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We are group of creative and highly-qualified and experienced IT specialist.


We specialise in:

  • creating and implementing dedicated web and mobile applications for various business types
  • outsourcing of IT specialists to support projects
  • re- coding of old systems
  • cloud solutions - migrating systems and optimising costs


We guarantee:

  • a fixed level of service,
  • project management/ Agile approach/ SCRUM 
  • dedicated solution suited to client's needs
  • quality and highest standards of information security of your data,
  • protection from unauthorised access


Our  Software Developers specialise in many different technologies:

Java, PHP Angular, Laravel, React, iOS, Android, offering the best IT solutions.


Our certifications: PMP, PRINCE2, SCRUM, MBA, Oracle, TOGAF, webMethods, Redhat, ISTQB, Spring, Zabbix, ITIL, CCNA, EDBPostgres, ISO




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Key clients: 

Our key clients are: - Asseco - Ericsson - Euvic - iTechnologie - force systems - PKO (Polish National Bank) - SpaceNet B2B clients  Public sector/ Government Projects: Health care, Banking, Financial Institutions  

1A Send end-to-end encryption web application Image

1A Send end-to-end encryption web application

The task was to create a simple and intuitive web application that allows lawyers (or other professions) to send and receive sensitive documents. Thereby an end-to-end encryption approach was decided.  The client was SpaceNet German colocation data cente. 

Technologies: PHP

Slicer 3D plugin adapted to radiopharmaceutical dosimetry. Image

Slicer 3D plugin adapted to radiopharmaceutical dosimetry.

The objective is to get a Slicer 3D plugin adapted to radiopharmaceutical dosimetry. Slicer 3D is an opensource software that offers the possibility to add plugins to its generic medical image processing capabilities. The objective is to add to Slicer 3D a plugin that includes a straightforward absorbed dose calculation module. The client was French L’Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (Inserm),

Délégation régionale (DR) Occitanie Pyrénées

Technologies: PHP/Angular

Management Information System Image

Management Information System

Management Information System was created for Social Security Institution.

The aim was to create the system which will collect datas from whole departments and deliver raports and analysis based on collected datas. 

Internet information service of public employment services Image

Internet information service of public employment services

Internet information service of public employment services, poviat and voivodeship labor offices. The information system enables the Misnistry of Labour, labours offices to inform both unemployed about work offers and also employers about potential candidates for work. Standarising internet portal (information services) in all Work Offices in Poland in terms of interface and posted on portal texts concerning WCAG 2.0.

assumptions. Planning implementation in such way that will be able to be served in 350 offices during the contract with the client.

Technologies: Liferay, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Solr, elasticsearch

Occupation advisor system  Image

Occupation advisor system

The system was created to allow clerks fining out the competenes and professional skills of candinates applying for work. An application through which you can examine the competences and professional predispositions of jobseekers through poviat labor offices. Implementation of advanced algorithms for psychological tests, dynamic creation of documents containing development guidelines adapted to the researcher. Project for

the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, enabling research on competences and professional interests as well as presentation of results. The system is intended for advisors working in: Labor Offices, Voivodship Offices and OHP units.

The system was implemented using the following technologies: PHP (Laravel), AngularJS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL.  

Application for hiring foreigners Image

Application for hiring foreigners

Application enablig subbmiting applications by employer who would like to employ foreigners. There are 60 thousands applications submitted and 420 thousands decisions made yearly by the system. Creating from the scratch the system which will guarantee efficient and easy online registration of applications that have been so far submitted in a paper version.

Technologies: PHP, Angular, Bootstrap,

Laravel, PostgreSQL
European employment services Image

European employment services

Information service presenting actions taken by European Employment servives EURES in Poland. The aim in the project was to adjust the graphical concept and functionality to the need of people threatened by digital exclusion. EURES provides information concerning social issues, life level in certain EU countries, employment conditions in UE EFTA.

Technologies: PHP, Bootstrap, HTML, jQuery

System for searching archive documents  Image

System for searching archive documents

System which enables to filter datas in easy and fast way in order to let each person seek for scans of archive documents with its description collected in polish archive centers.  Currently there are 7mln archive units and 38mln scaned documents available in the system and the number is still growing. User friendly search engine enables easy access to documents. Performing the migration of a large amount of data from

previously used systems, applying new technological trends in the creation of web portals and indexing and data retrieval.

Technologies: Liferay, elasticsearch, pentaho

The electronic invoicing platform Image

The electronic invoicing platform

The electronic invoicing platform enables exchanging automatic e-invoices between contracting authorities and public procurement contracts. The use of PEF is free of charge. The aim was to create the platform which will be user friendly, allow exchanging electronic documents, will be adjusted to Open PEPPOL standards, creating universal API infterface. The aim is to exchange sending paper form documents into electronic version

which means saving time and money. Project for the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, enabling the transmission of electronic documents, including invoices, through the OpenPEPPOL network. In the project I took part in the creation of a web and desktop application that allow you to enter and send documents. The applications have been implemented using technologies: PHP (Laravel), AngularJS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL.
Website  Image


Creating website containing catalogue of methods used in validation of learning progress.

Technologies: PHP, Bootstrap, HTML, jQuery

Information system of traffic safety on the road Image

Information system of traffic safety on the road

Information system of traffic safety on the road which gives us knowledge about situation on the road: accidents, traffic, 24/7 monitoring of road situation, creating alert system, autimating all admistrative processes.  The client was Polish observatory of traffic safety.

Technologies: Microsoft Business Intelligence, Microsoft .NET

Portal [email protected] is used by 3 mln users. The system is dedicated to first of all people who are looking for social help from government but also to administrative workers who make decisions to whom the help should be given.

The system is integrated with Social Security Intitution, banks, Ministry of Finance, city offices, district offices, parishes.

Technologies: Java, Oracle, WSO2, Apache, PostrgeSQL  

Benefit system for large families Image

Benefit system for large families

Benefit system for large families.

We Creatied and are maintaining the system which serves subbmiting application for receiving benefits for family from government. There are 2,7 mln users of the system.

Technologies: Java, Spring, Bootstrap, Oracle, Apache