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Hello! We are Softescu, a software services company, operating on two continents, with the HQ in NYC(USA) and delivery center in Romania. Our certified experts use the latest versions of Drupal, Angular, and Hyperledger to create the next generation of applications on digital transformation. We are artisans at a digital workshop, embracing technology to deliver exceptional online experiences for our customers. We partner with brands to craft rich digital experiences. 

Since 2008, we’ve provided web development, web design, support&maintenance for web projects, and more for clients across the globe.

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Key clients: 
UN Volunteers, World Trade Organization, Diversey Inc., SealedAir, NASDAQ, Deloitte, Intrasoft International, NTT Data.
Website development and design - Proa.Insure Image

Website development and design - Proa.Insure

As an emerging technology, Blockchain has its fair share of supporters and skeptics. It is known as a faster, safer, cheaper way to process transactions.

Our client aims to disrupt how insurance claims are processed with blockchain and chatbots. Their goal is to manage policies and claims in a trusted, distributed system across all partners in the insurance chain.

Deloitte BVI Technology Partner Image

Deloitte BVI Technology Partner

As Deloitte BVI’s main technology partner, Softescu helped local leaders bring their ideas to life. A minimum viable product providing Wifi hotspots run by DigiCel, the largest cellular provider on the island Training the BVI Tourism Board on how to adapt their marketing strategy in the age of social media. How to identify and define target groups, type of visitors, and define metrics were some topics covered. Several sites

created for small businesses.
NASDAQ Website content management Image

NASDAQ Website content management

AN OUTDATED PROCESS Managing content on NPM’s old website was a hassle. News articles, company-wide information, announcements, and more were scattered across many locations. Editors couldn’t create from one central page and more advanced functionality was needed to meet site visitors’ needs.

New website development for Diversey Image

New website development for Diversey

As an international company with 200+ products and thousands of customers, Diversey needed a multilingual website that was flexible and scalable. Our role was to make it easy to manage these brands from one system. SOLUTIONS Design Layout Content Language Support Custom Features

BravoBooking - Booking application Image

BravoBooking - Booking application

 Bravo Booking is an app designed to help flight schools plan and schedule their flight training activities. Our main challenge for this project was to design an interface that is user-friendly and find ways to integrate the interface into Angular. Bravo Booking is a decoupled application using Drupal in the backend and Angular as a presentation layer.

OpenStory Administrative UI Image

OpenStory Administrative UI

OpenStory is an open source editorial interface for Drupal and Contentful (to be released in a further version) sites, that offers a more user-friendly way for editors to create and edit all forms of digital content. Created with Angular and NodeJS, OpenStory aims to improve the editorial experience on Drupal 8 through an interface created especially for content management, comments management, and user management