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We are a digital marketing agency helping businesses exponentially grow their online traffic. We offer online marketing services such as SEO, Website Design & Development, Paid Advertising, Social Media Management & Marketing, Web Analytics & Tracking, Business Directory Listings & Citations, Conversion Funnel Optimization Strategy, Email Marketing and more. Our clients always receive positive and unexpected results because we always deliver with our excellent work quality. Contact us for an initial business assessment.

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Barcelona, Spain


Key clients: 

Juvly Aesthetics, Aesthetic Record, Psyche PLLC, Aesthetic Next, Vail International Condominiums, Oneiric Search, Lighthouse Health, Embody Health, Nest Vail Furnitures

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Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design & Development

The client wanted me to create story/article/blog style pages for "gift" keywords on the 4 brief topics for copywriters.


  • gifts for men 
  • gifts for women 
  • gifts for boys 
  • gifts for girls


  • performed SEO keyword research to find high search volume and low search difficulty.
  • used
Microsoft Power BI to further filter down the keywords research list to identify high search volume and low search difficulty keywords.
  • built the 4 content creation strategies.

    • Each of the 4 articles was up to my client's requirements which were as follows: "Please do deeper keyword research on the 4 topics above to find supporting keywords for each of the 4. 
    • Analyze the high ranking results in SERPs to determine requirements for the brief including primary and secondary benchmarks, title, word count, page features, content structure and format, H1 copy, etc."

    SEO, Data Analytics, & Web Design Image

    SEO, Data Analytics, & Web Design

    • The Client Goal:

      Client goal was to generate requested data visualizations, set up conversion and sales tracking, implement on-page goals and metrics, on-page optimization, strategy and content collaboration with the content team for Marketing and SEO.
    • My contributions were:
      • Creating 3 SEO focused websites
      • planning, development &
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) 
  • Paid Advertisements (PPC)
  • Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram
  • A/B Testing Landing Pages
  • SEO Content Planning
  • SEO Keyword
  • Research - Data Analytics & Reporting
  • The SEO focused business websites that were launched:

  • The project's success:

    I was able to help them grow their brand in the online space through my contributions. They eventually went on to acquire 6 more business locations to their parent company Juvly Aesthetics with yearly estimated revenue of over USD$5 Million.
  • Content Creation - Blog Articles Image

    Content Creation - Blog Articles

    The client's (digital marketing agency) was to create high search volume SEO focussed blog articles for adidas.com around the topic "Ocean Plastic Pollution". 

    My project contribution was: 

    provided them with high search volume and SEO traffic keywords - provided the content plans of the articles to be generated - SEO guidelines for the marketing and web developer 

    Google Ads Optimization Image

    Google Ads Optimization

    • Client's Goal was:

    Optimize ads, keywords, and placement for High Mountain Taxi for transportation to and from Eagle (EGE) airport.

    • My Contributions were:
      • Setup and manage client's Google Ads Account with new Campaigns, and Keywords targeting
      • Google Tag Manager container customizations
      • Google Analytics conversions
  • Project's Success story was:
    • With an average of ~ $125 per booking (as per the client)
    • The ads cost $3,920 in Google
    • The campaigns generated $47,625 in revenue
    • Return on Ads spend was 1214.92%
  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Image

    Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • The requirement was: 

      • 2 business locations were not being listed in Google Maps
      • resolving SEO errors of the website - business listings on Bing, Facebook & Yelp

    I successfully helped the business to list the GMB profiles prominently, resolved SEO & technical errors, listed both their locations on Facebook, Yelp, and Bing. 

    Also, advised

    them on how to maintain & grow their business visibility online.

    Website: https://psychepllc.com/