Video that sells with atmosphere

Using atmosphere to create intrigue & engagement, we construct short films that are proven to sell a brand, proposition or product. Our production model is rooted in offering the client a bespoke production service from concept to deployment; We take the time learn what your brand or campaign requires and deliver the story & visuals to let it flouish. 

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Cheltenham, United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

Working accros a broad spectrum of lifestyle marketing, product, and brand films for clients including; Sonos, Berkley Group, St James Lonon, Seven Captial & Faradair Areospace, 

Travel / Lifestyle Film

A Film Commissioned by Experts of Luxury, The Boutique Chalet Company. A Bath-based company providing clients an experience they will be unable to forget. We wanted to convey an atmosphere and essence of the holidays provided, rather than an explicitly informative or walkthrough style video.


We provided a concept, mood-board and scripting. Together with the client we then planed the shoot and shot over just three

days in late January. Wanting to create an atmosphere of luxury, twinned with mystery and solitude we opted to shoot in slow-motion and utilise interesting camera angles to let the viewers eye wander. Texture was also decided to play a large part in the film; the clients website is beautifully crisp, but could be described as clinical – it was discussed that this texture should inject some warmth into their web media.

Our Showreel | Passions

Social media is changing video content as a dazzling rate. New forms of film/video are being created every month from vines to memes, these are great – but they are disposable. We love film because its permanent. We love creating content that lasts; this stemmed from our documentary work but has trickled into our corporate filmmaking, brand film and promotional videos equally. This stems from our focus of subtlety, and is what

we believe makes films resistant to ageing.

A Film Commissioned by St James London for their new developments. The stunning apartments top at £22m and are home to some of the finest facilities. Our job was to showcase these and excite potential buyers.

63,000 views in 3 days online. Hundreds of shares on social media. People with a tear in their eye. We are pleased with the reaction this film has received, and we are pleased with the results our client has seen. They track sale numbers and have noticed a strong correlation between video releases and increased sales.

We scripted and storyboarded a film that utilised a few of dengie’s key messages. Their 50 years of

business. The heritage. Their royal warrant. and their unique and timeless process of drying and tracking all the products from field to bag. We opted to try and show all this without the use of voiceover, we wanted horse riders to have a film that resonated with them and they they enjoyed watching. This Hero Film will be used online, at international shows and corporate events.