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Firms such as Fujitsu, Tekelec, Intuit, Zepherella (we wrote their patented medipaypal product) and Certpoint (distance learning tools) use SDE for design, development and test of software. We currently handle custom work in areas such as e-commerce, mobile applications, data communication, network traffic management, health IT and point of sale products.

Project management skills, 6 hour time difference to US East coast, good language and communication skills differentiate us from competitors.

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Network Monitoring Application Development

"They’re willing to run an extra mile to make sure our customers were satisfied."

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The Project
2009 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Software Development Europe developed a J2EE-based network monitoring application with Windows X UI and a C++ real time server backend. The team is currently collaborating on a similar 4G product.

The Reviewer
1001-5000 Employees
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Senior Manager, Telecommunications Firm
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Software Development Europe provided senior, long-term developers who were personally and professionally committed to the project. Over the course of the partnership, the team has been responsive to feedback and improved drastically in management planning. They provide ongoing technical support.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Could you give a brief description of what your company does?

We are a telecom equipment vendor, and we specialize in the signaling and related portion of a network.

What is your position within the company?

I’m a director of research and development for one of the software products in the company.


What was your business goal or objective going into this project?

We are a network monitoring product, and the goals are to be successful at going orders, revenue and profit, and satisfying customers.

What was your process for selecting Software Development Europe?

We got a long-term relationship with them, and their relationship with our company predates my relationship to them. They had a contract with our company to do bug fixes and test automation prior to my selection of them, and so we chose them at the recommendation with the vice president of engineer as having skills applicable to our need.


Do you think you could tell me a bit more about the project itself?

It’s a software product that, at the time that they started, was Solaris based. It also had X Windows for user interface and had a C++ real time server backend for you to gather data about the network, and then provide useful information about it. In time, it became a J2EE based application server running on Linux, converting from Solaris to Linux with the relation of database, Oracle, backend for some of the reports and applications that we have.

How long ago was the project completed?

SDE has an ongoing relationship. They had an ongoing relationship with this product three in the last year, and now they have a smaller new project that they’re working on with us to help innovate a new project that does similar things for 4G networks.

What’ was the general cost range for this one specific project with Software Development Europe?

I can’t really be sharing cost information because we have other vendors that we work with.


As you’re working with Software Department Europe, is there anything that stood out as being special or unique compared to other vendors you might have worked with in the past?

A couple of things. One is the average engineer tended to be, in time, more senior and they tended to be more senior because they have stayed longer. They stayed with the project long term, and they grew up with us as we went through these challenges. They became leads in particular areas of the product given that seniority, and they had a personal commitment to the project because of that long-term involvement with us. They’re willing to run an extra mile to make sure our customers were satisfied, and we continue to work with them because of that commitment. Senior, long-term developers that were committed to the project on a professional and personal basis.

Is there anything that you would do slightly differently or Software Development Europe could improve on?

I think the main area of growth was as a company, they have a lot of talented young engineers. The major growth was in management planning and things of that nature, and that’s something we give feedback to the long annual basis. There’s been a lot of improvement in that area.

Would you recommend them to other people?

Yes, I would.

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