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Singleton is an Estonian based product development agency building cutting-edge web & mobile applications.

Singleton is following a simple narrative: software is about making machines work for humans. That’s what software is about. Not fancy frameworks or building same user logic for the 100th time. The world is already full of stupid code. Therefore, we refuse to reinvent the wheel and focus on your core business logic while reusing the obvious.

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Tartu, Estonia
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Key clients: 

Key Clients: Climate Corporation, Ridango, Veriff, Õhtuleht (biggest tabloid in Estonia) etc

Hoorah Mobile App Image

Hoorah Mobile App

Singapore based Hoorah is a social recognition tool on iOS and Android to make the staff recognition social, quick and fun. Valuable feedback is analysed using machine learning.

Singleton helped Hoorah to roll out the initial native version of the app for iOS and Android using React Native.

GSMtasks Mobile App Image

GSMtasks Mobile App

GSMtasks is a solution to efficiently manage and analyze your mobile workforce. It’s an everyday tool for many logis!cs and securi# companies all over Europe. The app allows easy communication between the fleet owner and drivers while providing drivers with all of the GSMtasks benefits.

Movingo Ticketing App Image

Movingo Ticketing App

Movingo is a pretty recent player in the Swedish public transport landscape. As a privately owned train operating company, they entered a market dominated by the state-owned SJ. In order to compete with them, they needed a mobile app that would cater to the needs of the Movingo traveller specifically.

While Ridango was providing the ticketing system backend and DUX to create the user interface, Singleton was the one to

build the mobile applications for iOS & Android using React Native.

We helped Movingo to create an everyday tool for the 50 000 commuters that travel with Movingo trains daily. You can purchase & validate your tickets plus check the train traffic in real time using your phone.