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SIGGA Design Ltd provide graphic design services for print and web from logo design and stationery to advertisements, brochures, website, exhibitions and signage design. We produce school prospectus designs, newsletters or press adverts, poster designs, programmes or magazine design. Having the facility to create all of these within one design agency ensures consistency throughout a brand across all publications.

All our work is bespoke with no clip art or templates used. What we design for you will be unique to your business. Our clients enjoy the attention required to develop a coherent corporate identity to raise the standard of their business image.

We create digital illustration and offer a photo-retouch service from our Swansea design studio. Print and photography can also be arranged and we can publish your brochure or magazine as an online Page Flip Publication.

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Swansea, United Kingdom


Logo Design Image

Logo Design

A logo design, brand concept or corporate identity is the crucial foundation stone in establishing a company's visual personality and image. Get this right and utilise it in a consistent fashion and you will have the basis of an effective brand design. Our logo design service is at a fixed price, regardless of time spent on the job - no hidden extras.

Brochure Design Image

Brochure Design

A high quality brochure design sends the right message to your customers - you care about your company and the way it's portrayed. Our brochure design service will find the best way to convey the information you have in the most efficient and impressive way. We can advise on suitable quantity, paper stock and print finish and we can now also produce a "page flip" version of your brochure for display on your website as an

alternative to downloading a PDF.
Advert Design Image

Advert Design

There is no point in spending hundreds of pounds on a magazine or newspaper advertisement campaign if the advert design is not up to scratch. We can provide professional, eye-catching, memorable advertisement designs that will make the most of your advertising budget. As a long established ad design agency we are able to supply the needs of local or national businesses for press or online publication.

As with all our

work we offer a bilingual (English and Welsh) service.
Form Design Image

Form Design

A well designed form can make the process of filling it in less of a headache. Designing a form is a delicate balance of fitting all the required questions in legibly with enough room for the returnee to fill in the blanks comfortably. It also has to adhere to a company's brand and to be as attractive as possible to encourage the user.

Technical Graphics Image

Technical Graphics

The bread and butter work we do is often overlooked. Price lists, technical manuals and data sheets may not be the most exciting projects but the nuance of subtle design, consistently used, can elevate any project and make it a job to be proud of.

Logo Refresh Image

Logo Refresh

If you have a well established but somewhat tired logo design we can refresh and modernise while still keeping the feel of the original. This will also provide you with a comprehensive set of file formats of your logo for print or web use.

Exhibition Design Image

Exhibition Design

An eye catching banner stand design makes an instant impact on the target audience and can be erected from the supplied carry case in a matter of minutes. Banner stands can be supplied in a range of sizes and quality.

Digital Illustration Image

Digital Illustration

We can provide original digital illustrations 3D graphics and photo montages to enliven and add interest to any project.

Stationery Design Image

Stationery Design

A well designed stationery set of letterhead, compliment slip and business card is a vital part of a company's overall approach to establishing a corporate identity and developing a consistent brand design. It is still often a customer's first impression of the company's style and intent and should therefore present a company in the best possible light.