Developing of messaging software for businesses.

Softros Systems Inc. OY offers networking applications for small to large scale companies. It constantly improve the software usability in attempt to increase performance, a critical factor for modern enterprises. Industry research programs carried out in tight cooperation with leading IT specialists allowed the company to move from complicated server-based application models to a much more promising and adoptable interconnectivity model.

Softros Systems' products are recognized for the clear user interface and ease of use.

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Helsinki, Finland
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Softros LAN Messenger is an application for sending messages and file sharing within a company network. The program provides secure person-to-person messaging as well as group chat rooms. Users can be quickly sorted into groups based on their department or job position. One of the Softros LAN Messenger's primary benefits is that it can be used without a dedicated local server. Moreover, the messaging client doesn't require a

connection to a third-party server. In fact, the LAN Messenger does not even require an Internet connection. This means that all messages will remain exclusively within your company's network. Combined with AES-256 encryption, it prevents outside parties from accessing your company's confidential information. Starting a network chat with the Softros LAN Messenger is easy: simply install the LAN messaging application on your Windows or Mac computer, Android device and connect to your company network via WiFi to see other users who are available for data communication. For companies with several branches connected via Ethernet, VLAN, or VPN, the Instant Messenger can be configured to work across multiple sub-networks.