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Sigma Data Systems, one of the best Data Science service providers based in the USA with a development center in India. Sigma deals in all the data-centric problems and provides solutions using various tools and technologies like Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, Kibana, Logstash, Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Kafka, TensorFlow, Tableau, Power BI, and R programming.   

Sigma has global experience in working with startups as well as big corporations. We have a dedicated team of software engineers, big data developers, data scientists, business analysts, and domain experts to help you resolve critical problems of your business with vital data. Sigma helps the clients in building cutting-edge solutions to help them outperform their competition. 

Sigma can also be your development partner for software development as well as mobile application development and can serve as a one-stop solution provider. Various services provided by Sigma are:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Logging
  • Data Migration
  • Elastic Solutions
  • Video Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • AI & ML Development
  • Software Development 
  • DevOps
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Key clients: 
Freeletics - Freeletics is a fitness training app that provides the best digital coach in the business. Orderhive - Orderhive is a multichannel inventory and order management system that provides end to end solutions to multichannel sellers. Byju's - Byju's, a learning app
Customer Satisfaction for FMCG Industry Image

Customer Satisfaction for FMCG Industry

Fast Moving Consumer Goods famously referred to FMCG is as the name proposes, the most requested item in the market. It incorporates everything from nourishment things like flour, bread rolls, frozen yogurts, and so forth to body items cleansers, faces creams to cigarettes to drinks, and so on. Customers need these things in their regular day to day existence, so they contribute.

The Brand advertises a significant

appreciation for advertisers, and it would be gullible to believe that any organization can enter the market without confronting any issues and leave with a sizable offer. 
Digital Business Management Image

Digital Business Management

Online people and material tracking are the authority frim that focuses on driving equipped efficiencies by tracking and reporting. Field ticketing is obligatory to control that is measuring but wastes uncountable resources and assets for both operators and services providers. 

Sales Forecasting Image

Sales Forecasting

We utilize a method of estimating future sales and demand to get precise catalog and predefined output. A sales forecast helps to show the plane of future events and drive to get the production on a monthly or yearly bases. 

Apart from that, forecasting methods facilitate by providing a wealth of business insights to improve customer satisfaction and overall sales. Business management is requisite to arrange deals and

demand forecasts based on industry and market trends. So, it is a method of estimation of the sales potential for a future event to be safe and predictable. 
Trackhive Image


Trackhive with a deep understanding of tracking and shipping packages assists for shipment tracking and delivery time to customers worldwide that too free of cost. If you want to check all your orders in one place without any hurdles, you should have "Trackhive" that keeps track of all your shipments with detailed information. 

The client wants to make a Tracking Service that is free of cost. Where you enter the shipment

details, and we keep it less than one roof. 


Hik-vision Image


The client is a Washington, DC-based owns a chain of shopping malls that draws customers' attention with its world-class services and various retails shops franchises sell impressive products. 

ELK Stack services and tracing the APIs across all the micro-service architecture Image

ELK Stack services and tracing the APIs across all the micro-service architecture


Orderhive is a SaaS-based mobile and web software application that streamlines all your business channels like inventory management, order processing, shipping, invoicing, and tracking. 

The Problem

  • Orderhive is developed using microservice architecture.
  • With microservice architecture,  troubleshoot a problem becomes
  • Identification of the error.
  • Another concern was to retrieve real-time alerts for APIs.
  • The request & response parameter logs from various data sources increases and end up creating complexity in the software. 
  • The logs of requests and responses aren’t stored in one place, which enables the software analyzers to get better insights into the system.
  • The Solution

    • Using Sigma’s ELK Stack services, tracing the APIs across all the microservice becomes easier. 
    • Troubleshooting inconsistency in a specific microservice helps in identifying the error.
    • Orderhive uses Sigma’s ELK services to aggregate real-time metrics.
    • Using API Gateway, the service by Amazon, proved to be beneficial while implementing ELK. 
    • To sort all the request & response parameter logs, Logstast was advantageous for the users. 
    • Using logstash, Orderhive was also able to trace the error codes, API wise, and troubleshoot the error quicker. 
    • The team of Sigma helped Orderhive to get better insights into the operations.

    Results Obtained

    • It improved end-user experience with faster response. 
    • Users can now get the content display based on improved analytics and rules through Kibana. 


    ElasticSearch, a real-time search platform Image

    ElasticSearch, a real-time search platform

    Byju's - Byju's, a learning app offers watch-and-learn videos, interactive simulations, rich animations, and original content through its app, which makes e-learning a lot more fun.

    Freeletics Image



    Whether you are looking for weight-reduction tips, heavy-workout schedules, interval training with option to build strength, or, focus on cardiovascular endurance, the experts at Freeletics offers the best of best mental and physical training plans with multiple options. Freeletics is a successful app in helping people to become a stronger version of them. It also powers an online shopping

    portal offering a range of fitness products. With the increasing growth of the app, to handle real-time reports and to get region wise insights of customers’ data, Freeletics started using the ELK Stack services by Sigma.

    • With so much of data and requests, the product development team of Freeletics wasn’t able to predict the real-time reports of different products. 
    • As Freelectics is a world-wide spread fitness app, it became difficult to track the data and have region-wise insights into the customers’ data. 
    • With lots of features to offer the customers, having a precise feature-wise insight for product roadmap became difficult for Freeletics.
    • Freeletics wanted to have a perfect understanding of its customers’ app usage patterns. The team at Freelectics wished to know that from which devices the customers’ are the using Freeletics app, and which feature of Freeletics attracts more users.
    • Another information that Freeletics team wanted to have was the customer traffic analysis. By knowing the region of the incoming traffic or the features that grabbed more traffic to the app, the team at Freeletics would be able to give customizable features to its clients.


    • Signa helped Freeletics in implementing ELK Stack, that allowed Freeletics to search the data and ingest it from multiple sources for generating real-time reports of various products. 
    • Using Logstash, Freeletics can track the customers’ data and graphically showcases it in Kibana, where one can filter the visualization of the data according to the region, feature, device used, or the OS been used. 
    • The ELK Stack services by Sigma helped Freeletics in generating traffic analysis, which helps to provide better services to the users. 


    • Using ELK Stack, Freeletics has improved its product positioning.
    • Now, Freeletics can easily understand the customers’ app usage pattern, can get region-wise and feature-wise insight into the users’ data.