

      When working with Softweb Solutions, is there anything you would consider unique or special about them compared to other vendors with which you’ve worked?

      I would say it’s their technical expertise. They have a great pool of resources from website design to backend development, across several platforms and technologies. For example, in Java. In Java silver phases, we have different versions every year. Each version comes with a new set of features, new techniques, and so on. Softweb has been great at maintaining the most up-to-date skills. 

      In retrospect, are there areas you think they could improve upon, or are there things you'd do differently as the client before approaching this type of project?

      I kept going back to them because they helped build this application, so they do have some domain knowledge of the system. I can't think of anything I would do differently and in terms of areas of improvement, I also don't have much to offer. They've been a great development partner. 

      Overall Score
      • 5.0 Scheduling
      • 5.0 Cost
        Value / within estimates
      • 4.0 Quality
        Service & deliverables
      • 5.0 NPS
        Willing to refer

      Outsourced Application Development For Cell Phone Service Provider

      "[W]e’ve consistently received positive feedback from our internal users."

      Willing to refer: 
      The Project
      $200,000 to $999,999
      Project summary: 

      Softweb Solutions provides a range of web services, including .NET, C#, and SQL server maintenance. They also provide back- and front-end development for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. 

      The Reviewer
      10,000+ Employees
      Bellevue, Washington
      Manager of Software Applications, Cellular Service Provider
      The Review
      Feedback summary: 

      Every solution delivered by Softweb Solutions has performed well and presented no issues. Internal users and quality testers have praised their solid, flawless code. The team excels at adaptive management, intelligent resource allocation, and effective collaboration with the internal team. 

      A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


      Could you briefly describe your company?

      I work at a cellular phone service provider. We are the fourth largest in U.S. We have approximately around 42,000 employees.

      What is your position?

      My title is manager of software applications.


      Would you please describe the business challenges or opportunities you were attempting to address when you began working with Softweb Solutions?

      Sure. We’re relatively small. I would say we’re a small and new company compared to the other companies like AT&T and Verizon, which have probably 200,000 employees and are 100-year-old companies while we have some 40,000 employees and we’re a 50-year-old company. That means we have to compete with less people while simultaneously providing a comparable service. That means we have to be aggressive, and we also have to be agile in software development. We’re not hiring more employees, but the work was increasing. We had to start partnering with vendors to be an extension of our development team. That’s how we started partnering with Softweb Solutions to do offshore work, and some onsite work for a few couple of products.


      What platforms have been developed?

      We began with them for Web: .NET, C#, Web, and SQL servers. From there it was successful and we started partnering with them for mobile development, Android, Blackberry, IOS, Windows, all four. We have at least two or three apps in production, very successful, used by the field techs. We’re also currently working on these mobile phone platforms, primarily for Android and iOS. Blackberry 10 and Windows have not been that successful because of poor user adoption.

      Can you describe the scope of the work they’ve delivered? For instance, did it include custom design, development, training, or support?

      The scope of work has been exclusive to backend and frontend development. Even though Softweb has expressed interest in partnering in other areas, we have strictly kept different vendors for different things. We partner with Softweb only for development. In development, we have also taken the help in UI design, onshore and offshore for multiple applications. I would say 90 percent of their work is all development. They’ve gotten involved in some testing, but not officially system testing.

      How did you select Softweb Solutions as your solution partner?

      We’d been in search of potential vendors for some time. We’ve tried multiple vendors for the last seven or eight years. Thus far, I would say Softweb is the longest one that we have partnered with. The other vendors were either unsuccessful, or, because of the highly agile nature of our development tactics, it didn’t work out.

      Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in monetary terms?

      The cost varies each passing year. I would say this year is probably one of the biggest years of our partnership. I believe the cost is between $300,000 and $400,000.

      When was the most recent project completed?

      We’re actively working with them now on multiple projects.


      In terms of results, do you have any statistics or metrics you could share that would demonstrate the effectiveness of their work?

      I can’t disclose sales information, but I can tell you that we’ve never had issues with their solutions. As I’d mentioned, we outsource all of our developed digital assets to a separate vendor for QA/QC. That vendor rarely has issues with the solutions developed by Softweb Solutions. In addition, we’ve consistently received positive feedback from our internal users. My team is especially pleased with the work delivered by Softweb.

      How do you think Softweb Solutions has performed on these projects?

      They have performed very well. They are extremely flexible. Their developers have integrated with our team very well, too. They’re great at delegating the appropriate resources to their clients, be it onsite or offsite.

      In retrospect, are there any areas that you believe they could improve upon, or things that you might do differently as a client before approaching these types of projects?

      One thing is definitely a little more unit testing. I also have a big team here. If, for some reason, my team members are busy here and they don’t have work there, then their lead needs to bring that to my attention, because they will go ahead and bill eight hours nonetheless. Because we’re a small team and we’re trying to do more than we can do, everyone is busy. Another thing is that they’re still an IT company. They are not entrenched or even very well acquainted with the telecom industry. One of the reasons why we’re successful in software is I always make sure that one of the employees from my team is working on the project with them. If I permitted them to work offshore and deliver the product, it would be a failure. I would recommend they spend more time familiarizing themselves with their clients’ industries.

      Overall Score
      • 4.0 Scheduling
      • 5.0 Cost
        Value / within estimates
      • 4.0 Quality
        Service & deliverables
      • 5.0 NPS
        Willing to refer

      Outsourced Web Development & Administration For Business Consultancy

      "Their people are really nice, and they’re a pleasure to do business with."

      Willing to refer: 
      The Project
      Project summary: 

      Softweb Solutions has provided long-term support for a software website and e-commerce system. They utilize Joomla to build the site, and are creating an iPad app that syncs with a master database.

      The Reviewer
      1-10 Employees
      Chicago, Illinois
      Thomas Hauert
      Founder, Salesreach
      The Review
      Feedback summary: 

      Softweb Solutions stands head and shoulders above the competition, offering exceptional solutions with very little errors. The team is always available to answer questions, report on progress, and collaborate on issues. Their technical skill is complemented by a friendly, team-oriented approach.

      A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


      Could you briefly describe your company?

      My company is a sales and marketing consulting firm. We represent 25 different manufacturers of law enforcement, safety, and some consumer goods.

      What is your position?

      I’m the owner.


      Could you describe the challenges you were attempting to address when you began the project with Softweb Solutions?

      I’ve known Softweb Solutions for the better part of 15 years. Their owner has been instrumental in helping me develop an Internet presence that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I came from the software industry. I met him at a trade show, I believe, and he has been a vital member of our team as far as a business adviser.


      Could you describe the scope of their work? For instance, did it include custom design, development, training, or support?

      Most of the work they’ve done was for our website, and eCommerce solution. We are now launching a mobile application with them that will be a single synchronization from a master database in our website that will sync through all the way to the iPad apps. We’re creating an iPad app for all of our sellers, and our second phase will be creating one for anybody that wants to download the app for free. It’ll be more of a consumer side and end user side product.

      What technologies have they developed on thus far?

      For the website is Joomla; they’re phenomenal at Joomla. They did a great design. In fact, our new site is launching in less than two weeks. We’re just filling content right now. They have their own proprietary software for their iPad app called Zoona, which is a phenomenal piece of software. They did a great job on that, and we anticipate launching that as well in two weeks.

      What parts of these projects were you directly contributing to with your in-house expertise?

      Probably the site map design, from the site map and how transactions take place, and some of the features. We architect about maybe three quarters of that and then Ripal’s team came through and said, “Hey let’s try it this way,” or “Let’s do this,” and of course we agreed with them. It was the better way to manage it. They really took our ideas and executed them.

      Could you give me a sense of the size of this initiative?

      No. I won’t disclose that.

      When was the most recent project completed?

      We’re in the midst of one right now that we will probably be taking live. We’ve been on it for the last four months. In fact, I had a conference call with their people this morning. We’re probably taking the site live in two weeks.


      In terms of results, could you share any statistics or anecdotal evidence that might demonstrate the effectiveness of the work they’ve delivered?

      He saved my business. How’s that? I’ve had other people do work for us that ended up with massive mistakes. I never should have ever used those service providers. One of our Web properties was a complete disaster using a competitor of theirs. There were server issues, there were software problems, there was hacking – everything. We took the site completely down. From now own, Softweb will manage all of our Web assets.

      When working with Softweb Solutions, is there anything you would consider unique or special about them compared to previous service providers you’ve worked with?

      Yes. They answer their phone. They answer questions. I have a conference call with my project management team twice a week. They use a project management software that’s phenomenal that their team uses for problem solving and additions or whatever. It has been fantastic.

      In retrospect, are there any areas that you believe they could improve upon or things you might do differently as a client?

      No. I get treated really well. Their people are really nice, and they’re a pleasure to do business with. They’re great people. You actually talk to people there, which is crucial for us.

      Overall Score
      • 5.0 Scheduling
      • 5.0 Cost
        Value / within estimates
      • 5.0 Quality
        Service & deliverables
      • 5.0 NPS
        Willing to refer
        I do it every day.