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SILK is a highly respected full-service eCommerce resource headquartered in Southern California, and we are recognized as a Magento Gold Solution Partner. Our mission is to provide clients with a wide range of services that take companies to the next level in eCommerce. We partner with our clients across the entire e-commerce lifecycle to enable them to realize new revenue streams, develop consumer demand, and streamline e-commerce operations.

Our services include: SEO, site design and development, marketing, integration, demand generation.

We strongly believe that eCommerce is realized through collaboration of dedicated individuals that share a passion and thirst for innovation and exceeding challenges. We bring both a strong technology and development background, along with vast expertise in merchandising and customer conversion. In the past, we’ve successfully helped our clients (Viewsonic, Kyocera) to achieve: 

1. Growth in their eCommerce business2. Strengthen their brand3. Engage their customers4. Facilitate their marketing efforts

We are eager to share our insight and knowledge to ensure the success of your business.

SILK, your choice for “Better Commerce.” 

$50 - $99 / hr
50 - 249
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Irvine, CA
  • 15440 Laguna Canyon Road Suite 210
    Irvine , CA 92618
    United States
other locations
  • Tianfu Software Park B2-306
    Chengdu, 51 610041


Key clients: 
BenQ, Kyocera Advanced Ceramics, STX, Pacsafe, 1928 Jewelry, High Fashion Home, BENCH/, Filmtools
Web and E-commerce Development for BENCH Image

Web and E-commerce Development for BENCH

Bench is a fashion brand that offers premium quality products at affordable prices. The challenge for Silk Software was to create a website and e-commerce that would match Bench’s rapid growth. The client signed up for Silk Software’s Managed Services program which provides expert Magento website support to clients at a discounted rate. The program has enabled the Bench site to continue to operate without any

hitches simultaneously enabling it to evolve into a successful niche online brand.
Web Development for Implant Direct Image

Web Development for Implant Direct

The existing Implant Direct website was based on the Volusion platform, and they needed a backend solution that could be tailored to their unique product mix and prevent any ordering mishaps. Silk Solutions based the new site on the Magento Enterprise Premium platform and worked with a Magento Core Consultant to extend the standard product functionality and create sophisticated product relationships to guard

against mistakes during the ordering process. The result was a well-built website that conformed to FDA requirements and catered to dental professionals with a concise, easy to navigate look.
E-commerce Development for High Fashion Home Image

E-commerce Development for High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home is a Houston, TX based home furnishing retailer that specializes high-end, eclectic and modern home furnishing products. The problem for High Fashion Home was that as their success continued to grow, so did the problems with its e-commerce platform. Silk Solution’s combination of a Magento plug-in called Magic Zoom coupled with the Amazon Cloudfront content delivery network enabled the new

High Fashion Home website to display large, crisp and extremely detailed product images. The result was a more visually engaging website that reinforced the strong company brand.
Filmtools Image


La Posh Style Image

La Posh Style

1928 Jewelry Image

1928 Jewelry

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Image

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics

Pacsafe Image



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Handmade Jewelry Magento Development

"We had different designers for different websites, which was great."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Project summary: 

SILK Software redesigned and moved six websites from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise, integrating them with the ERP system. They recently completed another redesign and mobile site.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
Los Angeles Metro Area
Project Lead, Jewelry Manufacturer
The Review
Feedback summary: 

SILK Software was accessible and responsive throughout the project and their expertise in Magento has improved website performance. Despite an oversigh on SEO, SILK Software offered top-notch issues software and internet tools for communication and bug tracking.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Can you provide a brief description of what your company does?

1928 Jewelry manufactures and distributes costume jewelry, vintage custom jewelry is what they’re known for.


What was your main objective for working with SILK Software?

We wanted to replace our website with a new website. We actually had Magento Community and we wanted to move to Magento Enterprise. And our Magento Community experience wasn’t with a Magento partner. It did not go well. So we wanted to use a Magneto partner that was experienced. And our biggest thing was we wanted somebody who had experience integrating with the ERP system. We do everything in our ERP system. We’re using Vision, Microsoft Dynamic NAV, I guess they call it now.

How did you originally hear about SILK Software?

We contacted Magento and we also went on their site and we looked for their certified partners. We interviewed about four of their partners. What we were looking for was somebody who had local presence that could actually come to office and we could meet with them and tell them what we needed and then if we had problems, they could come. And we wanted them to be certified and have experience. And we wanted them to have experience with an ERP system, interfacing with an ERP system. And those were sort of our main – and we wanted them to have some people in this country that we can deal with. We’ve dealt with guys in Russia. We’ve dealt with guys in India. And it was just… and they do have some people there that they use. But you always can talk to their technical people, their designers here and get things responded quickly. So that was important to us.


Can you tell me a more the scope of the project, and what parts they were involved in?

We had six websites that we were having them redesign. They did the total redesign with us. They had previously done ERP system interfaces. So they kind of have a way of doing it where they have staging database. They would have a MySQL database. They would bring all the information out of Magento and put it there. Then the ERP systems can go and pick it up there. And then when we need to send the information back, we send it back to that database and then it goes into Magento. They had a lot of that there. That way we are actually able to come up with it very quickly. I was really surprised that in no time, it went. It saved us a lot of time.

How long ago was the project completed?

We finished in August, last year.

Can you provide a general cost estimate for the project?

We had different phases. It was under $100,000 for the initial, and then maybe we spent over that now. We did a whole redesign just recently, about a month ago. We redesigned and we did a mobile site. We’ve been working with them kind of regularly actually for the whole last year has been great.


How satisfied are you with the work they’ve done?

I’m very satisfied. I really like them. Their technical person that we deal with the most is James. You can call him on his cellphone and he responds quickly. They get their answers done. They work with the guys in China to get the work done. And I also like their designers. We dealt with four of their designers because we had six websites coming up at the same time. So we had different designers for different websites. It was great.

How do you feel about Magento as a platform?

I like Magento. I like Magento Enterprise much better. We were on a really early version of Community and I would have said that I hate Magento at that point. But I do, I like it. It seems like it’s growing and it’s going to have a lot of plugins that keep more and more coming out. I think it was a good choice.

What do you say are the main two things that have improved from Community to Enterprise?

Well, I’d say performance for sure. The system would just crash. It would just crash constantly. Maybe if we had a smaller website, it would work. But it really, honestly, did not work for us. The second, let me think, I’m trying to remember now the differences between Community and Enterprise .

Is there anything that you find to be unique or special about SILK compared to other developers that you may have worked with?

They have a really great issues software that you can use. That’s a nice way to communicate. They had nice internet tools, like for bug tracking and also for the project itself, when we doing the design phase and being able to communicate back and forth with the whole team. I thought that was good.

Is there anything that you would do differently a second time around or think that Silk could improve upon?

I know we had a little bit of trouble with our with our SEO. Then they advised us, if we wanted to really simplify the website. We didn’t want all this verbiage and all this stuff. The designers were fine on that. But then when we implemented it, the SEO went down. So then they had some SEO guys come in and say, well, you should add this, this and this. So it might have been better. I think in retrospect, it would have been better if they had had. And I talked to Don about that. It would be better to have somebody review that also, and not just the designers.

Overall Score I really like them.
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    We pulled the scheduling by a whole month, and they still completed it on-time.
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    They were actually the lowest estimate we had, and I just really feel like it was a good deal.
  • 4.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 4.5 NPS
    Willing to refer
    I actually have recommended them a few times now.