Skylark Communication | Web Agency in Rome

We are a web agency in Guidonia that operates throughout the province of Rome, born recently but from two professionals who have been working in the field of graphic and web design for over twenty years.


As for the part dedicated to the creation of websites, we work mainly with CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla and Magento, but dedicating ourselves if there is a real need, to customized projects also "scripted" according to need, with particular layouts, always responsive and implemented adhoc, also taking care of the part dedicated to positioning on search engines, if requested.


With regards to the more classic communication, even off-line, we can easily go from the design of the logo to the complete corporate image, passing through customized illustrations and even product packaging. We always want to work for people who know what they want from a project that concerns them, but who also know how to rely on us, constantly sharing ideas, thoughts and points of view, reasoning together to get a right product, accessible to everyone, in the end aesthetically valid but above all, effective.


The two members of the team, Adriano and Alessandro, are each responsible for the off/online sector and are continually dedicated to the improvement of the projects, continuously providing ideas and collaborations to the client companies.

$25 - $49 / hr
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Guidonia, Italy
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